Here’s the worst thing the gang did to Dee in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

It’s always sunny in Philadelphia Just returned for its sixteenth season, it’s an impressive feat no other live-action sitcom has been able to accomplish. The show, which premiered in 2005, is about what the opening credits usually refer to as a “gang,” made up of friends Dennis.glen howerton), apple(Rob McElhenney), Charlie (charlie day), Di (Caitlin Olson) and Frank (danny devito).

They run Paddy’s Bar together, but it’s not like cheers Or your usual sitcom.If you haven’t seen it, here’s a summary It’s always sunny in PhiladelphiaImagine the self-centered, scary characters in the book Seinfeld, and then make them as depraved as possible. “The Bunch” are the worst people in the world, but we love them because they’re funny and bad. They treat everyone badly, but they save the worst for poor Dee Reynolds. For fifteen years, she suffered some of the worst treatment imaginable, but nothing worse than the incident in which she was deliberately set on fire — not once, but twice.

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Dee gets worst treatment in ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’

Kaitlin Olson as Dee in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
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As Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) was the only woman surrounded by men Seinfeldand so does Dee It’s always sunny in Philadelphia. While Elaine may be frustrated with, and sometimes bullied by, her male co-workers, she isn’t teased and treated mercilessly like Dee. It doesn’t really matter that Frank is her father (but not her biological father) and Dennis is her twin brother. But you can’t really think it’s sexist because they’re being mean to everyone. Even Dee is cruel. Still, she appears to be exploited at its worst.

Some are minor, like the number of times she’s been called a bird because she looks like a bird. Most of these would have been considered moments of crime if this was a reality. Frank and Dennis drug Dee and tie her to a bed so Frank can take care of her – so she will feel like she has to take care of Frank when he gets old. When Dee’s cat got lost in the apartment wall, they leveled the wall. They stole her car, they poisoned her in a beer game, they tricked her into thinking she was famous, and when she got pregnant, they didn’t care. As unforgiving as the final situation was, it wasn’t the worst she’d ever been through.

‘Frank Fires Candy’ Is One of the Craziest Episodes

Frank, Dennis & Dee on
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To see Dee’s worst moment at the hands of her friends, you have to watch Season 3 Episode 8 It’s always sunny in Philadelphia. The story begins with Frank arguing with Dee and Dennis about the value of the newspaper at a bar. Just then, Mike and Charlie rushed in, excitedly showing them the news broadcast of Mike’s interview. When Mike’s twenty-minute speech on the transportation system is cut down to one sentence, Mike and Charlie fly into a rage. That’s when they decided to start their own news show. Frank is bored and says he wants to be a part of it. Dee tells him, “No, that’s a bad idea. Usually when you get involved, someone gets hurt.” Frank gets mad at that. “This is ridiculous. I’m just schmoozing with these people. How can anyone get hurt?” One always sunnyThe best gimmick has always been the transition to the champion card after a cold draw. The title is always some hilarious reference hinting at something to come. This episode is probably the best, as the screen goes black after Frank asks the question, and then the headline “Frank Lights Up Sweet Dee” comes up.

The gang doesn’t really care about the news. They just want to be famous. Frank, Charlie and Mike decide to look for stories in nursing homes because, as Mike puts it, “a lot of shady things happen in nursing homes.” They interview the residents but find them pretty boring and not newsworthy. For a thrill, Frank suggests setting the sanatorium on fire. They didn’t, but the plan they came up with was for Mike to run into an abandoned warehouse and rescue a box of kittens from where Frank and Charlie were about to set fire. Mike didn’t want to do it, but Dee came over and she’d been at the club hoping something happened to make her famous there. However, she didn’t have any luck. “I can’t get into any of the clubs, so how the hell am I going to be famous?” Cut to their news clip, where Dee is sent to a warehouse to pick up a box of kittens. Upon entering, an unsuspecting Dee yelled, “It smells like kerosene in here.” At this point, Frank lit a match, threw it in, and ran off. Dee rescued the kitten, but ran out on fire, before the gang extinguished her with a fire extinguisher. Somehow, she was hurt more than badly. Before seeing the video, she was understandably annoyed. “I did look heroic.” But the gang wasn’t happy because Dee dropped a box of kittens during the fire. They have to reshoot.

Next is a box of kittens at the bottom of the well. What better story to tell than this? Dee agrees to do it, but says, “Don’t set the fire on, okay. I think it’s dangerous enough.” Frank and Mike say they can’t light the well because it’s full of water. As soon as Dee reached the bottom of the well, Frank threw a match and blew up the well. Dee catches fire again and throws a box of kittens, which upsets the others as she throws a box of kittens again, ruining the segment. The episode ends with Dee and Dennis at a club on a public television channel. Two drunks dressed as babies danced. Everyone cringes. “Congratulations,” Mike said disgustedly. “You are famous.”

What the Cast of ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ Say About This Episode

Mike, Frank and Charlie on
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Glenn Howerton, Charlie Day and Rob McElhenney have their own podcast called always sunny podcast. One episode a year ago, they covered the episode “Frank Sets Sweet Dee on Fire.” Since the event happened more than a decade ago, they don’t remember much of it. Howden discusses parts of the episode while watching the public television show in New York years ago and how far it pushed the envelope, including his time when the camera slowly zooms in and he sees someone going on a man’s Shave between the ass. He also talked about how the point of the episode is to tell how things that were considered news in 2007 are changing. You’d have real stories, and at the same time you’d have the media’s obsession with people like Paris Hilton. In 2007, even the meaning of fame changed. It’s no longer about being in a movie or acting or achieving something. Some people get famous just by going to clubs and being stupid like Hilton. She is famous for being famous. Charlie Day wasn’t as enthusiastic about the episode as fans, saying that many of the script’s logic issues didn’t apply to him. “A lot of work is coming into play, but there are some logic issues that I don’t think are as good or well thought out. I did like this episode, there were a lot of laughs in it.”

Charlie Day may not be a huge fan of Frank on Candy, but the audience is, as it’s one of the show’s most popular episodes. Like it or not, this is the absolute worst thing this gang could have done to Dee.and as It’s always sunny in Philadelphia We all know that chaos often hides information about society. That was 2007. Imagine how this gang would react to the Kardashians and how hard they would go to become famous. Poor sweet Dee may not be with us anymore.

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