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Since its premiere in April, son of ninja has become a global animation phenomenon. The series has been a hit since its launch on HIDIVE, breaking streaming records and igniting the anime world with its unique and hilarious combination of humor, mystery and relatable plot. The genre-breaking first episode of the show garnered widespread attention and buzz at an insanely long 80-plus minutes. The first episode establishes the central mystery and conflict, and sets the stage for the lives of the Hoshino twins, the show’s two protagonists: Ruby (Yuri Igoma) and Aqua (Takeo Otsuka). Taking a riveting, realistic look at the entertainment industry and its predatory, repulsive, exploitative and ruthless nature, the show chews and spits out the idealistic dreams of young people. This is combined with a strange supernatural aspect, with some exciting twists.If, like many of you, you’re underwhelmed by HBO’s shows Idol Looking for something similar but better, time to explore why son of ninja It has become the must-see anime viewing event of the season.

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The first episode of “Son of the Beast” breaks the rules

Ai Hoshino (voiced by Rie Takahashi) sings on stage and points at the audience in Son of Ninja
Image via Doga Kobo

son of ninja Originated from the comic series created by the author Akasakathe creator of Kaguya-sama: Love is Warand artist push Mengwu horizontally.First serialized in Shueisha young jump every week April 2020 Magazine.animation studio behind son of ninjaDoga Kobo has a team of producers and animators who were already enthusiastic fans of the material when they got the chance to work on the anime adaptation. The enthusiasm of the staff spawned an 80-minute debut that is an industry benchmark. In recent years, it’s not uncommon for an anime series to have an extended season or series premiere, especially if it’s an adaptation of a popular light novel or manga series. However, a series with a premiere over 80 minutes is pretty ambitious. That’s the length of four episodes, or miniseries.

The animation team’s passion for the Akasaka and Yokoyumi manga series is evident in every frame of the premiere episode. They are unwilling to make any compromises when adapting the source material. No scenes were cut or rearranged. The animation crew truly brings the interesting world of the manga to life and sets the stage by establishing Ruby and Aqua’s lives. However, the paranormal aspect of the twins is that they were reincarnated from a previous life. Aqua Hoshino’s previous life was Amamiya Goro (Kento Ito), a Japanese doctor and obstetrician in his 30s, was brutally murdered. Hoshino Ruby’s previous life was Tendoji Sharina (Takayanagi Tomoyo), a terminally ill girl who lives in the hospital where Goro works. It was through Sarina that Goro met up-and-coming underground idol Hoshino Ai (Rie Takahashi). After Sarina’s death, Goro inadvertently becomes Ai Hoshino’s doctor who is pregnant with twins. Ai Weiwei’s managers are trying to have Goro discreetly assist her with the delivery, fearing that if news of her teenage pregnancy becomes public, a scandal could ruin her life and jeopardize her career. Later, someone leaked the news of Ai Weiwei’s pregnancy to a deranged stalker, who murdered Goro. Ai gave birth to a child, and the twins possessed the reincarnated personalities of Goro and Salina, who retained all the memories of their previous lives from the moment they were born. And that’s just for the first twenty minutes or so.

In addition to faithfully adapting the manga’s incredible early chapters, the feature-length premiere episode does a great job of contributing to the show’s unique premise. It spends a lot of screen time establishing Gorou and Sarina’s past lives. They developed a strange bond over their love for Hoshino’s music. Before her tragic death, Selina dreamed of being reborn as the child of popular icons like Ai Weiwei. As one of Xiao Ai’s No. 1 fans, Goro is very protective of her health. Now, they’ve been reborn and given a second chance at life as the children of budding idols. Knowing Goro and Selina’s characters, especially Selina’s harrowing backstory, made the supernatural premise easier to resonate with. Viewers get a better understanding of the characters before their reincarnation.

Some anime adaptations fell short in the early episodes as they failed to properly adapt the early chapters of the story and engage the audience. Arifureta: From ordinary to the strongest in the world This is a perfect example of an anime adaptation that ruins the source material in the first episode, so it loses a lot of its impact throughout the rest of the series because it lacks a proper setting and foundation. son of ninja A lot of time is spent in the early chapters of the anime adaptation and the characters are developed and established properly. The extra time in the premiere makes Ai Hoshino more of a secondary protagonist than a supporting character, which reinforces the rest of the season as the reincarnated Goro (representing Aqua, Hoshino’s son) seeks to unravel the mystery behind her mother’s murder .

Like “Idol,” “Ninja Son” Shows the Ugly Side of the Entertainment Industry

Lily-Rose Depp as Jocelyn in 'Idol' Episode 1 Photoshoot
Image via HBO

A similar premise is Idol, son of ninja Reflecting on the dark side of the entertainment industry and the lifestyle of pop icons, it showcases its less glamorous side, especially the predatory nature of its regulators, the way it exploits young people, and how it can have devastating effects. impact on their mental health. The show doesn’t shy away from the tedious nature of fan culture, and how fans and social media users view actors and popular artists as commodities that can be discarded at their leisure.

