From ‘Barbie’ to ‘M3GAN’: 13 Best Movies About Dolls Come to Life

Want to play? Some are sweet and cute. Others are truly terrifying. Whatever the genre, there are many memorable stories about dolls come to life. Whether it’s Woody and Buzz needing to help each other or the possessed gifts looking for their next victim, bringing in plastic toys is a surefire way to get things done.

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Pandemonium surrounds the release of Barbie Show that the drawing cards of the dolls do not fall or disappear immediately. Check out past and present movies featuring beloved toys. Just remember that not all dolls are created equal, so play nice!

Updated on July 17, 2023, by Ryan Heffernan:

expected high Barbie (July 21) created a cinematic hype that few films can match, enshrining it as a must-see film even before its release. However, while Barbie may be the biggest name in children’s dolls, of course, she is not the only one, and she is not the first to appear on the big screen.

13 ‘Life Size’ (2000)

Tyra Banks as Eve in life size
Image via Disney

We’re not sure how the rest of the world feels, but in the year 2000 pre-teens went wild Tyra Bank And Lindsay Lohan in Life size. As Casey (Lohan) searches for a way to connect with her dead mother, she searches for a spell book that can help bring her mother back to life.

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When the sports-obsessed girl accidentally gets a fashion doll named Eve instead, the two don’t hit it off. If the audience wasn’t impressed by the sweet bond formed by the women, they will surely be hooked by Eve’s performance of “Be a Star” at the end of the film.

12 ‘Annabelle’ (2014)

doll in 'Annabelle
Image via Warner Bros. Pictures

Despite the glitz and glamor and so many pink dolls on display, one of the genres that they appear in a lot is horror, there are a few that are so shocking that they can attack many viewers. Annabelle. In the film, a doctor presents his pregnant wife with an antique doll with precious features for a nursery. Sounds amazingly sweet, right?

From there, neighbors are murdered, couples are expected to be attacked, and paranormal activity occurs. After some uneasy parenting, the couple discovers that the demon uses pottery. To ask for the soul. Despite not being well received, it cannot be denied that the film has become a horror sensation and is masterfully petrified conversation with the appearance of its titular doll.

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11 ‘The Boy’ (2016)

The boy plans to keep Greta forever
Image via STX Entertainment

If anyone wants goosebumps and can not sleep soundly for quite some time, see boy Might do the trick. Greta (Lauren Cohan) is far more than she bargained for when she goes to work as a nanny overseas. When she went to meet her parents, they told her that they would take care of their son named Bram.

Greta thought the gig would be a piece of cake, because the couple’s son was a life-size doll, but before long something strange happened, making Greta fight for her life and find out the mystery. There are enough jump scares and shocking visuals to get all horror lovers’ blood flowing.

10 ‘Dolls’ (1987)

A girl sits with a doll in a room full of scary dolls.
Image via Empire Pictures

An aptly named ’80s horror flick The bottle Even one horror film that uses children’s toys in such a way follows a group of people who seek shelter in an old pottery maker’s house during a storm, only to find possessed dolls that crave blood.

There is a clear sense of low budget and even less experience behind the camera, and because of the film’s criticism upon release. However, it’s made with an air of sincerity and genre purity that gives it a strange charm, and it’s a shame it didn’t manage to become a classic 80s animated movie with its outrageous style and plot. .

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9 ‘UglyDolls’ (2019)

Ugly Dolls in Uglyville
Image via STX Films

An animated musical adventure with an appetite for fun, UglyDolls Boasts stories with good characters for children of all ages to enjoy. Based on the toy of the same name, it follows a group of unusual dolls called the Uglies who try to break away from their isolated, strange town of Uglyville and enter the outside world where their children can love.

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The story is beautiful and quirky as the characters it focuses on. Featuring vivid and colorful performances and a very catchy soundtrack, the film reminds viewers to embrace the unique qualities in ourselves and others.

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8 ‘Little Soldiers’ (1998)

Two action figures, one a Gorgonite the other a Commando Elite, stand looking at each other.
Image via DreamWorks Distribution

Something of a guilty pleasure movie for many who grew up during the 90s and early 2000s, A small soldier is effectively implemented Toy Story with a dash of ’80s performance flair. It follows a teenager called Alan (Gregory Smith) who purchased a set of military action figures with a program that included technology Soldiers and declared war on another collection of paintings in Alan’s room.

The visual effects of the film are actually quite good, and they stack up surprisingly even today mainly because of the cartoon beauty of the warring toys. The real reason the movie worked was because it never took itself too seriously, and poked fun at its own place to provide a children’s action movie full of fun.

