From gargoyles to the Powerpuff Girls, 10 of the most iconic characters voiced by Jeff Bennett

Jeffrey Bennett Born in Houston, Texas, but moved to California in 1990.His voice acting career began little james bond 1991, and later landed roles in more successful cartoons such as Animator, Gargoyle, and Batman: The Animated Series. he is now considered to be Tara Strong, John DiMaggioand Rob Paulson One of the biggest names in voice acting.

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Bennett’s versatility is all on his own, and even if audiences don’t know his name, they’re likely familiar with a character he’s voiced. He fits seamlessly into any role, does very accurate impressions of big-name celebrities, and voices multiple characters in one scene.

9 Ace – “The Powerpuff Girls”

Ganggreen gang before the phone

The city of Townsville is plagued by multiple villains, including the Gunglin Gang. Their leader, Ace, is the brains of these teenage criminals. Under his leadership, the gang spend their time goofing off and harassing people with bullying and harassing phone calls, only to be stopped by the Powerpuff Girls.

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Ace acts as the face of the gang, using his charm to manipulate people into breaking bad habits. His attitude is what you’d expect from a bad guy: rude, disrespectful, frustrated yet loyal to his gang. Even though they cause their fair share of mischief and need to be stopped, a few episodes show that the boys aren’t evil and just lost.

8 Petrie – “Land Before Time”

Petrie flies through the frozen woods

When an earthquake separates Petry from his Pteranodon family, he joins a lost group of young dinosaurs in search of the Grand Canyon. Their respective families have also arrived, meaning Petrie and his friends can continue future adventures together. Although Petrie is the most nervous of his friends, his ability to fly is invaluable when they run into trouble.

Bennett takes over from Petrie will ryan after the first early landing The movie does a good job of bringing the neurotic flyer to life. He captures Petrie’s constant worry and makes his unique style of broken English as bearable as possible. Bennett’s ability to sing and voice characters at the same time is another example of his talent.

7 Dr. Jacques von Hamsterviel – Lilo and Stitch

Dr. Jacques von Hamstervel of Lilo & Stitch

After graduating from Evil Genius University, Dr. Hamsterviel and his colleague Dr. Jumba Jookiba (david ogden stiles). Together they created over six hundred illegal experiments designed to cause chaos and destruction. Hamsterwell eventually betrayed Jumba, claiming experimental rights to rule the galaxy.

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Hamsterviel is a funny comedic villain, but still capable of being intimidating when needed. While his small, fluffy design isn’t too dangerous, his cunning mind allows him to plot and plan even in prison. His exaggerated accent also adds to the comedy, such as when he gets annoyed at being called a gerbil instead of a hamster.

6 Merlin – Kingdom Hearts II

The Wizard Merlin Appears in

With his mastery of magic, Merlin can see into the future and learn about science and technology. He uses this knowledge to educate young Arthur (Rich Sorenson and Richard Reiseman) exist Sword in the Stone, That way he can be the king he wants to be. Since then, Merlin has appeared several times in Disney’s Extended Universe, willing to share his knowledge with those in need.

camp hamilton first inherited the role Carl Svensson exist house of mice, but benett took over kingdom hearts game. He does a good job of making Merlin sound like a bright and excited professor eager to share his knowledge, the edges in his voice becoming more pronounced when angry.He also shows Merlin’s playful side, which makes him a good choice for younger shows such as Sophia I.

5 Kowalski – The Penguins of Madagascar

Kowalski holding a bucket of popcorn

A New York City zoo is home to four penguins who are being trained as secret agents. Whenever something threatens the zoo or their friends, they turn to the team’s brain, Kowalski, for advice. This genius-level penguin can combine McGuire’s various inventions and warp time and space, but he seems unable to master reading.

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Chris Miller Originally voiced by Kowalski madagascar movie and cast him as a more serious spy impersonator.for Penguins of Madagascar, Bennett leans more towards comedy and eccentricity. He made Kowalski sound more like an eccentric scientist who likes to invent new things and talk about technology.

4 Joker – Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Joker in Batman: The Brave and the Bold

In all Batman’s works (Diedrich Bader) of thieves, no one gave him more trouble than the Joker. This hated buffoon is modeled after 1950s Dick Sprang, who prided himself on ending his crimes with a punch line. Sometimes, Batman’s evil behavior is so serious that he needs to ask for help from fellow superheroes such as Aquaman (john dimaggio) Blue Beatles (Will Friedl) and Plastic Man (tom kenny).

While Bennett isn’t the best actor to play the role, his performance has its own charm. He adds a level of grace and sophistication to his lines that makes the Joker sound almost professional in his villainy. Of course, he’s still able to deliver the maniacal laugh we’ve come to expect from the Clown Prince of Crime.

3 Brooklyn – ‘Gargoyle’

Brooklyn and the Gargoyles

After surviving a clan massacre, a group of gargoyles were trapped in a stone sleep for a millennium before waking up in New York in 1994. One of them, a gargoyle named Brooklyn, explores this new world with his eyes. Rookley Brothers, Lexington (Tom Adcox-Hernandez) and Broadway (Bill Fagerback). He also made sure to stick to his duty to protect the rest of the clan, which led to his selection as second in command.

Brooklyn started out as a cynical one-liner, but grew into a mature, logical, and tactical leader. This is due to the failure of some choice moments, such as being manipulated by Demona (Marina Surtees), or his never-ending failures in love. Bennett does an excellent job of capturing the excitement of his youth in the early episodes and shifting it into a more mature and contemplative tone.

2 Dexter’s Dad – Dexter’s Laboratory

Dexter's father sits in the chair

If viewers want to know why Didi (Alison Moore and Kate Cressida) to act the way she did to Dexter (Kristen Kavanaugh and Candy Milo), just look at their father. Dad is a hard-working breadwinner, but also has a naughty and boyish side that can go too far at times. At times, his immaturity can cause him to act even more childish than his children.

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As much as Dad loves his family, he can also be cunning if he wants to, especially in competitive situations. He also used to get angry and mad at the lack of coffee or his wife’s muffins. Bennett’s voice perfectly captures this wide range of emotions, and it’s easy to imagine him smiling and laughing in the studio.

1 Johnny Bravo – “Johnny Bravo”

Johnny Bravo is looking for a new lady

In Allen City lived the Bravo family, whose members included Rabbit (Brenda Vaccaro) and her adult son Johnny. Johnny is a self-proclaimed “woman’s man” who spends his days chasing women to date him. Due to his chauvinistic and rude nature, his attempts were at best rejected and beaten.

Johnny Bravo has become one of Cartoon Network’s most recognizable characters. There are a number of reasons for this, including his legendary personality, his endless confidence despite constant rejection, and the hilarious timing of the farce he suffers.And finally Bennett’s performance, hilarious homage and spoof Elvis Presleywhich adds another over-the-top layer to his dialogue.

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