Gene Kelly’s 10 Best Non-Musical Movies

hollywood icon, Gene Kellyis a legendary triple threat, remembered for his classic musicals, including anchor weighing, An American in Paris, And his most famous, singing in the rain.Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Kelly made his film debut as judy garland In the 1942 film, for me and my girlfriend and gained notoriety for his dynamic pace and infectious charisma in films Out of town and cover girl and Rita Hayworth.

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While Kelly is generally regarded as an incomparable song-and-dance actor, he also starred in several non-musical plays that showcased his talent and impressive range as an actor.from Marjorie Morningstar starring Natalie Wood Kelly’s acclaimed performance in the 1960 courtroom drama, Inheritancehere are 10 non-musical movies Kelly starred in.

10 Marjorie Morningstar (1958)

Gene Kelly and Natalie Wood hug each other in
Image via Warner Bros.

College student Marjorie Morgenstern (Natalie Wood) spends her summers as a camp counselor in the Catskill Mountains and meets local entertainer Noel Elman. As they began to fall in love with each other, Morgenstern was drawn to the stage, but her traditional Jewish family disapproved of the pilot and her daughter’s wishes and tried to persuade her to change her mind.

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Marjorie Morningstar is a romantic coming-of-age film that explores the traditional social norms and religious expectations of a Jewish family (especially women) in the 1950s.Considering the entertainment environment, it is interesting that Marjorie Morningstar Not just a musical, but Kelly did sing a lovely melody on “Precious Love,” which was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Song.

9 The Devil III (1952)

Gene Kelly watching Pier Angeli in The Devil's Trio (1952)
Image via MGM

After World War II ended, U.S. Air Force pilot Capt. Jeff Elliott returned to Germany to thank the family who saved his life after his plane was shot down by the Nazis. Tragically, he finds out that they were killed in an American air raid, the only survivor being their daughter Wilhelmina (Pier Angeli). Eliot begins to fall in love with Wilhelmina, and in the process he unwittingly befriends a comedian who happens to be connected to the underground Nazi movement.

Shortly after starring in the classic Golden Age musical, an american in paris, Kelly takes on a more dramatic role in this complex post-World War II thriller, devil made three. The film was shot entirely on location in Germany and Austria, notably an atmospheric chase scene shot in the ruins of Adolf Hitler’s Berghof house in the Alps before it was completely demolished.

8 Crest (1954)

Gene Kelly, Crest (1954)
Image via MGM

U.S. Navy scientist Lieutenant Bradwell and his team are assigned to work with a small group of British sailors on a Scottish island to assist them in their top-secret research on a new torpedo. After multiple failed tests and several fatalities, tensions between everyone start to build, and if Bradwell can’t win over the suspicious Brits and make the weapon work, the project will be shut down.

crest also known as Seagulls over Sorrento, one of three films Kelly shot in Europe with frozen MGM funds. The actor’s theatrical performances were once again overlooked, but he’s earned more recognition from critics and fans over the years. The film also stars British actors, bernard lee He is best known for his role as Secret Intelligence Service chief MJames Bond Movie.

7 It’s a Big Country: An Anthology of America (1951)

Gene Kelly, Janet Leigh and SK Sakall sit together in It's a Big Country: An American Anthology (1951)
Image via MGM

Across America, several people from all walks of life, including a cowboy (gary cooper) and an Irish woman (Ethel Barrymore), must learn how to overcome the ups and downs brought about by the ever-changing world. Through understanding and genuine commitment, everyone somehow manages to find a way to pursue or continue to live their American dream.

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this is a big country is a classic anthology film consisting of eight different stories with many stars such as Van Johnson, William Powell, andAlfred Hitchcock“Scream Queens”, Janet Leigh Played Kelly’s love interest in the fourth part, Rose Rosica. While the movie was a loss for MGM, this is a big country is an important film that shows the melting pot of American society and the difficulties and obstacles many faced at the time.

6 The Road to Happiness (1957)

Gene Kelly leaning over Barbara Lage lying down in
Image via MGM

Danny Andrews (bobby clark) and Jenny (bridget fossey) are tired of the stuffy Swiss boarding school and decide to escape to Paris together. The school informs Danny’s American father, Mike, and Jenny’s French mother, Suzanne (barbara rager) about the disappearance of their child, despite cultural differences, they set off to find the child and start to fall in love.

