‘Good Will Hunting’ review: Affleck and Damon drama remains classic

first collaboration among many ben affleck and Matt Damon It’s also one of their best to date, 1997’s good hunting Still the defining film of the era for a reason. Of course, the two don wigs for a medieval play, or goofy hats to retell recent true stories. However, it was the more low-key character studies that launched their careers and led to great performances and writing. Each scene, serving more of a comedic slice or a deeper reflection on life, feels natural and only becomes more natural the longer you sit with them. This is a film that fully captures the nuances of a segment of the story of his life in a way that is both specific and universal. Never sanding down the messy parts of its life, it makes you feel as if you’ve gotten to know its central characters as fully as you’ve known them all your life.

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directed by Gus Van SantThe film centers on the titular Will Hunting (Damon), who spends his days either hanging out in South Boston or getting into legal trouble. Although he has childhood best friend Chucky (Affleck) by his side, he doesn’t have much family and seems lost. The one thing he seemed most interested in was knowledge. Although Will hasn’t done much school, he’s actually a genius, though he mostly keeps his talents hidden from others. It was a sentiment he expressed while working as a janitor at a university, and he began completing some rigorous problems on a blackboard outside a classroom. He doesn’t get credit for doing so, until he’s discovered by Professor Gerald Rambo (Stellan Skarsgard) and wanted to accept him as a student. The agreement also required Will to undergo therapy, which he initially scoffed at before meeting Rambo’s former college roommate.Played by the late Dr Sean Maguire Robin Williams With unparalleled grace and humor, he is the one who, after a long period of patience, begins to open up. It then turns into an often cheerful but still somber meditation on ambition, happiness, loneliness, and the life Will wants to live for himself.

Matt Damon and Robin Williams team up to make the film shine

good hunting

The film has many highlights, but the best moments come from Will’s deep dialogue with Sean. At the heart of this is Williams’ stellar performance, delivering all the comedic and dramatic notes with ease. One never undercuts the other, but serves each other, portraying a relationship between two men that is still clearly visible decades later. The film literally strips away the layers of masculinity, and the pain it can entail, until everything about Will’s life is revealed. Sean was the only one who stood out when everyone else wanted to push him in a certain way. Every aspect of Williams’ performance is tinged with kindness, captivating and ensuring that every scene is filled with heartfelt energy. Even just a story about farts can be molded into a monologue about life and love that will leave you amazed. While every scene is filled with this energy, it’s this sequence of scenes that remains absolutely compelling. Williams is one of those great performers who never misses a step, and his presence carries a resonance that never dies, even when he is sadly no longer with us. He really is one of the best ever.

Supporting cast members propel Good Will Hunting to greatness

will and chuckie from

Meanwhile, there are some great scenes with other characters in the film. Affleck shares a performance with Damon that is as spectacular as anything the pair have put together to date. Even if there’s a humorous show in the bar, boisterous in the best possible way, the more subdued dialogue the two have at the end of the film is excellent. When their two characters take a break from work, they discuss their future in a heavy way. Chucky is sharp in many of his comedic situations, but speaks just as much truth in this more serious one. The honesty of each word is delivered with a measured, heartfelt rhythm that lulls Will into stunned silence. This uninterrupted monologue is then reintroduced in Affleck’s final scene, which, despite its stunning simplicity, is as loud as a truck. Although her character isn’t given as much depth as one would hope, minnie driver Skylar made the most of every moment she had. Her character is both accepting and accepting, making her developing relationship with Will feel rich, however fleeting it may be. Every scene we have with these characters feels like we’re peering into their worlds and being transformed by each of them.

The underlying reason for all of this is that this dynamic drama can get lost in something less engaging. Though many don’t know it, it was originally conceived as a thriller, and Will’s knowledge made him a target for government agencies. It’s only at the suggestion of other filmmakers that it’s been subtly crafted into a more grounded drama, emphasizing the emotional elements that make it an enduring work. When we saw its upbeat but still honest ending, we felt like this shift in focus was totally worth it. It’s still humorous to imagine that we could have gotten a more generic production instead of the one we got, but it just makes experiencing the film all the more precious. All of Affleck and Damon’s work since then is widely known, good hunting This was the earliest indication of the great things these two collaborators could create together.

score: A

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