‘Gossip Girl’: 10 main characters, ranked by Likability

Gossip girl Full of socialists from the east. Each character is trying to navigate the high stakes emotions of high school while navigating their high social status. The constant review of the character’s progression from hate to favorite is why viewers keep streaming Gossip girl on Max.

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Gossip Girl, an anonymous internet site that features all the characters of the Upper East Side, describes them as Upper East-Siders. The many difficulties they face help them share and overcome the hardships of living in the upper east. As Gossip Girl deepens the drama within the group, the group’s passions develop as they team up to end its reign.

10 Lily van der Woodsen

Lily van der Woodsen smiled
Image via CW

She is Serena’s mother (Blake is alive) and Eric van der Woodsen (Connor Paul) and had a rough home life as she was raised by Cece Rhodes (Caroline Lagerfelt). Lily van der Woodsen (Kelly Rutherford) was taught to act in a certain way, a high social status. As a mother of two in the Upper East Side, she chooses to shelter her children to protect her social status, but she has other intentions.

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She climbs into a similar character because the viewers see that she values ​​her children, but Cece never shows her kindness; Therefore, she does not know how to show her love and desire for her children. She began to show her kindness later in the season when she became involved with Bart Bass (Robert John Burke), Chuck’s father, and later with Rufus Humphrey (Matthew agreed).

9 Jenny Humphrey

Taylor Momsen as Jenny Humphrey on the phone
Image via CW

She is the daughter of Rufus Humphrey and the sister of Dan Humphrey. Jenny Humphrey (Taylor Momsen) is a social climber and wants to fit in as one of the socialites at Constance. In season one, she was an unpleasant character because she was young. Her immaturity grew as she became more involved with Constance’s girls. She is a liar, and she needs the approval of the girls of the Upper East Side.

She became “Queen J” at Constance Billard St. Jude and realize that it comes with consequences. When she realizes the consequences of her actions, she grows up and wants a change of scenery, so she decides to move to London after graduation and become a fashion designer.

8 Rufus Humphrey

Rufus Humphrey played by Matthew Settles
Image via CW

He is the father of Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley) and Jenny. Rufus Humphrey is an aspiring artist, and he is a single father. He dropped out of college to pursue music. As he begins to learn the struggles of being a teenager, he begins to grow and learn.

He lives in the liberal arts Upper West Side, which is considered a lower social status area compared to the Upper East Side, a higher social status area. His personality is laid back, but he still protects his children. He wants them not to become a part of the dangers and consequences of the Upper East.

7 Dan Humphrey

Penn Badgley as Dan Humphrey
Image via Max

He was the son of Rufus Humphrey, and he was considered an outsider at Riverside Preparatory School for Boys. He was called a “lonely boy” by Gossip Girl. Dan is a writer and loves poetry. He became in love with Serena. He begins to climb the ladder of social status as his involvement with Serena begins to grow.

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In later seasons, he forms an unlikely friendship with Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester), and dedicated to protecting her from any harm. Dan’s devotion to Serena, Blair Waldorf, and Jenny is an endearing quality because he wants to protect them at all costs.

6 Eric van der Woodsen

Eric Van Der Woodsen played by Conor Paolo
Image via Max

In season one, Eric feels lonely when his sister suddenly leaves and moves. He became a patient at the Ostroff Center. For his protection, Lily, admits that he went to the Ostroff Center after he tried to take his own life. He confided in Jenny, and after he was released, formed a friendship with Jenny.

He becomes protective of Jenny and advises her about their social status. Their friendship took a turn for the worse when Jenny became Queen of Constance. He always protects those he cares for including Jenny and Serena. He has strong morals and relies on wisdom to guide him on the right path. He is curious to find his purpose in life.

5 Dorota

Dorota in Gossip Girl smiles
Image via Max

Dorota (Zuzanna Szadkowski) Be a loyal and trustworthy housekeeper at the Waldorf Residence. She is Blair’s confidant as she helps with her plans. She loves Blair as her daughter and protects her. She is devoted not only to Blair but to Blair’s friends as well. She is an interesting character because of her steadfast support.

Her personality is kind and kind. Her determination to help Blair is one of her great traits. Dorota begins a new journey by marrying Vayna (Aaron Schwartz), Serena’s gatekeeper, while also being a companion and trusted friend of Blair and her friends.

4 Chuck Bass

Chuck Bass played by Ed Westwick sees Blair Waldorf
Image via Max

Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) in season one is the manipulative and resident “bad boy” of the Upper East Side. His relationship grows as he and Blair begin to make elaborate plans for each other. His constant phrase for justifying his actions is “I’m Chuck Bass.” He started showing compassion to others when he and Belle became a couple.

Chuck was one of the most disliked characters at the beginning of the series, and he became one of the most likable characters. He will do everything in his power to protect her, and sometimes he makes mistakes, but the kindness and love he has for Blair makes him competitive to succeed in being the best version of himself.

3 Nate Archibald

Chace Crawford as Nate Archibald
Image via Max

Nate Archibald (Chase Crawford) is the son of Captain Archibald (Sam Robards). He had everything laid out on a silver platter for him. He has the perfect girlfriend, Blair, but realizes that he wants a different life than what has been given to him. Nate seeks his father’s approval, but he is determined to overcome obstacles and act to undermine the privileged stereotype.

Nate begins to learn the hardships of lower social status when his father is arrested for fraud. His warm and loving personality makes him a protector of his friends. The hardships he faces create challenges for himself, but he doesn’t let his challenges get in the way of his friendships.

2 Serena van der Woodsen

Serena played by Blake Lively looking down from the stairs
Image via CW

Serena wants to redeem herself from her past actions of betraying Blair, her best friend, by getting romantically involved with her boyfriend, Nate. Serena is free-spirited and hates others because of her goodness. Constance’s girl believes that she uses her good fortune, but she is simply mistaken.

She works hard and values ​​kindness. Serena embarks on many journeys to find herself. She values ​​the opinion of her friends, but she has a strong will. She is a friendly girl who is trying to fit in on the Upper East Side. Serena faces many ups and downs as she tries to navigate her struggles as a privileged teenager.

1 Blair Waldorf

Blair and Eleanor eat pie at the counter
Image via Max

Blair is the “Queen B” of Constance. In one season, Blair was cruel and cruel, but in the next season, the audience realized that she was unstable, especially felt that she was Serena’s shadow. She feels pressure to be better than others. Blair faces many challenges, and she faces them to become the most desirable character.

As her relationship with Chuck progresses, she becomes more affectionate and devoted to securing the friendship. She is part of the “non-judgement Breakfast Club“The club created by Nate, Chuck, and Serena. They will do anything for each other and listen without judgment. She is an achiever and considers her decisions wisely to ensure the health of herself and her friends.

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