Forget New York, San Francisco is a city built for superhero movies

Spider-Man launches sticky webs from his palms onto rows of rectangular concrete superstructures in midtown Manhattan, and uses them to propel himself through the city. What’s the big deal. Superman flew vertically up the side of the Paramount Building to catch Lois Lane in freefall. Um. Captain America awakens after a 70-year slumber to find his senses overloaded by the giant blinking billboards and deafening noise in Times Square. yawn. Of course, New York is a favorite location for superhero movies. After all, metropolises have skyscrapers, lights, and noise… well, that’s all.

The tough crime fighter doesn’t have many options when it comes to trading in New York. Of course, the city is an ideal place to build a thriving company. Just ask Tony Stark (robert downey jr), whose Stark Tower was converted from the Condé Nast Building in 2012 the Avengers, becoming the center of all activity related to perfecting his armor of exorcism. Other than that, what else is there to do in Gotham against all the malevolent Guardians other than jumping over tall buildings, jumping over a line of taxis stuck in traffic, and maybe fighting the bad guys once in a while in the Statue of Liberty Woolen cloth? crown? When you think about the origins of some of the earliest comic book conquistadors, it makes sense that New York City has an abundance of superheroes.Writers need a place where criminals thrive and law-abiding citizens seek protection Jerry Siegel and artist Joel Schuster Created in the 1930s, Superman and their adventures take place in the metropolis of New York City. stan lee and steve ditko In 1962, Spider-Man brought Spider-Man to life and placed his nerdy Peter Parker in a working-class Queens neighborhood, the perfect place to hone his crime-fighting skills. But when it comes to our favorite good guys bringing thrills, thrills and chills to the big screen, Manhattan becomes a somewhat dated backdrop. What is needed today is a cityscape that is a living canvas on which superheroes can vividly paint their exploits, a place that can be as much a part of the story as the characters themselves. No American city does it better than San Francisco.

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The Hulk and San Francisco are symbols of chaos and beauty

Hulk - Eric - Bana
Image via Universal Pictures

Long before the Marvel Universe dominated IMAX screens around the world, San Francisco has been a cinematic favorite, providing a dynamic backdrop for everything from gritty noirs like 1941. maltese eagle Watch this heartbreaking 1962 drama A Day of Wine and Roses 1972 grotesque comedy What’s up with the doc?.Who can forget the 1968 BullittThe film, which features the city’s steep, hilly streets, is set in steve mcqueen Driving his Mustang GT? San Francisco doesn’t just provide scenery for movies. Its distinctive façade, its architecture, its stunning location at the tip of a misty peninsula – the city has a chameleon-like atmosphere that, in the hands of a skilled director and cinematographer, can be used to create a A sense of doom and doom. A sense of foreboding, and a sense of warmth and whimsy. When it comes to the superhero genre, San Francisco is like a civic climbing frame waiting to be climbed by a superhuman with otherworldly abilities.Take the gripping action of 2003 HulkBruce Banner is emotionally distraught and physically twisted (Eric Bana) took his rage to the city. The rugged streets of Telegraph Hill began to bend and crumble as the town’s famous cable car passed, causing passengers to fall to the ground. Banner emerged from the ground as the Hulk, so powerful that cars were propelled into the air and flew down nearly vertical hills. As the violent and deadly Hulk stands at the intersection of Montgomery and Vallejo streets, the calm water behind him and the towering San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge are astonishingly beautiful, just like Betty Ross.jennifer connelly), the only woman who loves Banner and can calm her inner beast, arrives by helicopter to rescue him.director Ang Lee and photographer Frederick Elms Using the city to create tension and tranquility in the same scene is difficult to master anywhere else.

From Shang-Chi to Venom to Ant-Man, the streets of this city are made for superheroes

Simu Liu as Shang Chi, who beats someone up on the bus

It’s not just the city’s iconic cable car that’s been the stuff of superhero movie sets. 2021 Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings A twist was added, replacing the clanging trolley with the San Francisco Articulated Bus, a “super vehicle” consisting of two passenger cars linked by a flexible, accordion-like pivot. And martial arts genius Shang Qi (Simu Liu) while fighting the bad guys on CA Line 1, the vehicle of course lost its brakes and banked on a steep street. Passenger Katie (Awkwafina) driving the wheel in tribute Sandra Bullock exist speed Viewers can watch from the front row as the giant metal bus dodges pedestrians, barricades and cars. The scene, which centers on the bus’s elastic-band-like connectors starting to break, has the movie’s hero teetering outside the vehicle as the vehicle swerves to avoid more obstacles, including a major construction project .director Destin Daniel Clayton Deftly balancing interior and exterior activities, it showcases renowned pieces of San Francisco’s infrastructure without losing sight of the city’s influential exterior themes.

In 2018, venomThe action takes to the streets once again in this story of a mild-mannered reporter who is invaded by an alien entity.This time, however, the director Ruben Fleischer Avoid cable cars and buses, and take protagonist Eddie Brock (tom hardy) on a motorcycle. To add more tension, Fleischer chose to highlight the city at night, when the beauty of the cityscape is hidden and the town becomes a brilliant display of lights. Eddie escapes the thugs on his two-wheeled pig, first dodging traffic on the rare flat streets south of the market, then ascending the lantern-decorated avenues of Chinatown and the neon-covered lawns of North Beach. As Bullock’s helicopter soars over the hilltop, he lifts off his bike and floats in mid-air past a row of Victorian buildings with illuminated bay windows, and for a moment the tense shot turns into a serene image. , showing the unparalleled artistic atmosphere of the city.

same year, Ant-Man and the Wasp A similar approach is taken, incorporating thrilling chase scenes of motorcycles and minivans venturing through the city’s inner-city streets at high speed.In the same film, the director peyton reed Move the fun from the streets to the water. Superhero Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) grew into a giant, waded into San Francisco Bay, made his way to a tourist ferry, snatched a deadly suitcase from his nemesis, and threw it at Pier 39 at the city’s famed Fisherman’s Wharf, sparking a A small tsunami.

Alcatraz, the perfect place for superhero duels

Sir Ian McKellen as Magneto in 'X-Men: The Last Stand'
Image via 20th Century Fox

And what superhero movie featuring San Francisco would be complete without one of the city’s most recognizable attractions, Alcatraz? The infamous Prison Island has appeared in many classic action movies (direct hit, escape from alcatraz, rock), but that was in 2006 X-Men: The Last Stand It brings some of Marvel’s finest superheroes to a prominent sandstone slab less than two miles from the city’s shores. In the eighth film in the series, Alcatraz is a laboratory containing a formula that can turn mutants into “normal” humans. The island became the scene of the final battle between the X-Men and the villain Magneto (Ian McLean), who has destroyed the Golden Gate Bridge and turned it into a walkway to the lab. Epic battle scenes highlight the dark history behind Alcatraz while also presenting it as a symbol of victory. In no other American city could there be a more fitting setting for the legendary clash of good and evil.

In these films, San Francisco isn’t just a location; it’s a location. This is a player. If the definition of a superhero is defined by its rare abilities, strength and invulnerability, the city by the bay, defined by its rare beauty, constant strength and stamina and ability to constantly rebuild and redefine itself, is also a superhero . It’s no wonder so many movie winners are drawn to the same winning city. Keep Manhattan. We will choose San Francisco.

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