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7 ‘Magic’ (1978)

A couple laughs as they hold pottery in 'Magic'
Image via 2oth Century Fox

William Goldman famously adapted his own novel for the screen when he penned the script for The bride, the princess in 1987, but he did the same thing nine years earlier with the underrated horror thriller Magic. It follows Corky Withers (Mr. Anthony Hopkins), a failed magician whose act as a new ventriloquist catapults him to stardom, but the dummy’s personality begins to manifest itself in the entertainer’s unstable psyche.

Blending romance, emotional tension, horror, and drama, Magic Loads a lot into its 107 minute running time. Hopkins thrived, making it an early career for the now famous actor, with Hopkins portraying both Corky and the voice of a deranged doll, while. Ann Margaret And Burgess Meredith Still giving the movie some star power.

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6 ‘See’ (2004)

Jigsaw in the Saw franchise
Image via Lionsgate Films

A shining example of popular horror movies with dolls can be, there are 9 movies in saw Franchise. John ‘Jigsaw’ Kramer doesn’t just want to kill his victims, he wants to play a torturous game with them that makes them rethink what they value in life or try to die.

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Jigsaw is used to communicate with the captives. Whether the image appears in person or on the screen, his advice is cool. The message may come from the handler, but the doll has an electronic cackle. The eerie sound is enough to scare the doll almost as much as the person who operates him.

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5 ‘Child’s Play’ (1988)

Chucky swings a knife in Child's Play 2
Image via MGM/UA Communications Co.

After escaping from Chicago police officers, Charles Lee Ray transferred his soul into a bottle. that speaks and fear in the hearts of viewers around the world. When a boy wants an expensive Good Guy doll for his birthday, Andy’s mom gets lucky when she finds one she can afford.

It was soon discovered that the discount was not worth it. Andy is constantly framed for the doll’s murder, with those around him questioning why he would blame an inanimate object. While Chucky tries to destroy Andy’s life again by moving into the boy’s body, who believes he can stop it. Children’s play has been redone in 2019 with Aubrey Plaza Playing a scary, devoted mother.

4 ‘M3GAN’ (2023)

Bottle M3GAN
Image via Universal Pictures

In the modern era of AI conflict, M3GAN There are many convincing arguments against using technology to do anything too urgent. Designed to be a child’s best friend, M3GAN (Amie Donald) is designed to serve as a teacher, protector, and playmate, but the situation spirals out of control when the robot doll goes haywire with dire consequences.

While excellent as a horror with some truly chilling scenes, the film won over many fans and critics for its attempt to embrace fun and power over the usual clichés. M3GAN There is a sequel on the way and made such an impact on the audience that it could become another horror franchise.

3 ‘Barbie’ (2023)

Margot Robbie as Barbie sings her car with Ryan Gosling as Ken behind her
Image via Warner Bros

in the end, Barbie is with us. The pop culture sensation has been slowly building momentum and fanfare leading up to its release and early indications are that the film has created quite a stir. The movie follows Barbie (Margot Robbie) and Ken (Ryan Gosling) two residents living in the magical world of Barbie Land who then find themselves in the real world.

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Keeping the beauty emphasized by strong direction and perfect performances from everyone involved, it allows the audience to enjoy both the fun, the fun of the fantasy land, and the social commentary that focuses on it. While it remains to be seen how it will end up ranking against other blockbusters released this summer, it’s safe to assume Barbie will be one of the biggest hits of the year.

2 ‘Coraline’ (2009)

Coraline's mother has button eyes
Image via focus feature

In many ways, Coraline It is the last doll movie with everything viewers are very struck with its overt horror beauty that they pretatively wondered if the movie is suitable for children. The quirky and imaginative stop motion film follows a lonely girl as she discovers an alternate world that seems serene at first.

As the more sinister elements of the story begin, Coraline (Dakota Fanning) found himself needing to fight to return to his own world. Visually striking and as charmingly beautiful as it is fun and hilarious, it remains a mixture of children’s entertainment and dark fantasy that all audiences can enjoy.

1 ‘Toy Story’ (1995)

Toy Story 3
Image via Walt Disney Studios

like M3GAN, Andy toys will do anything for their owner. In the far away light heart Toy Story, the toy reveals what happens in the absence of humans. When Woody and his friends encounter a new birthday present, it turns out that the toys are feeling a little threatened.

Buzz Lightyear has more tools than a Swiss Army knife. In the end, everyone works together to make it through the big move. Bo Peep (and her sheep), Mr. Potato Head, Ham, Rex, and Slinky join the cowboy and space hero dolls in their adventures. Proving childhood toys are always on trend, there are three more stories about Woody and the gang (with one more on the way).

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