At the time, with the Hollywood musical starting to fade and two years remaining on his contract with MGM, Kelly was crawling on walls without a job. According to Turner Classics, Kelly has agreed to produce, direct and star in his final two films; prom invitation And romantic comedies, the road to happiness.Despite box office losses, critics still point out the road to happiness Kudos to Kelly for his captivating and upbeat performance as always it’s a lovely film.

5 The Cross of Lorraine (1943)

Gene Kelly and Jean-Pierre Aumont talking to a young man in the jungle in The Cross of Lorraine (1943)
Image via Lowes

In 1940, German Nazi troops successfully invaded France, forcing the commander of the French army to surrender. Despite the agreement, the French soldier Paul (Jean-Pierre Aumont), Victor and their comrades are taken to a German concentration camp, where they struggle to survive brutal torture and plan to escape to join the French Resistance.

directed by Ty Garnettthe drama of the early days of World War II, cross of lorrainewhich pushes censors into post-occupied Europe after the fall of France with a terrifying but true look, and based on the novel, thousand will fall German refugees, Hans Harbe. cross of lorraine This is Kelly’s third consecutive wartime film and is considered by many to be one of his best non-musical performances.

4 Christmas Break (1944)

Gene Kelly sitting on bed next to Deanna Durbin at Christmas (1944)
Image via Universal Pictures

On Christmas Eve in New Orleans, an army lieutenant meets a charming hostess named Jackie (deanna dubin) she tells him why she fled her toxic marriage to Southern aristocrat Robert Manette and his dysfunctional family. Through a series of flashbacks, Jackie recalls the events leading up to her husband’s death, but just when she thought she was finally starting over, her past catches up with her.

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Chrismas holiday is a film noir based on the best-selling 1939 novel Somerset Maugham It was supposed to be a tool in Durbin’s career. Unfortunately, the film received mixed reviews, but despite critics’ misgivings, they still found Kelly as charming as ever, even as a disqualified murdering husband. today, Chrismas holiday earned a more positive reception and is considered by some to be an important film noir.

3 Black Hand (1950)

Gene Kelly with J. Carroll Nish and several police officers in Black Hand (1950)
Image via MGM

In 1908, Giovanni Colombo returns to New York City to track down an Italian blackmail ring known as the “Black Hand” and find those responsible for the brutal murder of his father. Colombo learns that his father’s killer is 6 feet underwater, but with the help of local authorities, Colombo is on a mission to take down the Mafia and put the gangsters in prison.

Kelly’s first major role in film noir, black hands, and delivers an exceptionally powerful performance that is a testament to his immense ability and range as an actor. The film was inspired by the true story of an NYPD lieutenant, Joseph PetrosinoInvestigate real-life Mafia crime syndicates and even travel to Italy to investigate the Mafia.

2 The Three Musketeers (1948)

Gene Kelly looks at Van Heflin in The Three Musketeers (1948)
Image via MGM

D’Artagnan is a talented but inexperienced young swordsman who travels to Paris hoping to join the Royal Guard and become one of the King’s Musketeers. Initially, he clashes with Athos, the Three Musketeers.Van Heflin), Porthos (jig young) and Aramis (Robert Coote), but they eventually put aside their differences and teamed up to defeat the corrupt cleric Richelieu (Vincent Price).

kelly stars as the charismatic literary hero d’artagnan the three musketeerswhich also has stars frank morgan, Joan Allison, and Angela Lansbury As Queen Anne. While Kelly may not have been the studio’s first choice, his dance experience proved valuable in duel and fight scenes that were essentially choreographed.Portions of the film were used as footage produced by Lockwood and Lamont, royal rogue, exist singing in the rain.

1 Inheritance (1960)

Gene Kelly and Spencer Tracy stand side by side looking at a man in Inheritance (1960)
Image via United Artists

Tennessee school teacher Bertram Catesdick york) was on trial for violating the Butler Act, a state law that teaches evolution in classrooms. Thanks to reporter EK Hornbeck, the case eventually gained national attention and attracted two of the country’s top lawyers, prosecutor Matthew Harrison Brady (Frederick March) and defense attorney Henry Drummond (Spencer Tracy) go head-to-head in the small-town courtroom.

Based on the 1925 Scopes “monkey” trial, Inheritance This important courtroom drama is filled with solid performances from the entire cast, with Kelly winning universal praise for his role as the humorous Hornbeck.The film was nominated for several Oscars, including Tracy for Best Actor, but many felt Kelly should have been nominated for Best Supporting Actor, and today, many are acclaiming Inheritance One of the best performances as an actor.

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