Game of Thrones: Yes, You Should Feel Sorry For Cersei In This Scene

game of Thrones Good at creating complex and despicable characters. It’s hard to beat someone like Joffrey (Jack Gleason) or Ramsay Snow (iwan ryan) in terms of pure horror, but none of them have been around for long. Meanwhile, Cersei Lannister (lena headey) for the entire performance. While Cersei may not be as effective as the others, she’s just as incorrigible. If her incest incident wasn’t bad enough, see how she treats Tyrion (Peter Dinklage). Not to mention plotting to kill her husband and King Robert Baratheon (mark addie), or her wildfire attack on the Cathedral of Baelor.While there may be some debate about the order, Cersei tops the list of worst villains on the show, and game of Thrones Not enough in this regard.

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Cersei didn’t make it through the show unscathed, however. In fact, the character has reason to be angry long before the show begins, but worst of all, she’s forced to walk the streets of the capital in shame in season five. A lot of people are watching, both in Westeros and other countries. Viewers of the show cheered Cersei’s brutal punishment because it almost felt like justice after the horror she inflicted, but did she deserve it? Cersei’s constant lying, manipulation, and even murder doesn’t justify her path to redemption being brutally punished.

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Cersei’s Path to Redemption

Hannah Waddingham and Lena Headey in Game of Thrones
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After Cersei grants unrestricted power to Faith Miriam and the High Sparrow (Jonathan Price), they become a threat. Cersei herself has become a target in her long struggle with House Tyrell. Lancel Lannister (Eugene Simon) joined the faith in Milion and accused Cersei of adultery, incest and regicide. As a participant in all these crimes, Lancel was telling the truth. Cersei was detained while awaiting trial, and they withheld food and water in an attempt to extract a confession, but Cersei remained defiant. However, the punishment was not over yet. She eventually admitted to adultery but denied having a relationship with her brother Jaime (Nicola Coster-Waldau) and Robert was murdered.

As atonement for adultery, Cersei is forced to take a penitential tour through the streets of King’s Landing. With her head shaved, she walks naked through the city in the company of Sister Unella (Hannah Waddingham) followed her with a bell and chanted “Shame”. Cersei endured the jeers and insults of the people waiting in line. They insult her while throwing objects at her naked body until she finally reaches the Red Keep. While Cersei is responsible for everything she’s been accused of and more, that’s still pending trial. She only admitted to adultery, which is the reason for this punishment. It’s a crime that almost every character in the show has committed. Robert had several known illegitimate children, but no one seemed to mind. Yet Cersei’s adultery led to this cruel punishment. Faith militants didn’t even accuse her of putting an illegitimate child on the throne, as they could only prove that her affair with Lancel took place after her child was born. Although Cersei did commit a crime, is it really worth her brutal “redemption”?

Cersei is both victim and villain

Cersei sits on the Iron Throne in Game of Thrones

Cersei has no shortage of crime, but her character has more to offer. She has suffered from the trauma of losing her mother since she was a child. And her father Tywin (charles dance), and was not particularly kind to any of his children. As a woman in Westeros, Cersei is powerless in every sense of the word. When she watched James grow up and be respected, she married to gain more power for her family. Her marriage to Robert was loveless as he still longed for the late Lyanna Stark (Aislin Franciosi). Additionally, Robert was an alcoholic and often abusive husband. In the show, things go from bad to worse for Cersei, with her son Joffrey killed and her daughter sent to an arranged marriage in Dorne, where they hate the Lannisters. Basically, nothing good happens to Cersei, which makes her more sympathetic than other villains who have every advantage.

But that’s not to say her actions are forgivable. Cersei has done so many horrible things that audiences want her to suffer the consequences. From the very beginning, she watched Jamie try to kill Bran without remorse (Isaac Hempstead Wright) grab them and instigate the whole story. Ultimately, Cersei should take the blame for Joffrey because she never taught him how to behave better. She arranged for Robert’s death, wiped out House Tyrell (along with hundreds of civilians) in the process of destroying the Great Sept of Baelor, and left devastation in her wake. Cersei believes she is above the law and shamelessly destroys those who get in her way. She’s not a kind or noble person, but her behavior isn’t inexplicable either. Cersei is driven by power and will do anything to protect her children.She’s not a good person, but she’s not the worst person either game of Thrones must provide.

Cersei’s punishment was too harsh

game of thrones cersei and qyburn
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Unlike Cersei, villains such as Ramsay and Tywin died cleanly without suffering public ridicule, and both characters were as bad as Cersei, if not worse. Yet they went from their wickedness to their death without forced humiliation. While Cersei has her flaws, this episode isn’t anything to cheer about. This is yet another example of cruelty and misogyny in the world. Cersei was punished for her “lies and acts of adultery,” not her various murders. While Robert had illegitimate children all over the kingdom and no one seemed to mind, Cersei was shamed for having an affair with her cousin. Of course, although it is not good-looking, the punishment is also severe. After being imprisoned, starved and tortured, Cersei, naked and bleeding, is marched through the streets and ridiculed. After that trauma, it’s no surprise that she became even more ruthless. While Cersei deserves some sort of consequence, Dishonored was too harsh. Afterwards, however, she held her head high and defied all obstacles to regain power for herself.

Cersei does horrible things throughout the show, making her an undeniable villain in a show that lacks a moral standpoint in black and white. Without her intervention, the war would never have started. Of the show’s main villains, Cersei has lasted the longest, with her second-most episodes behind Tyrion. She’s controlling, selfish, and cruel, but she’s also a victim, especially before and after humiliation. After all she’s done, Cersei needs a downfall, and a harsh one at that. But Faith Radicals have crossed the line with such a humiliating and demoralizing punishment, even for someone as problematic as Cersei Lannister.

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