Gilmore Girls: The 10 Best Supporting Actors, Ranked

gilmore girls Tells the story of mother and daughter Lorelai and Rory who share everything in life and love. The show is known for its fast-paced, pop culture dialogue and quirky humor, much of it from its plethora of scene-stealing supporting cast.

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From the eccentric residents of Star Valley to the equally quirky characters the girls meet at school or work, gilmore girls The supporting cast is as memorable as the main characters themselves. Fans can never get enough of these colorful characters, who are as crucial to the show’s success as the girl of the same name.

10 Dave Regalski

Adam Brody as Dave Rigalski in 'Gilmore Girls'

Before he went to Orange County, Adam Brody He was stopped by Xingkong Town. he played dave rygalski in the third season gilmore girls, as Ryan’s lover. A music fan and guitarist, he met Lane after she replied to his ad looking for a drummer for his band. The two instantly form a charming connection and become lovers, albeit behind Mrs. Kim’s back.

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Dave is the perfect match for Ryan. He has a gentle personality, is considerate, and is willing to meet Mrs. King; he even spent one night reading the entire Bible, trying to understand Mrs. King’s mysterious words. Unfortunately, he left the show after season three, and fans never stopped missing him.

9 marty

Wayne Wilcox as Marty in 'Gilmore Girls'

Rory made several new friends at Yale, most notably Marty, a struggling student who paid his tuition by working as a waitress.played by Wayne WilcoxMarty is a bit awkward but lovable, harboring a crush on Rory that’s painfully obvious to everyone but her.

After Rory started dating Logan, Marty left and returned as a different character in season seven due to a writer’s change.like the other characters in the play gilmore girlsMarty got dirty by the season 7 writers, but he was one of the best supporting characters in seasons 4 and 5.

8 Max Medina

Gilmore Girls Scott Cohen
Image via Warner Bros.

Lorelai’s first major love interest was Max Medina, one of Rory’s professors at Chilton, led by Scott Cohen. Max is the perfect guy: lovable, patient, with a stable job and life, and a great relationship with Rory. Max isn’t quite as eccentric as Lorelai, but he has no problem keeping up with her idiosyncrasies, even if he doesn’t always understand them.

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Max and Lorelai got engaged in season two, but she called off the engagement, and Max left for Stanford not long after. He returns briefly in season three, but only with a proper ending with Lorelai. Max was a wonderful guy, almost too good a guy, and Lorelai would be lucky to have him. Sadly, he’s not the guy Lorelai wants and is mature enough to accept.

7 madeleine and louise

Till Redman and Shirley Cole as Madeleine and Louise in 'Gilmore Girls'

Paris may be Chilton’s best character, but her friends Madeleine and Louise are the real scene-stealers.played by Shirley Cole and Till RedmanMadeleine, and Louise are Paris’s uninteresting minions who befriend Rory after making his life difficult in Chilton’s first year.

Unlike Paris and Rory, Madeleine and Louise are irresponsible and carefree, with little concern for their studies. After graduation, they came back once and Paris and Rory saw them during spring break; they were immature and basically dropped out of college and stayed in Florida. Unfortunately, that was the last time they appeared.they didn’t even come back year of lifeone of the missed opportunities for revival.

6 Babette Dale

Sally Struthers as Babette Dale in 'Gilmore Girls'

Lorelai and Rory’s next-door neighbor, Babette Dale, is a loud, well-meaning woman known for her over-the-top personality and husky voice. Town gossip Babette and her husband Morey are among the Gilmores’ closest friends in Startown, and they’ve known each other since Lorelei moved into the house.

Sally Struthers Babette’s performance is excellent. She’s an easily hated character, but Struthers always shows Babette’s kind heart and keeps her from getting into nasty situations. Enthusiastic, warm, and maybe a little out of character, Babette is hilarious, memorable, and an essential part of Stars Hollow.

