Here’s How ‘White House Has Fallen’ Went From Box Office Bomb to 2023 Netflix Hit

4th of July 2023 weekend on Netflix White House Down It became the most viewed movie on the service. The reason is very easy to understand. Its patriotic nature (given that it involves a heroic US president) jamie foxx) make it suitable for the holidays, while its lively tone and PG-13 rating also make it suitable for extended family viewing that needs something to do after all the grilling is done. Plus, some older movies that didn’t make much at the box office initially have been making waves on Netflix. In 2013, movies that people had no interest in paying to watch in theaters tended to become must-see movies for people lost in their Netflix browsing.

This is the end of a welcome saga White House DownA film that initially seemed destined to live forever in the shadow of another White House action flick in 2013, olympus has fallen. After all, the film was an even bigger success at the box office and spawned two sequels, keeping the franchise alive in the public consciousness.Even with star power Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx, White House Down What initially seemed destined to be a 2013 film underdog. But Netflix’s ratings for the Fourth of July weekend reminded us all that sometimes, good popcorn entertainment is all it takes for a while.

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How Bad Was “The White House Has Fallen” Initially?

Channing Tatum, The White House Has Fallen
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White House Down When it first opened in June 2013, it was a box office bomb.Expectations are high for this film, and not just because it’s a new film Roland Emmerich The blockbuster hits theaters on July 4, but has just wrapped up a stellar 2012 thanks to its two leads. Tatum had multiple blockbuster successes the year before, and in 2012 starred in one of the most lucrative films of his long career at Fox, django unchained.put them together hit movies like magic mike In the kind of action flick where Fourth of July weekend is a no-brainer, it seems like a sure-fire way to make money.

instead, White House Down On a $150 million budget, it made just $203 million worldwide (of which just $73.1 million domestically). Although PG-13 is a huge mainstay, designed to appeal to all audiences, White House Down Made a lot less money domestically than Tatum’s microbudget 2012 drama magic mike.It was a huge miss for everyone involved, including Emmerich, who has previously had magical access to modern blockbusters such as the day after tomorrow and 2012.Of course, most of the blame lies with the olympus has fallen opened three months ago White House Down And take away some of the uniqueness of the blockbuster.

Still, there are other major issues plaguing the blockbuster beyond competition. Gerald Bartelr-star vehicle. on the one hand, White House Down Opening in a crowded summer blockbuster landscape. Two weeks before the release, man of Steel and world war zombie Both made their debuts, and there were plenty of them. Viewers are very happy with all the popcorn entertainment already on the market. At the same time, tonal dissonances appeared in the individual pieces. white house downs Marketing activities. The trailers and commercials are lighthearted, emphasizing moments like the Fox president telling opponents to “Get your hands off my Jordans!” In contrast, the movie’s poster hints at a much darker story, one that people don’t like to see Tatum in.Confused promotional material exacerbates other problems White House Down Given the challenges that had to be faced in theaters, it’s no wonder the film was one of 2013’s most notable box-office flops.

when White House Down After its premiere, it entered the gritty summer blockbuster scene. world war zombie The story is about the world crumbling due to a zombie rampage. man of Steel Featuring a superhuman murderer. Lone Ranger Dedicate an entire scene to someone eating another’s heart.even Star Trek Into DarknessA film featuring the hopeful crew of the USS Enterprise is moving into more sombre territory. Not all of these projects were wildly successful, but most tastes lean more toward Christopher Nolan Compare Jerry BruckheimerBlockbuster in the style of the 1990s.

Why Is ‘White House Has Fallen’ Topping Today’s Netflix Charts?

Nicholas Wright, Joey King and Channing Tatum in 'White House Has Fallen'
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However, in the modern world, White House Down More in line with current blockbuster standards.serious danger and danger White House Down, but it’s all filled with witty dialogue and hilarious scenes like Fox needing to put his glasses on before he can shoot his opponent. Meanwhile, Tatum and Fox have remained in the public eye as hugely popular movie stars who can still command audiences and deliver stellar performances.In other words, their presence White House Down Still makes sense to a modern audience and makes the project more appealing to people.

add, White House DownUnfortunately, the storylines become more and more timely as time goes on.although olympus has fallen The premise is that North Korean terrorists occupy the White House, White House Down It’s all about domestic terrorists invading the White House and seeking revenge on the president. After the horrors of the Jan. 6 riots, the idea that American rioters considered themselves “real victims” and wanted to take over the nation’s capital was no longer a far-fetched premise that belonged only to a Roland Emmerich movie. Audiences often use art and escapist entertainment to make reality seem more bearable. in this case, White House Down Provides an unintentionally relevant blockbuster, as well as fantastical catharsis, watching John McClane’s wannabe take down the character’s equivalent of a real-world rebel.

But most importantly, it helps White House Down It’s just one movie that has endured for good reason. Roland Emmerich’s blockbuster oeuvre has been of mixed quality overall, but he hits a home run here, die hard stubborn Ridiculous parody (the spinning flag ended up saving America White House Down) and the interesting dynamic between Tatum and Fox.Plus, the supporting cast is full of memorable performances Maggie Gyllenhaal and Jason Clarke.There is no magic equation to twist White House Down To be a good blockbuster, it always fits the bill.It’s just that something has changed in the world since its original release, both in terms of mundane pop culture zeitgeist tweaks and sad real-world parallels that make White House Down More attractive to moviegoers around the world.

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