Here Are the Most Romantic Moments on ‘The Simpsons’

In terms of absolute length, Maggie (Julie Kavner) and Homer (Dan Castellaneta) may be the most stable marriage in television history. The Simpsons It’s one of the longest-running shows ever, and the relationship between the two has been established since the pilot episode.Although the best episodes The Simpsons Showcasing the tenderness the two share, their views on marriage, family, and romance became more dogmatic in later seasons. The sarcastic remarks Homer and Maggie scream at each other start to feel more genuine, and any feeling they were ever in love fades away with each season. However, the season two episode “Once Upon a Time” clearly explained how the couple met in the first place and why their love survived more than 30 seasons later.

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‘The Way We Were’ Is One of the Best ‘Simpsons’ Flashback Episodes

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trying to trace a fictional timeline The Simpsons Bound to send any viewer down the rabbit hole. There are countless variations, inconsistencies, and other issues in the setting, especially when they try to account for the fact that Maggie has been a baby for over thirty years.The flashback episode later became a crutch The Simpsons Used when a quick story fix is ​​needed.However, early flashbacks from previous seasons The Simpsons Added practical nuance to the characters. These are especially funny because whenever Homer or Marge tries to sit down and tell an intimate story, Bart (Nancy Cartwright) and Lisa (Yardley Smith) would provide sharp enough commentary to keep the story from getting too serious. It all started in “Once Upon a Time,” when Homer decides to tell his kids about his first date with Maggie after an unexpected TV hiatus.

It’s easy to forget that before it became the inspiration for other adult cartoons like Family Guy and american dad, The Simpsons Designed to parody the “family sitcoms” that dominated the 1980s.Although its depiction of small town life is definitely not as idealistic as a work like this leave it to the beavers or cosby show, The Simpsons There is a level of sincerity and sincerity that later seasons forget. Importantly, in the season one episode “The Simpsons Roasting Over an Open Fire,” Homer is a sad sack trying to feed his children for Christmas; the episode ends with him reflecting on his family values Finish. This was carried over into season two, with Homer revealing a very different time in his relationship with Maggie.

‘Once Upon a Time’ Is a Parody of the 1973 Film our waystarring a young robert redford and Barbra Streisand A couple’s love relationship sours over time due to political differences.Ironically, this is one of the rare cases The Simpsons The version of events is actually not as cynical as it is parodied. “Once Upon a Time” uses the basic concept of “opposites attract” to explore how Maggie and Homer first became attracted to each other in high school.They meet in school detention; Maggie gets in trouble for burning her bra at a feminist rally (more directly referred to our way), Homer has occupied the detention facility for quite some time.

‘The Way We Are’ explains how Maggie and Homer fell in love

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While the later seasons made it feel like Homer took his relationship with Marge for granted, he actually had something to prove in “Once Upon a Time.” Abe (Castellaneta) warns him that he’s aiming too high in trying to date Maggie, but Homer ignores his father’s jeers and decides to work on improving himself. He joins the debate team to spend time with her, and even feigns incompetence in French class so she can be his tutor. The lazy, goofy “Homer the bastard” version of the character that comes later is completely absent here; Homer is actually trying to win Maggie over, just pretending he’s not smart enough to spend more time with her. Homer would later become a trademark for his inability to accommodate anyone else, but in “Once Upon a Time,” he goes out of his way to change his ways because he’s so smitten with Maggie.

it would have been easy The Simpsons The reason why Maggie chose Homer was simple, just “he made me laugh”, but “Once Upon a Time” is surprisingly deep. While Maggie was initially moved to find Homer crying in the hallway after professing his love for her, she has made a commitment to her seemingly more suitable suitor, Artie. It’s not until the end, when Artie tries to make a move on her, that she realizes that Homer was always “the good guy.”Of course, the episode never risks being too sentimental, as Bart feigns gagging in the classic princess bride-style. While Homer is clumsy and sometimes incoherent, he’s a nice guy with more genuine values ​​than your average high school kid looking for a short-term relationship. Maggie realizes that while Artie’s good looks and seemingly bright future might give her a more stable future, she’s willing to accept a future that’s a bit chaotic because she knows Homer is everything he seems to be.

This is reinforced by the closing moments in which Homer and Magis independently tell the story. Not only is it the most romantic the show has ever seen, but it explains why it has such a unique tone that has endured for so long. Both Homer and Marge are outsiders, defying their parents’ expectations, as the show, The Simpsons Never fell into the canonical mold of sitcoms or animation. However, The Simpsons is still presenting a version of an enduring story about love, family and people that can relate. Even though no one knows exactly where Springfield is located, it still feels like a real place.

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