George Lucas’ Indiana Jones and Chewbacca share this surprising connection

george lucasfirst movie of Thank you 1138 Released in 1971, the film received mixed reviews and a commercial disappointment.The film was a reaction to fears of communist rule at the time and inspired george orwellof 1984 and Margaret Atwoodof The Handmaid’s Tale. although Thank you 1138 inspired some future filmmakers such as Frank Darabont, others found the film incomprehensible.Lucas’ own friend and mentor is one such example Francis Ford Coppola, he later challenged him to write a script that would appeal to a mainstream audience.This led to the 1975 american graffiti, which proves that Lucas has the ability to make his story accessible to a broad audience.Lucas then pokes around in his 12-page new treatment star wars According to an interview with IGN, Lucas’ contemporaries again urged him to rein in his distant thoughts. But did you know that an element of George Lucas’ real life at the time inspired Chewbacca and his future creation, Indiana Jones? his dog!

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After United Artists and Universal Pictures rejected buck rogers-style space epic, 20th Century Fox likes american graffiti Enough money to bet on the young filmmaker and pay him to write the first draft star wars.Over the years, the world star wars The original plan was unrecognizable compared to what we now know. “Luke Skywalker is a grizzled old general, Han Solo is a frog-like alien, and there’s a protagonist named Kane Starkiller, and the dark side of the Force is called ‘Bo Roots’.” It’s nearly unshootable, expensive, and too dense for a reader to digest.Coppola expressed concern star wars‘ Accessibility even Lucas’ partner Gary Sultz In the aforementioned IGN interview, it was described as “official red tape.” star wars Some grounding in reality is needed, drawing on experiences like European colonial empires, the American Revolution, and the Vietnam War. By drawing inspiration from tangible, real-life elements, Lucas is finally able to tell his story in a way that audiences can understand.

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How George Lucas’ Dog Inspired Chewbacca

Han and Chewbacca pilot the Millennium Falcon, with Luke and Obi-Wan in the back
Image via Walt Disney

George Lucas told The New York Times, “I wanted to stay away from sci-fi names like Zenon and Zorba. They had to sound native and there was an alignment between their name and their culture.” Han Solo ( Han Solo)harrison ford) and Leia Organa (Carrie Fisher) names that don’t look too Earth-like to viewers, but connect the galaxy to real life in a tangible way. “Vader” means “father” in Dutch, heralding the reveal of Vader’s character. Empire Strikes Back. Darth Vader (David Prowse) Therefore, Luke’s “Dark Father” (mark hamill), whose name is derived from the Greek word “Leukos”, meaning “light”. Luke joined the ancient Jedi religion, much like Luke in the Gospels converted to Christianity. Although The New York Times suggested that The Adventures of Luke S. was a stand-in for Lucas himself, it has been confirmed that Lucas’ most personal connection is with the Chewbacca character (peter mayhew).

In the thirteenth and final issue Star Wars Galaxy Magazinebefore it becomes star wars galaxy collectorGeorge Lucas wrote: “I had an Alaskan Malamute when I was writing this movie. A very sweet dog, and she always sat next to me when I was writing. When I was driving around , she would sit in the front seat. Sled dogs are very large dogs—about a hundred and thirty pounds, bigger than a person, and with long hair. She has been with me and inspired me to give Han Solo A sidekick, he’s like a big shaggy dog. Not quite a dog, but smart.” Chewbaka’s name comes from the Russian word “Chudovishye”, which means monster, and “Sobaka”, which means dog, thus Chubaka The card is called “Monster Dog”.

How Did George Lucas’ Dogs Inspire Indiana Jones?

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones in Indiana Jones: Temple of Doom
Image via Paramount

“I think I hit a Wookiee in the back” is a quote from Thank you 1138, which was later used by Lucas as the name for the Chewbacca species. Obviously, the image of the dog sitting next to Lucas while driving planted the seeds for Chewbacca’s role as Han’s co-pilot, but Lucas’s Malamute soon inspired Harrison Ford Another iconic role in Lucasfilm. The dog’s name is Indiana.Yep, Wookiees inspired other people too indiana jones!after success star warsit’s safe to say that Lucas revived a once-forgotten genre originally created by flash gordon and similar works from the 1950s.But now, with the help of a friend steven spielbergLater, Lucas also set his sights on another genre—the treasure-hunting adventurer of the 1930s.

In January 1978, Lucas and Spielberg sat down and finally Empire Strikes Back screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan develop his ideas Movie “Raiders of the Lost Ark”. Their recordings, which have been transcribed and are available online, detail how the trio conceived each photo. The name Indiana is first mentioned by Lucas, who alludes to the hero’s lover who runs an American bar and hotel in rural Nepal. He quotes “Rick’s Place” Casablanca As inspiration, Kasdan asked, “Do you have the man’s name?” “I did it for our leader,” George said, to which Spielberg commented, “I hate this, but go ahead. “Indiana Smith. It has to be unique. It’s a character. Very American. He was born in Indiana. (…) Or Jones. Then people can call him Jones.” Although Lucas’ dog It’s never mentioned, but it’s clear why, out of all US states, the first thing that comes to mind is the name of their hero.

Raiders of the Lost Ark was also inspired by Sean Connery, who would later play his father

Harrison Ford and Sean Connery in Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade
Image via Paramount Pictures

Indiana Jones may have been named after George Lucas’ dog, but his character has been inspired by countless heroes.Creator’s past matinee serials and pulp magazines are incorporated into the production indiana jones, including Alan Quarterman, Professor Challenger, and of course 007 himself, James Bond. In the sequel, indiana jones and Temple of DoomIndy appeared at the casino table wearing a white tuxedo and red carnations, as made famous in the first Bond film Dr No starring Sean Connery. In the third film, Connery himself was cast as Indy’s father, Henry Jones.It’s a meta-joke because it was copied in a Bond parody Austin Powers: Gold Member It was also inspired by the movies of the 60s michael caine. Kane joins the cast for the third installment of the series as Austin’s father, referring to the fact that there would be no Austin without Kane (mike myers).

exist Indiana Jones and the Last CrusadeIn “Sean Connery,” Sean Connery’s character calls his son “Junior” throughout, much to Indy’s chagrin. When Sara (John Rhys Davis) quarreling father and son asked: “Excuse me, what does that always mean? The ‘junior’?” Connery’s Henry replied: “That’s his name. Henry Jones Jr.” “I like Indiana” , grunted Indy, and Henry retorted, “We’ll name the dog Indiana!” Finally, with this line of dialogue, Lucas was able to bring the whole idea to fruition. Not many dogs claim to be the inspiration for two of the silver screen’s most iconic characters, but Indiana Lucas, the Malamute, certainly can. The scene continues to cement the reference as Salah laughs, “Dog? You’re named after a dog?” “I have so many fond memories of that dog,” explains Indy, This is also Lucas’ explanation. His companion and canine friend Indiana impressed the filmmaker, and the filmmaker immortalized the “good boy” in a way few dog owners can.

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