Here’s Where ‘Cruel Summer’ Season 2 Doesn’t Work

Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for the second season of Cruel Summer.Freeform’s Anthology Series brutal summer Tells the story of two girls whose lives are intertwined by tragic circumstances. In season one, we meet Janet Turner (Chiara Aurelia) and Kate Wallis (Olivia Holt), whose lives are changed forever after the latter is kidnapped by the school’s new vice-principal.exist brutal summer In the second season, in the coastal town of Chatham, the arrival of Isabella LaRue (Lexi Underwood) – The Diplomat’s Daughter – The Life of Good Girl Megan Landry, Summer 1999 (Sadie Stanley) took a new path that eventually led to the death of her boyfriend Luke (Griffin Gluck) in the winter, and the ensuing murder investigation, when his body was discovered in the summer of 2000, both girls were questioned. While the story is interesting, it doesn’t quite match the plot of the first season, as the relationship between Meghan and Isabella is not at all believable or enjoyable.

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A timeline for the second season of Cruel Summer

Meghan and Isabella for a walk
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There are multiple reasons why Meghan and Isabella’s relationship doesn’t work out, but the timeline and distance between the three narrative arcs is one of the greatest. Isabella arrived in the summer of ’99 and it took Meghan a while to be kind to Isabella. However, just five or six months later, in December ’99, their friendship had grown so deep that they felt like they were missing a part of each other’s family – sisters, in fact. But by the summer of 2000, their relationship had soured completely and they were barely speaking, though Isabella was still living with the Landrys. The pace is too fast, too rushed, it’s unbelievable. The girls need more time to flesh out their friendships, since we didn’t even see much of them in the summer of ’99. Once Megan talks to Isabella, they suddenly become best friends, just like we saw in Winter.

Like the first season, this story should be broken down into three summers. It will give us more time to see their friendship blossom, while also giving us more confidence that they can feel so strongly about each other. Perhaps, if a major event happened in the summer of 1999 and brought them together suddenly, the effect would be better. But that is not the case. Also, since their friendship was so rushed, their bickering ultimately didn’t make much sense. It obviously has something to do with what happened with Luke in the New Year, plus the fact that Meghan and Luke’s sex tape created a wedge between them, for which Isabella takes responsibility, doesn’t matter at all. There isn’t enough weight behind the relationship for viewers to care about what’s lost. Plus, the show doesn’t help with what it does with Isabella.

Isabella doesn’t exactly feel like one of the protagonists

Lexi Underwood as Isabella in Season 2 of Cruel Summer
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what is the story brutal summer So far, season two has aired, and relationships as a focal point don’t work either, as Isabella doesn’t always feel like a co-lead this season. Their friendship and story is wildly uneven, leaning towards Meghan at every opportunity. Chatham was her hometown, and Isabella was just a visitor, not staying for more than a year. Virtually every character in the show revolves around Megan, so when it all comes back to Megan, their relationship with Isabella is less impactful. We’ve only seen one relationship with someone in town who was really important to Isabella’s upbringing, and that was her friendship with Parker (Lisa Yamada) after her falling out with Megan. (At least, from what we’ve seen, one can assume they’re friends.)

Likewise, every part of the story affects Meghan more than Isabella. Megan is the prime suspect in Luke’s murder because she was the one who offered to date Luke when he disappeared. Isabella’s relationship with Luke in the summer of ’99 was only set up for Luke and Meghan to get together, which did nothing but screw Isabella. Not enough attention was paid to the release of the sex tape and Isabella’s failure, but rather to how it affected Isabella and her life in Chatham.Sure, there’s some story told there, but again it’s mostly about Meghan and how it’s told she Future and reputation are at risk.

Meghan doesn’t deserve Isabella’s friendship

Sadie Stanley as Megan Landry in Season 2 of Cruel Summer
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Also, it’s hard to come to terms with this relationship because Meghan doesn’t respect Isabella as a person much, let alone a friend. Usually, Meghan treats Isabella badly. She didn’t talk much to her in the beginning, and Isabella spent too much time trying to get Meghan to like her and let her in. Once they became friends, the friendship was all about Meghan. Isabella sacrifices everything — her relationship with Luke, her reputation, her own feelings — to make life easier for Meghan, who can’t do it on any one occasion. So while Isabella’s treatment of Meghan enters what the show claims to be “ride or die” territory, Why The situation didn’t make sense to her. Why is she trying so hard for Meghan?

It’s bland compared to Janet and Kate’s rivalry

Olivia Holt as Kate, the popular and charming high school girl Chiara Aurelia's Jeanette aspires to be .
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What makes Janet and Kate’s story so fascinating is their lives no The years we tracked – 1993, 1994 and 1995 – completely overlapped. Their lives feed on each other, making the mystery of whether Janet actually met Kate while she was in prison all the more intriguing. And, when their lives do cross, it makes the story and the plot all the more interesting. But, taken as a whole, the characters have their own lives, their own relationships, which allow the mystery and the characters to breathe. We get to know these girls so well that in the end the reveals are worth it.Making Isabella another person caught up in Meghan’s life robs the experience and hurts the dual perspective the show uses for its narrative, which is brutal summer Should be all.

brutal summer Continues every Monday on Freeform.

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