‘Friday the 13th’ 4K Steelbook hits shelves this October

It has been more than 40 years since the launch, and now the fans Friday the 13th There is a new reason to visit the beloved horror classic, according to a recent report from Bloody Disgusting, the original 4K steelbook version of the original film is set to hit the shelves on October 10, just in time for Halloween.

The release of the handbook of Friday the 13th There will be the same disc content as the 4K version launched last year. However, fans will be treated to the slipcover art featured on the film’s vinyl soundtrack, which features a close-up of Alice’s eyes, with the horrors of Camp Crystal Lake reflected in her pupils. Additionally, the steelbook itself features the film’s original poster art, with the famous “kill her mother” quote from Pamela Vorhees prominently featured on the back.

With stunning artwork and a 4K enhanced film, fans won’t want to miss the latest re-release of this original classic. Released in theaters in 1980, Friday the 13th Centers on a group of camp counselors who begin to murder one person at the newly opened Camp Crystal Lake. Directed by Sean S. CunninghamClassic slasher movie Betsy Palmer, Adrienne King, Harry Crosby, Jeannine Taylor, Laurie Bartram, Kevin BaconAnd Mark Nelson.

Kevin Bacon bled from the throat on Friday the 13th
Image via Paramount Pictures

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The beloved franchise remains on hiatus

Original Friday the 13th debuted in 1980 and became an instant hit with the audience, creating a whole franchise with various sequels, remakes, and even crossovers. A Nightmare on Elm Street set. However, after the release of its remake in 2009 of the same name, the franchise remains in hiatus from the big screen, with future installations still in development hell. However, the franchise may soon return to its glory, according to recent reports, a TV spinoff with the title. Crystal Lake Currently in the works, with a reboot movie still in development. However, there is no official word yet on when the project is expected to arrive, especially with the current protests from both the WGA and SAG-AFTRA. However, if production goes smoothly in the near future, fans of the franchise won’t have to wait too long before jumping back into the popular slasher series.

Yes Friday the 13th 4K steelbook slashes its way into shelves on October 10. Check out the official trailer for the original horror classic below.

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