Here Are the Sexiest Moments From ‘Things We Do in the Shadows’

In 2014, when Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi Writer, Director and Starring what do we do in the shadowsThis hilarious mockumentary about the everyday lives of vampires, who created one of the greatest horror comedies of the 21st century. If you’re a fan of the film, it’s understandable that you might not be as excited when a spinoff TV series was announced. Sure, Clement is behind it, but it doesn’t follow any of the characters from the original film. Is this just a futile attempt to recreate magic that cannot be captured again? Despite any doubts, what do we do in the shadows TV dramas have done well. You could even say it’s as good as the movie, if not better. To support this, what do we do in the shadows Last year, the company was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series.

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like in the movie, what do we do in the shadows The daily life of some very unusual vampires is told. Nandol (Kaivan Novak), a nearly 800-year-old vampire who sees himself as a leader. There’s only one thing holding him back: he’s not smart enough to be a part of it. Nandore is more obsessed with himself and finding love, even if it means bringing all his ex-spouses back from the dead. Beside him is Guillermo (Harvey Gillen), a human familiar who serves Nando and aspires to become a vampire. Instead, he turns out to be a descendant of Van Helsing and a master vampire hunter. Then there’s the most unique member of the Undead, Colin Robinson (Mark Proksh), a hilarious energy vampire who will steal your life force by boring you to death with the most boring one-sided talk you’ll ever hear.

Finally, there’s Laszlo’s lovebirds (Matt Berry) and Nadja (Natasia Demetrio). They may be hundreds of years old, husband and wife for more than a century, but they still haven’t gotten tired of each other. Nowhere is this more evident than in the season four premiere, in which the reunited lovers deliver some of the most bizarre and hilarious sex scenes.

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Laszlo and Nadja Have the Most Ideal Romantic Relationship in ‘What We Do in the Shadows’

Nadja (Natasia Demetrio) and Laszlo (Matt Berry) sit together in
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Laszlo and Nadja fight like any other couple. Having been with someone for more than ten years and bickering from time to time is already very difficult. Still, their love is never-ending, starting with Nacha once climbing into the window of the human Laszlo and biting him. When Laszlo recalled that moment, it was with joy, not anger, because he was basically killed by Nadja. There’s a deep connection between the two that’s more than just a purely physical one. They also trust each other and share their feelings. They did things together and even formed a karaoke band. their favorite song? The Beach Boys’ “Komoko,” of course, because what vampire doesn’t like surf and sun?

Even when life is ugly, they support each other. It’s not just all the murder and gore that could be a problem – Laszlo’s eyes wander. From his huge porn collection to the number of men and women he’s had sex with, he’s one of the most kinky characters you’ll ever meet. Nadja also has a past of infidelity, but when they could easily separate, their impulses never drove each other away. Still, their biggest test came at the end of season three, with the death of Colin Robinson and Nadja’s desire to go to London and serve on the Supreme Vampire Council. Laszlo is ready to join her, but in a sweet and sad moment, he decides to stay in New York and care for a reborn Colin Robinson (now a baby). Such a self-centered man has become selfless for the sake of a child. While saying goodbye to Nadja and locking her in her coffin for the Atlantic crossing, he also locked Guillermo in the coffin. As he said in the note, it was because he knew Guillermo could take care of her and that she would be fine without him for a while.

Laszlo and Nadja’s Reunion Leads to ‘Things We Do in the Shadows’ Sexiest Scene

what we do in the shadows season 4 nadja-laszlo-fx

In the season four premiere, “Reunion,” everyone returns to New York after a year away, including Nandore, who is also traveling. During their time apart, Laszlo may have been raising young Colin Robinson, who quickly grew from an infant to a young boy, but the houses around him had crumbled, walls crumbling and parts The ceiling disappeared and the basement flooded. Then one dark and stormy night, Nadja returned, yelling “surprise,” when Laszlo opened the door. “My baby!” he yelled, hugging Nadja excitedly. “Every day you’re not around feels like a decade, and every day feels like a century,” he told her. Laszlo may be a raging pervert, but more than that, he’s a man who loves his wife. “Let’s go,” he said, heading for the stairs. Well, the sexually insane part of Laszlo might still be running the show. But the important thing is that it’s for his wife.

When Nadja asked Laszlo if she wanted to know why she came back from London, he told her impatiently, “You can tell me later. You can wait,” before pointing to the bedroom. Nadja told Laszlo how fulfilling her job was and how “I gave up everything and I had to because I missed you so much my love.” She then slapped Laszlo because Lo was frustrated at not keeping up with her, but then, just like that, her anger faded as she understood why her lover had stayed behind. Nadja approached Laszlo and said seductively, “I want to peel you like a potato and mash your internal organs.” She bared her fangs to Laszlo. It was the hottest thing he had ever heard. He started running upstairs with Nadja, warning her to watch her step because the water damaged the wood, and pointing to himself, “But not this piece of wood.” Their tryst, however, was interrupted when Nandore walked came in. The couple made the most of the dire situation, setting it aside on the couch in front of Nandore as he recounted his world travels to the camera crew.

Laszlo opens up to talk about Colin Robinson growing up and how he sees himself, while still tapping his 19th century boots with Nadja. Their lovemaking was so intense that the floor gave way and they fell into the flooded basement. “Fuck me,” a shocked Laszlo said of the situation. Nadja took him literally and muttered, “Okay, okay,” before climbing up and pushing Laszlo’s head under the water. Laszlo resurfaced and said, “Drown me, honey. It’s hot, isn’t it?” and Nadja pressed his face down again.Now name a sexier moment than That. I dare you.

Laszlo and Nadja are the only undead characters that feel truly alive

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what do we do in the shadows Probably one of the funniest shows on TV, but it also has some of the saddest characters. This was to be expected, since they were hundreds of years old, hardly anyone but each other, and for three quarters they couldn’t go out during the day. Nandore is very lonely and will go out of her way to try and meet someone. Colin Robinson’s life is dull, and he’s completely dependent on other people to feel anything. He actually lives vicariously through other people. Guillermo is one, but he might be the saddest of them all. He’s an outsider who desperately wants to be a vampire so he can feel like he belongs somewhere. There are also plenty of hints that Guillermo is in love with Nandore and wants him to actually meet him.

These lives are lonely and painful, but Laszlo and Nadja have each other. That doesn’t mean their lives are perfect. They don’t always get along well. Laszlo often allowed himself to be under the influence of the flesh, which got him into trouble. Nadja was annoyed at having to live with the undead man, as a lonely woman, but in the end none of that mattered. Laszlo and Nadja are in love. They’re not the couple who spend too much time together, watching TV and having nothing to say. They have been talking excitedly. They are full of enthusiasm. They go on adventures. They share the same messy eccentricities that have kept their relationship fresh for a hundred years, and still are. It’s hot, isn’t it?

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