Here’s Why Jax Teller Had to Die in ‘Sons of Anarchy’

When the series began, domestic audiences couldn’t understand the complexity of Jackson “Jax” Teller’s character. Charlie Hunnamwill be in the series sons of anarchy. Despite being a career criminal whose motorcycle club works to smuggle guns and protect their best financial interests, Jax is the star of this highly entertaining and sometimes hard-to-watch series . However, when the show finally reached its final episode, fans were shocked as they witnessed the tragic fate of the character, who they became as attached to the character as they were to those around him. The final moments of Sons of Anarchy saw us all witness Jax’s death, and now we can look back and understand why it needed to happen.

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Throughout the series, fans have had to deal with the tragic deaths of some beloved characters. But the final scene is the show’s most shocking. As in the song “Come and Join the Murder” ranger and white buffalo In the background, fans saw Jax riding his motorcycle down the road, being chased by dozens of police officers. With a sense of acceptance on his face, Jax began to drift slowly across the road divider, at which point many of those watching at home had a hunch of what was about to happen. Jax closes his eyes, lets go of the handlebars, and heads down toward a large oncoming truck in what appears to be slow motion. The crash scared away crows who were eating breadcrumbs by the side of the road, and a pool of blood slowly spread along the tarmac. That was the final moment of this long series.

Charlie Hunnam as Jax Teller in Sons of Anarchy
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Fans who have followed the series from the beginning know that Jax is a member of the “Sons of Anarchy” motorcycle club Redwood Original (SAMCRO for short). He was born into this lifestyle and his father played a vital role as a member before him. One thing that became apparent in the first season is that Jax does face internal conflict as he swings back and forth between what the club needs to succeed and his own moral compass. It’s hard being a good person when your career revolves around crime and violence.

Despite the moral dilemma Jax faces, his loyalty to his beloved motorcycle club is unquestionable. Every character in SAMCRO has his own funny and sometimes tragic storyline. This dedication did not disappear in his family either. His complicated relationship with his mother Gemma (Katie Sagal), his longtime love, Tara (Maggie Seaver), in addition to carrying on his late father’s legacy, has drawn Jax in many spiritual directions. Also, being the father of two boys strongly influences his decisions throughout the series, especially when he becomes the leader of SAMCRO.

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Jax overwhelmed by his allegiance

Charlie Hunnam on a motorcycle in Sons of Anarchy
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When it comes to the character’s motivations, Jax’s attention is divided, with one direction pointing directly at his motorcycle club. SAMCRO was initially led by his father and later taken over by Clay (Long Perlman), who served as his parental role in previous seasons. Jax was devastated when he learned he had something to do with his father’s death, and his loyalty to Clay was stripped from him. Clay’s ouster puts Jax in charge, which reinforces his sense of responsibility to the club. Although he considered the members of SAMCRO his family prior to this major shift, his role at the top will only further strengthen that relationship.

If the motorcycle club is like his family, then for Jax the need to protect his real family takes to a higher level. By the final season, it was clear that nothing was more important to him than his sons Abel and Thomas. Jax’s priority is protecting his kids from the dangers and chaos that motorcycle club life brings, even more so than his mother (who ends up killing her after Gemma did the same to Tara). to be important. By the end of the series, it’s clear to him that sending his children away is Jax’s only option to escape these dangers.

By the time the final season rolled around, fans already had a pretty good idea of ​​Jax’s motivations and main concerns. That’s why some people might be shocked to see him kill himself by crashing headfirst into a Mack truck.So why the creator Kurt Sutter Decided to end the show this way? Well, when looking back, it’s easier to see Jax’s insistence on his need to protect the ones he loves, to the bitter end. After everything he’s been through with his motorcycle club and family, he knew in that moment that this was the best gift he could give them all. Rival gangs, extremely dangerous villains, and the authorities put so much pressure on Jax that he knows he’ll never be able to protect everyone he cares about. It’s what’s best for them, and that’s what’s most important to him.

Fans who wanted the series to continue might appreciate the fact that the character of Jax lived on after “Sons of Anarchy” to some extent. The Kurt Sutter spinoff, Maya MC, mentioned his name several times while interacting with members of SAMCRO. In a season three episode, the Maya Motorcycle Club was reminded of Jax’s dying wish that SAMCRO must be notified in advance if they planned to pass through the town. It’s proof that, even after his death, the character is still respected by his own club and even his opponents.

character played by jax taylor sons of anarchy There are too many internal conflicts to measure. Hunnam’s portrayal brings depth and complexity to the role, making Jax an immediately engaging character for the audience. Despite his criminal activities and involvement in organized crime motorcycle clubs, Jax managed to win the sympathy and even the admiration of his domestic fans. The constant struggle between his allegiance to his life of crime and his personal morality adds a lot to the character.

This is the only way Jax can really win

Charlie Hunnam and Sancro in Sons of Anarchy
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the series sons of anarchy is a riveting, gritty, and at times hard-to-watch show that shows how love, loyalty, and devotion can still exist in the dark and dangerous world of the career criminal. The character of Jax Teller, as he grows and gains knowledge and power, he knows he has to protect the ones he loves from this illegal world and the only choice is to make this devastating choose. For them, taking their own lives was the ultimate sacrifice and the perfect way for the series to end.

sons of anarchy is an engrossing, gritty series that is definitely worth a watch, maybe even a rewatch. Fans will be delighted to learn how the show explores the complexities of loyalty, love and devotion in the criminal world. Jax’s journey highlights a man’s struggle between his obligations as a criminal and his desire to protect and free those he cares about. His ultimate sacrifice should resonate with audiences and provide a poignant end to the FX series.

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