The social media reaction to Ai Hoshino’s tragic murder was brutal and surprisingly realistic, with people posting obnoxiously false rumors, hashtags and memes for entertainment. After Ruby lost her mother Ai, her take on the social media spoof was another devastating emotional blow. The way the show portrays the public’s reaction to an entertainment industry tragedy is very close to real life, but it adds a layer of authenticity to the show despite its supernatural aspects and premise.

As the series progresses, Ruby embarks on a journey to follow in her mother’s footsteps and dream of becoming an icon. Meanwhile, Aqua is preoccupied with uncovering the conspiracy behind his mother’s murder and deduces that his biological father may be to blame. It took him more than a decade to unravel the mystery. Since Ai is a rising star in the idol world, Aqua seeks an acting career to get close to people her mother knew during her lifetime, hoping to learn about her father’s identity. He developed a relationship with film producer Taishi Gotanda (Yasuyuki Kase), use connections to get closer to the industry and obtain more valuable information. After Aqua and Ruby enter high school, Ruby seeks to become an idol, despite Aqua’s attempts to keep her from entering the industry. Because of her connection to Arima’s pseudonym, Aqua landed an acting opportunity in a live-action adaptation of the hit manga series (Han Hye Mi), a child actor who stars in the show, is struggling to regain legitimacy in the final stretch of his career.

The collection also showcases the commercial side of making art. Despite Kana’s best efforts to bring some quality to the show, the acting and performances were sub-par as the production team cast inexperienced male models in the lead roles. Aqua joined the production because of doubts about the show’s producer Masaya Kasame (Masaki Terama), possibly his biological father. Kasakiki is less concerned with successfully adapting popular manga and creating art than using the show as a vehicle to push his desired talents from various acting and modeling agencies. Shacklewood sees actors as little more than one-time tools at his disposal (sound familiar, Tedros?). Likewise, the show doesn’t shy away from showing the toxic nature and dastardly cruelty of working in the entertainment industry. Aqua, who has grown up in her previous life, has a keen perception and understanding of the cruel reality of the entertainment industry. He uses this knowledge to protect Ruby and gain information on his mother’s killer, all while establishing himself in show business with his surprising maturity at a young age.

In another scene, Aqua cheats on a teenage girl whose management agency scouts Ruby for a talent contest. Aqua took her to the agency that previously managed his mother Ai, and is currently run by the twins’ foster mother, Miyako. The teen listed all the various expenses and things she goes through as a working “idol,” showing that it’s not all that glamorous gig. Idols who have just entered the industry must constantly work hard to make money. Not to mention, they are competing with other idols whom they fear will be favored. Although the meeting took place under false pretenses, Miyako refuses to sign with the aspiring idol because she speaks ill of her other colleagues. The scariest part of this scene is how hard Aqua is willing to go to protect his sister, considering he’s doing it all behind Ruby’s back without Ruby’s knowledge.

Unlike “Idol”, “Oshi no Son” Has Real Characters

Image via Doga Kobo

son of ninja The portrayal of the central characters is excellent, their identities fully fleshed out and realized.series director Daisuke Hiramaki and writer Hitoshi Tanaka Ai Hoshino spent a lot of time developing her into a fully fledged character, a real individual with hopes and dreams before her tragic death. The play shows that while Ai Weiwei still has a mysterious side that has yet to be fully revealed, her love for children is genuine.

Another standout character in the series is Kana Arima. Kana is a child actor known as a child prodigy for her ability to cry on cue, and the show depicts many events from Kana’s perspective. Kana represents a young man who became a star at an early age. Karna continued acting as a teenager, but her career and stardom were waning. Khanna demonstrates the negative impact that childhood stardom can have on a man who was forced to work in a toxic industry growing up.

Aqua leads the story by unraveling the mystery behind her mother’s murder. Due to his unusually mature and “precocious” nature, his scenes are always fun because he literally has an adult mind in a child’s body. Director Gotanda even humorously nicknamed him “Precocious” for his incredibly clever dialogue at the tender age of three. Aqua embodies the strong, confident, intelligent anime protagonist who is focused on his goals. At times, Aqua would act like a manipulative, callous person, engaging in shady, sketchy behavior, even if he was doing it to protect his sister and expose his mother’s killer. Gotanda is both the comedian of the series and Aqua’s mentor. While the show explores dark thematic material, Gotanda provides just the right amount of humor to lighten the mood of the series as a whole. Gotanda still lives with his mother, who dotes on him with humor and interrupts him whenever Aqua visits.

From the premiere, every episode son of ninja It’s fun to watch and adds another level of intrigue and drama to the unfolding mystery. The animation staff clearly showed their passion for creator Akasaka, who brought the manga series to vivid life. son of ninja The show airs weekly on HIDIVE, including dubs and voiceovers, with the season finale airing on June 28.

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