Forget Hobbs, this character actually needs a Fast & Furious spinoff

Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for Fast X.Despite Dominic Toretto’s supporting role (Van Diesel) and the rest of his team, Song KangHan Lue is one of the most popular characters in the show fast and Furious franchise.since his introduction tokyo driftFans are mesmerized by his cool charisma and car drifting skills.But when he died, he died at his hands Jason StathamDeckard Shaw in fast and furious 6 After the end credits, the audience gathered behind the character.Although Shaw was subsequently redeemed fast and furious destiny Since then, many believe that his redemption did not come at the cost of Han’s sacrifice.Even more unfairly, Shaw also got his own spinoff Dwayne Johnsonluke hobbs in hobbs and shaw.So it’s only a matter of time before the director arrives Justin Lin brought back the role F9, making fans excited. But Han’s return is not the most valuable.Although he sees a brief action scene in his latest production fast x, which conveniently ended the tension between Han and the killer – he was tricked into not having a real confrontation with Deckard Shaw. It looks like there’s more to Han’s story that we haven’t seen yet.

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undeniable, fast and Furious Over the past few years, the family has grown to an unprecedented size.especially with fast x, which is actually part of the series finale, it’s easy to see the cast getting a little too crowded.That’s not to say the new characters like Brie LarsonTess and Rita MorenoThe series’ Abuelita Toretto didn’t make a huge contribution to the series, or newcomer Jason Momoa didn’t steal the show.But Han’s story shouldn’t be limited to an already crowded cast quickly Movie. While Dwayne Johnson announced that Hobbs would once again be getting his own spinoff, he wasn’t the most deserving. As the coolest character of the bunch with the funniest backstory and storyline, Han Lue deserves his own spinoff.

What makes Han in The Fast and the Furious such a great character?

Han (eating, this is his habit) played by Cheng Kang in
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from his first appearance in the franchise tokyo driftHan has a soft charm. A bit lonely and a bit feminine, Han is one of Tokyo’s famous castaways. But he’s not just cool to later fast and Furious In the installments, Han is merely an outside observer while the rest of the crew come up with various heist plans. And big names like Dominic Toretto, Luke Hobbs, Roman (Tyrese Gibson) and Tej (Ludacris) while arguing about their next assignment, Han continued to eat chips in his calm and measured way. He doesn’t need to flex his muscles, raise his voice, or prove himself in a fight to show his manhood. While he may be in the background of many scenes, fans are always drawn to him.

Not surprisingly, when Han meets Gisele (Gal Gadot) exist fast five, he won her heart effortlessly. It helps that Gisele is also a skilled drifter herself. “I think I’m in love,” Han says as he watches Gisele turn the corner, just as we see him on the field. tokyo drift. Maybe Han learned something from her and brought those lessons to Tokyo, where he plans to retire with her. And Dominique and Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) and Brian (Paul Walker) and Mia (Jordana Brewster) are the more prominent couple in the series, Han and Giselle’s relationship is underrated.Gisele (presumably) dies at the end fast and furious 6 Added another layer to Han’s character.We get a clearer picture of why he’s a bit lonely tokyo drift And why he didn’t give the same promise to other women. When he died at the hands of Deckard Shaw, it’s no surprise that fans rallied for justice for him. Han deserves the love of his life and a happier ending. He deserves justice.with his return F9 and Giselle’s return at the end of the year fast xHan may finally get what he deserves.

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Why “Korean” Should Have a Fast and Furious Spinoff

Sung Kang as Han in Fast X
Image via Universal Pictures

Although he has become a fan favorite character fast and Furious In the movie, Han Lue actually first appeared in Justin Lin’s 2002 solo directorial debut good luck tomorrow. In the film, Han enlists the help of local teens to steal computers and sell drugs in Orange County, California. By the end of the film, Han has fled California.much like the first fast and FuriousThese heists are a far cry from the heinous car chases and action sequences of later films. But just rightly, director Justin Yifu Lin not only brought Han Lue played by Kang Cheng into the Fast family, but also under the guidance of Justin Yifu Lin, fast and Furious The movie will become a legendary action movie series (directed by Lin tokyo drift pass fast and furious 6and then F9).

Han also appears in the short los bandoleros, written and directed by Vin Diesel. In it, we saw Han Lue’s first official appearance.Han meets Dom in Mexico – Dom is said to have fled there after the events in Mexico fast and Furious Where did Han flee to? good luck tomorrow.Throughout the series of stories, we feel their friendship more fully, so when Dom appears at the end of the story tokyo drift After Han’s “death”, it makes more sense.

and good luck tomorrow and los bandolerosthere is a precedent for Han’s story being explored outside the main line fast and Furious Movie. His story is still growing.With his reappearance F9we found out that Han was working for the agency, while Mr. Nobody (Kurt Russell) during the years in which he is believed to have died. During one of the missions, he helped save the girl Ellie (Anna Savoy), and raised her as his own.While this plot point is conveniently left out fast xHowever, the adventures of Han and Elle could be explored in potential spinoffs. It might even help explain why he never got in touch with Dom and the rest of the crew after his alleged death.

from all fast and Furious role, Han Lue deserves a movie of his own.With an already rich backstory, the spinoff film could further flesh out the connective tissue between the other films in the franchise, including good luck tomorrow and los bandoleros.He’s likely to reunite with Gal Gadot’s Gisele Fast X: Part Twoa spin-off film exploring the adventures between Han and Giselle fast five and fast and furious 6, In the meantime, we get to learn about the world travel they’ve been on together, which could help make their reunion even more impactful. Who wouldn’t want to see more of Song Kun in this role? Aside from his natural manliness, the spinoff could give Kang the chance to develop the character outside of the franchise’s larger personality. Better yet, let Justin Lim direct and give him the chance to get the most out of his role.

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