From ‘Night Spy’ to ‘FUBAR’: The 12 Best Spy and Secret Service Shows on Netflix

There’s nothing like a spy thriller to get the blood pumping and keep the audience on their toes. The tension and suspense of a well-crafted spy movie or TV show is palpable, and that’s what makes these spy dramas great.

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Netflix keeps putting out great shows, but there’s often more to it than meets the eye. This year, Netflix has some serious contenders for best spy drama, but that’s not to say they don’t have some excellent non-original content to stream. Those looking to dive deeper into the world of spy thrillers can add these shows to their list.

Updated by Hannah Saab on July 3, 2023:

Netflix’s newest spy comedy series, Fuba, consistently making fans laugh and cheer on their lovable characters. Now, the spy series is one of the best spy shows on the platform and should be considered a must-see for fans of the genre. While fans wait for more details about the already confirmed second season, there’s never been a better time to check out the rest of the spy show.

12 “In the Cold” (2022)

Margarita Levieva in the cold
Image via Netflix

In “From the Cold” It’s an American-produced show, but it revolves around a Russian agent.The title comes from John le Carré novel” The spy who came out of the cold. The concept meant that agents went home after active duty, leaving their careers behind.

In this play, the story seems to be reversed – the protagonist Jenny (Margarita Levieva), has ditched the service and rebuilt life as a soccer mom. One day, however, she is exposed, forcing her to return to the army. In “From the Cold” This isn’t just a spy thriller; for those who like genre mash-ups, the show has some sci-fi elements. It’s an interesting twist on a classic spy thriller.

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11 Treason (2022)

Charlie Cox Best Treason
Image via Netflix

One of the most popular original spy series on Netflix is Crime of star charlie cox, Oona Chaplinand Olga KurylenkoCox plays Adam, a seasoned MI6 agent with a promising future. One day, however, his boss is poisoned by a rogue KGB agent, Kara (Kury Lenko).

Crime of treason Might not be the highest quality spy material on Netflix, but the episodes are a decent length, the acting is good, and the story wraps up in five episodes.This is probably its biggest shortcoming; viewers often complain that the story feels long and unrealistic, but Crime of treason It could have easily been perfected with at least a few more episodes. Still, it’s enough to make anyone feel a little rushed.

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10 “FUBAR” (2023 – )

Monica Barbaro as Emma Brunner and Arnold Schwarzenegger as Luke Brunner in FUBAR Episode 105 .
Image via Netflix

Fuba revolves around the complicated father-daughter relationship between Luke Brunner (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and Emma Brenner (Monica Barbaro), who were both CIA agents but did not understand each other’s roles in the industry. When Luke is pulled on one last job, he’s as shocked as Emma to discover they’re both spies.

Full of crazy stunts and hilarious moments, there’s no denying Fuba A bit confusing and could use a leaner approach to telling the story. However, there’s no denying that the film is entertaining and touching, especially with Schwarzenegger and Barbaro’s surprisingly good chemistry on the small screen.

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9 Traitor (2019)

Emma Appleton in

The British are deeply entrenched in espionage, from James Bond arrive kill eve.Played a major role in the famous spy series ghost, Keeley Hawes back to traitor Priscilla is a senior civil servant in the Cabinet Office.

However, Priscilla is not the protagonist. This role belongs to Feef (emma appleton), an English woman who is persuaded by an American lover to spy on her government for the Americans. traitor Set in the late 1940s, just after World War II, it’s a classic espionage story. Audiences loved it, but it didn’t impress critics too much. Fans of the spy drama can decide for themselves whether it’s worth watching.

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8 Spy (2021)

world of spies netflix
Image via Netflix

although spy technology Not a show with prominent characters or a dedicatedly focused storyline, it revolves around real-life spies and their tools and practices. There’s nothing quite like the crazy and exciting espionage stories that unfold, told by ex-CIA agents and important people.

Fans of espionage content in general don’t know much about espionage and the ways of agents, and they’ll have a lot of fun with it. spy technology Probably a prelude to further viewing and understanding of some of the best spy and agent movies.

