From ‘The Big Short’ to ‘Magic Mike’: The 10 Best Movies About the 2008 Financial Crisis

The financial crisis of 2008 is one of the most important financial and socio-political events. of the 21st century and the impact of both the film industry and the world greatly. As many studios have been hit hard by the housing crisis, filmmakers have responded with films that show how people around the world are dealing with the impact.

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Between movies based on true events and original stories set in the shadow of the market crash, these are the ten best movies about the financial crisis.

10 ‘Big Short’ (2015)

Scene from The Big Short

Anyone confused about the housing crisis, how it happened, and who is responsible might want to take a look Big short For educational purposes only. Adam McKayThe adaptation of the popular non-fiction novel of the same name takes the form of a fourth-wall-breaking docudrama detailing the events leading up to the crash.

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While the subject matter is quite serious, McKay uses popular culture clips and famous guest stars to make the trip more entertaining. Learning about stocks is much easier when Margot Robbie Or Anthony Bourdain There to explain it all.

9 ‘Call the Edge’ (2011)

CEO John Tuld, played by actor Jeremy Irons, talks to his colleagues in the movie 'Margin Call'.
Image via Myriad Pictures and Lionsgate Entertainment Corporation

Call frame Explore the collapse of a major hedge fund that fired nearly half of its employees on the same day. Kraven the hunter Director JC Chandor Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for his riveting dialogue and thorough research.

While not based on specific companies or real people, Call frame Be inspired by the crisis. While the movie has a lot to talk about, the consequences of one company being willing to let thousands of people lose their jobs to save their bottom line is as scary as any horror movie.

8 ‘Inside Job’ (2010)

2x1 inner workings documentary

There are countless documentaries about the corruption within Wall Street and the ongoing crisis that could have been avoided, but the film won an Oscar. Inside the job May be the most detailed schedule.

While it’s a lot of information to summarize on a first look, Inside the job Spend enough time with each fact to make things even more crazy. It may serve as a good companion feature Big shortBecause it covers many of the same topics and real life subjects.

7 ‘The City’ (2010)

City 2010 all cast0

Ben AffleckThe effort of the second direction, Town, Explore the effects of the collapse and how it drives best friend Doug. McRay (Affleck) and Jem Coughlin (Jeremy Renner) to increase their criminal activity. Affleck felt the influence of the crime maestro Michael Mann In his direction of the riveting bank robbery sequence.

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By showing the desperate lengths to which the average person is forced to survive, Affleck makes his political point clear. Doug and Jem are only driven to violence as a result of the situation they find themselves in; They are not bad people.

6 ‘Two Days, One Night’ (2014)

Fabrizio Rongione as Manu Bya and Marion Cotillard as Sandra Bya

Marion Cotillard Received an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress for her heartbreaking performance as the depressed Sandra Two days, one night. Sandra’s co-workers are forced to choose between allowing Sandra to remain on the staff after returning to work or receiving the bonus promised by their employer.

Although it comes from the decision that the character will cast an important vote, Sandra’s personal conversation with each colleague makes. Two days, one night Such a riveting watch.

5 ‘Hell or High Water’ (2016)

Image via Lionsgate Films

Hell or high water It’s another exciting bank robbery that examines the desperate measures that ordinary people must go to to sustain themselves financially. David MackenzieToby’s brilliant neo-noir western (Chris Pine) and Tanner (Ben Foster) because they robbed a number of Texas Midland Banks to save the life of their runaway mother.

Taylor SheridanHis broken dialogue helps to explain in detail why the brothers carry out their crimes and who the real victims will be for their bank robbery. They guarantee that they are stealing from the bank themselves and not the people they serve.

4 ‘Magic Mike’ (2012)

magic mike photo matthew mcconaughey
Image via Warner Bros.

Anyone who expects Steven Soderbergh‘s Magic Mike A piece of fluff Be shocked to see the classic 1970’s Warner Brothers logo appear on the screen before the movie starts. Soderbergh’s 2012 film explores how the financial crisis affected male dancers and changed the nature of their careers.

Although the drama is at the core of Magic Mike is serious, it doesn’t make the delicate dance sequences any less electrifying. To continue the same social theme, Soderbergh’s next event of 2023 Magic Mike’s Last Dance Explore the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak.

3 ‘Killing Them Softly’ (2012)

Jackie Cogan, played by Brad Pitt in Killing Them Softly
The Weinstein Company

Kill them gently occurred in the middle of the 2008 US presidential election between Barack Obama And John McCain and blamed the financial crisis that occurred in the same year. The social crime comedy explores the ripple effects of the brutal heists of a mafia-style poker tournament.

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Two wise-cracking thieves (Ben Mendelsohn And Scott McNairy) makes the mistake of stealing from the wrong people, forcing businesses to All crimes collapse due to limited money. Despite his brutality during the promotional tour for his latest film Blonde skinHe shows real restraint here with the social theme here.

2 ‘The Promised Land’ (2012)

Promised Land' (2012) (1)

While Gus Van Sant Has not made a film in recent years that rivals his work in the 1990s such as Hunting will be goodLao drama 2012 Contracted land A detailed examination of the impact of financial changes that can be radical on the meeting rural people.

Matt Damon The star is a disgruntled driller who must convince the locals of a small town to invest in his proposal to build on their land. Damon co-wrote the film with John Krasinskiwho also appears in the film in a supporting role as his rival.

1 ‘Company Man’ (2010)

Company Men Ben Affleck
Image via The Weinstein Company

Company men wrestled with the moral quandary that the crisis presents. If yuppie stockbrokers and corporate employees are responsible for the market crash, do they deserve sympathy when they lose everything? The film explores how economic changes affect employees at various levels of a collapsing company.

Ben Affleck Presents one of his lesser works as a former office worker who is laid off and has to work hard alongside his eccentric siblings (Kevin Costner). The film also features strong work from Chris Cooper And Tommy Lee Jones.

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