Golden Lands review: An untouched view of the immigrant experience

A Punjabi-American truck driver struggling with the birth of his first child found an undocumented Mexican girl hiding in his trailer. golden land Address difficult subjects with an emotional and artistic approach. The Tribeca Film Festival’s 2021 Untold Stories Grand Prize winner offers an unpretentious look at the immigrant experience in America. The threat of racism and persecution has been a constant fear for those struggling to provide for their families. But that worry doesn’t outweigh the limitless opportunity. golden land is a touching film that haunts you after its melancholy ending.

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Kiran (Nardeep Khurmi), a first-generation Californian Sikh, is angry about sitting at his wife’s baby shower. Preeti (Pallavi Sastry), who is heavily pregnant, also feels uneasy. Her mother-in-law Ravina (Riti Sachdeva) invites too many people to the party. Kiran can’t handle the stress of being a father and the interruptions of being a mother. He goes outside for a cigarette and delivers the bad news. He accepted a job shipping goods to Boston. Preeti can’t believe he’s leaving with the baby. Kieran promises to be back soon. They need money.

Kiran remembers taking ownership of Singh Shipping. He has disturbing memories with his alcoholic father. Gurinder (Iqbal Theba) cuts their hair and stops wearing the hijab, much to his wife’s chagrin. He was tired of public hostility and being labeled a terrorist. The family found “Osama” painted on their car. The police who responded to the call only deepened his father’s concerns. They are outsiders who are viewed with suspicion and scorn.

Drive to Boston

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There was a knocking sound from the back of the truck in Arizona. Kieran is stunned when 10-year-old Elena (Caroline Valencia) rushes out. She beat him hard before collapsing from heat stroke. Kiran washed his burning eyes as he gave her water to drink. Elena has a picture of her uncle. She needs a ride to Boston.

Khurmi, who writes, directs and stars in his feature debut, deftly addresses the obvious problems with the film’s premise. Why would a grown man be responsible for an undocumented girl who is not a relative? The vexing answer is unfortunate. Kiran doesn’t trust law enforcement. He has only negative experiences. Kiran told Preeti and his mother how he found the girl. They talked to Elena and got a clear picture of the situation. Use judgment to help her make the right decision.

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Kieran and Elena’s road trip explores the beauty of America from a Punjabi perspective. They stopped at Indian restaurants and Sikh temples near the truck stop. Kiran represents a working-class minority that rarely appears in film. Elena goes from a nagging nuisance to a caring friend. She understood that he was crumbling under the weight. Kiran sacrificed his dreams to help his family succeed. He respects his father’s experience but fears being him.

Protecting Undocumented Children

When they arrived in Boston, Elena’s backstory was revealed. Her question goes to the heart of what divides the country. She was an undocumented child growing up in the United States. Kiran saw potential in his daughter. He is determined to protect Elena, but it won’t be easy.

golden land Tugs at your heartstrings with sentimental sweetness. Kiran and Elena’s relationship is unquestionable. She proved that Kieran is indeed a good father. But Elena’s fate is not a fairy tale with a happy ending. The final scene is full of hope and fear.

golden land Produced by Black Poppy Productions, Legacy Pictures and Team Access Productions. It will have its streaming premiere on HBO Max on May 15.

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