5 Lorelai “Trix” Gilmore

Marion Ross as Trix Gilmore in 'Gilmore Girls'

gilmore girls There are several interesting supporting characters, but few stand out more than Lorelai “Trix” Gilmore.played by tv icon marion rossTrix is ​​Richard’s mother, the so-called “Reigning Lorelai”, who lives in London and has a hostile relationship with Emily.

Trixes are demanding, arrogant, overly proud, and often rude. She likes things to be done a certain way and refuses to accept anything less than perfect. Trix liked to embarrass Emily, to embarrass her, just as Emily embarrassed Lorelai. Trix, however, is a fascinating character with a rich background but only mentioned. Rose is always a joy to watch, but she’s especially good as Trix, making her extreme pride both irritating and hilarious.

4 miss patty

Liz Torres as Miss Patty in Gilmore Girls

Patricia “Miss Patty” Lacosta is arguably the most famous Startown resident outside of the main cast, and she’s the town’s rumor queen.played by tv icon Liz TorresMiss Patti owns a dance school and is known for her artistic sensitivity; she presents an annual talent show and loves to share countless amazing stories about her time in show business.

miss patty was one of them gilmore girls‘The funniest character ever. Miss Patty, dramatic rather than eccentric, is a loyal friend of the Gilmores and has a warm personality that can endear her to even the coldest of people – she even manages to become friendly with Emily. Torres is terrific in the role, making Patty a fan-favorite in a show filled with them.

3 Ms. Kim

Keiko Agena and Emily Kuroda as Lane and Mrs. King in 'Gilmore Girls'

gilmore girls is a show about motherhood; many of the best characters on the show are mothers—Lorelai, Emily, Suki, and of course, Mrs. King.great Emily Kuroda Play Lady Kim, Lane’s strict and devoted mother, whose parenting methods often shock the rest of Startown.

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Although the show initially portrayed her as a typically religious, closed-minded character, Mrs. King became more layered in later seasons, especially after Lane left to pursue her musical ambitions. Lady King put aside her beliefs and traditions to support Lane and her band, her pregnancy and her marriage to Zach.a few characters in gilmore girls Haruhiko Kuroda has changed more than Mrs. Kim, and Haruhiko Kuroda respects the essence of the character but still shows her growth.

2 jesse mariano

TV Show - Alexis Bledel and Milo Ventimiglia - Gilmore Girls

Milo VentimigliaJess Mariano came on stage in the second season and changed Rory’s image dramatically. Jesse is Luke’s problematic and rebellious nephew, a stoic and confrontational teen who immediately connects with Rory thanks to her love of literature, music, and pop culture. The two dated throughout season three until he traveled to California to find his father. Jesse returned several times in later seasons, most notably convincing Rory to return to Yale.

Jesse is Rory’s best boyfriend, there’s no disputing that. Despite his troubles as a teenager, Jesse has matured quite a bit, repairing his relationship with Luke and Rory and becoming a regular in their lives. year of life The suggestion that Jesse will play a role in Rory’s life similar to what Luke played in Lorelai means that the two may find their way back to each other sooner or later.

1 Kirk Gleason

Sean Gunn as Kirk in 'Gilmore Girls'
Image via Warner Bros.

Sean Gunn Adept at playing annoying yet charming characters, Kirk Gleeson is no exception. Star Valley’s most famous eccentric, Kirk, is the town’s jack of all trades: He wears several hats on the show, from store clerk to electrician, postman, delivery guy, T-shirt salesman, photographer, and even mold inspector.

Kirk is hilarious, awkward, and very likable. Clumsy but well-meaning, Kirk is one of the show’s most loyal characters. He’s also a surprisingly motivated entrepreneur, starting several small businesses, including as a jewelry salesman, restaurateur, and driver for an Uber-like venture called ÖÖÖ-ber. Kirk was also an amateur director, showing his now iconic film, “Kirk’s Film,” at movie nights around town. Gunn is terrific as Kirk, and his unique portrayal of social awkwardness is both endearing and confusing, and instantly iconic.

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