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7 Pine Gorge (2018)

The main actors of the mini-series

Pine Gorge From Australia: A story of friendship and loyalty told around a US-Australia joint defense facility in central Australia. The story begins with a plane being shot down in Burma; the US and Australian governments need to figure out the motive behind the attack.

The actors brilliantly portray the struggle between personal moral choices and devotion to the nation’s government. The plot is heightened by the location and appearance of Pine Gap, a real-life mystery building and espionage center in central of Dragon House would be nice to see Steven Toussaint as one of the protagonists.

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6 Recruits (2022)

Image via Netflix

Netflix heartthrobs and breakout stars Noah Centineo Decided to jump into more serious roles and after experiencing action-packed roles black adamin which he played a lawyer for the cia trick. Here, he is recruited to hunt down threats against the agency. While he’s not really the spy here, his character becomes more of a secret agent in this episode.

This action-packed show has witty dialogue that never fails to impress. Even though it can get a little haphazard and impractical at times, it’s still a lot of fun. This isn’t for those who nitpick about what can and can’t go down.shown as trick Just want the audience to have a good and suspenseful time.

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5 “Cleo” (2022 – )

Gerald Haas in

Cleo is a very entertaining show on Netflix, and perhaps one of the best adventure thrillers to come out in recent memory. It’s a German drama about a killer spy who gets away with it after the fall of the Berlin Wall. The murderer’s name is Cleo (Gera Haas), she came for revenge.

This exciting show is more than that, it’s stylish, suspenseful, and darkly comic; hopefully it doesn’t become an underrated European crime drama. The soundtrack is on point, and it’s visually stunning from frame one.Fans who don’t mind reading subtitles (and many shouldn’t) will have a good time watching Cleo.

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4 “Night Agent” (2023 – )

There's a scene in
Image via Netflix

Now one of the highest-rated shows on Netflix, night agent It made a splash when it landed with Peter Sutherland’s gripping story (Gabriel Basso), an FBI agent with a complicated past who is assigned to answer a phone that never rings in the basement of the White House. One day, when the phone rings, Peter’s life changes forever and he is drawn into the dangerous world of espionage and conspiracy.

With truly shocking twists, unexpectedly likable characters, and a storyline that escalates until it reaches a wild, explosive conclusion, it’s no surprise that the spy series is a huge hit on Netflix. Fans will be happy to know the story isn’t over yet, and season two is about to premiere before they know it.

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3 Spy (2019)

spy sacha baron cohen ellie cohen

many people are used to Sacha Baron Cohen Stupid and doing his best to shake up the system, he pokes fun at it with adroitness and audacity. While there’s no doubting that Cohen has natural strength in the characters he creates; he’s also a very talented actor in other, more serious roles.

great spy tv series spy Revolves around the life of a real-life Israeli spy Eli Cohen, especially a case from the late 1950s. The Mossad wants to plant a spy in Syria and decides to train patriotic accountant Eli Cohen. The play also creatively uses color to depict danger; visually and story-wise, spy One of the best investments of the era for spy thriller fans.

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2 The Caliphate (2020)

Lead actress in Netflix spy thriller 'The Caliph'

Caliphate It ticks a lot of boxes – it’s a truly international feature, in five languages ​​(Turkish, Arabic, English, Bosnian and Swedish), and it addresses the dilemma of consolidating individual ideologies versus socially imposed ones. Struggle, most importantly – is exciting.

Caliphate It revolves around a secret agent on a mission to stop a terrorist known as Voyager from an attack in Sweden. This thrilling series is also a drama, but between the plot and the characterization, there are some scenes that are downright stressful – as spy series should be. The acting is great and the direction is well executed; it’s on the level of some of the best female-led spy films and stories.

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1 “Fauda” (2015 – )

Image via Netflix

Fuda is one of the longest-running spy dramas on Netflix, and its fourth season just aired on Netflix last January 20. Fans of crime and espionage thrillers may already know that the show is well worth a watch and one of the highest-rated shows on Netflix on the platform.

Fuda is a thrilling and suspenseful story about Israeli and Palestinian agents, showing both sides of the conflict. Critics and fans alike hailed it as a fantastic show, from the performances to the cinematography to the costumes. Viewers who want more from the spy story and don’t mind subtitles should grab their popcorn and get Netflix ready for the thrills.

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