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and Mission Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part 1 Not surprisingly, much of the premiere’s buzz focused on its star’s signature (and somewhat real) stunt, Tom Cruise, known for intensifying with each iteration of the franchise.However, once you’ve seen the film (and once you’ve seen the absolutely essential behind-the-scenes footage), you may find yourself wanting more from Cruise’s co-stars, especially one Hayley Atwellshe stole the show in her typical fashion.

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as Colliderof Ross Bornham Speaking of which, “The Grace of Hayley Atwell” left the deepest impression on people. Mission impossibleof the seventh issue. This isn’t the first time Atwell has stood out among its strong peers, with Netflix recently dropping a sixth season of Atwell. black mirrornow is the perfect time to look back at the previous seasons, in which Atwell was at his absolute best.

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Where have you seen Hayley Atwell before?

Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter in Agent Carter
Image via ABC Studios/Marvel Television

Hayley Atwell has become several niche fan favorites. doctor who Followers are reverent to anyone who ever shows up, and she made a name for herself in the 2000s in period pieces like Hometown Revisited, Duchessand pillars of the earth, There’s no denying that her multiple appearances as Peggy Carter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe have certainly made her a household name, and that’s probably the most important thing.Atwell’s time as Peggy started from Phase 1 of the Marvel Universe Captain America: The First Avengerand she will return in a sequence going back in time, such as in the movie ant man, Avengers: Endgameand even her own series, agent carter.

even after peggy died off screen Captain America: Civil Warfans meet Atwell again Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnessshe played an alternate-universe Peggy who took up the mantle that Steve Rogers once had as Captain Carter and succumbed to a rather dire fate. Elizabeth OlsenThe Scarlet Witch.

Aside from this series of action-centric, superpowers, it’s somewhat surprising that one of Atwell’s most down-to-earth, low-key performances comes in a film that’s famous for its outlandish, puzzling plot. In the second season of the famous series.part black mirrorTact is in knowing when to let off the gas, when to gently bring you to the harsh truth, and when to throw you down like a cinder block.Although “Be Right Back” sets itself in a theoretical future, Atwell and Domhnall Gleeson Make it easy for us to place ourselves in their experience. Gleeson plays an earnest, boyish young partner with a level of sincerity that leaves no doubt about Atwell’s utter admiration.

This episode of Black Mirror’s second season will make you cry

Hayley Atwell
Image via Netflix

black mirrorThe sci-fi anthology series, known for its signature twists and horrific presentations of humanity’s potential fate, kicked off its second season by moving away from its usual stomach-churning horrors to give us our most heartbreaking, heartbreaking An intimate episode.Author charlie brooke And by Owen Harris, “Be Right Back” premiered in 2013, and if you can muster the emotional fortitude it needs, it’s still as worth a watch today as it was then. Thanks in no small part to Atwell at the helm, Be Right Back black mirrorMost damaging entry. In “Be Right Back,” Martha (Atwell) and Ash (Gleeson) are in the early stages of a young romance, in the throes of a simple life, true love and full selves to each other, kind and annoying driven by admiration. When Ash tragically passed away in such a sudden and short-lived manner, Martha immediately trudged through disaster alone.

There’s a moment in the montage of lonely days after Ash’s death that strikes home. Before throwing herself into the technical bandages of Faux Ash, Martha performed mundane tasks every day, because what else could you do? She repaints door frames and rummages through old boxes. As she brushed her teeth in front of the bathroom mirror, she met her own gaze and let out a whimper of utter defeat. black mirror It gets its name from the dark, reflective surface our phone, tablet, and TV screens turn into when turned off, giving us uncomfortable glimpses of ourselves when we’re engrossed in our devices. However, the mirror that hurts the most is still the one that only shows you as you really are: brushing your teeth in the mirror, alone with your thoughts, your sorrows, and your regrets.

This is black mirrorStill, so the plot has to offer some form of dystopian, technology-driven obstacle course. On the advice of an equally grieving acquaintance, Martha signs up for an experimental new service designed to help people in her situation. By combing through photos, text, audio files, and anything Ash has ever made available to the cloud and his devices, the service is able to recreate Ash’s voice, candor, and eventually Ash’s physical form while Martha hesitates. continued.this is one of them black mirrorThe simplest plot, and in that simplicity it is most effective. Technological advances have not changed the possibility of repackaging grief. The tiny idiosyncrasies of the faux version of Ash can’t haunt us the way Martha does, so much so that when she lets out a primal scream of rage, disbelief, and grief at the end of the episode, it’s so real that its imprint has lasted a decade .

The story of “Come Right Back” is universal: the loss of love, and the denial that comes with it, the relentless struggle with grief. But the premise of the episode has found a whole new relevance today. Come 2023, the idea is starting to feel less out of reach. Advances in artificial intelligence are increasing exponentially, and the age of deepfakes has arrived. We may not have lifelike animatronic replicas of our loved ones yet, but AI language models already speak in an incredibly convincing way, and have been able to recreate someone by feeding an AI program small amounts of material The sound and visual similarities exist. With confidence, expect an AI-powered service designed to alleviate grief to debut soon.

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