Follow Your Review – A Strong Commentary on Creating Social Media Content

With the rise in popularity of social media video content on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and OnlyFans, the dangers of privacy intrusion for both content creators and those featured in the content have skyrocketed. in recent years. Video content that has only been a few seconds or minutes long has disrupted people’s lives and, in extreme cases, has resulted in things like job losses and death threats.

Silvia Caminer (a matter of the heart) highlights these dangerous themes in his new film follow her, which is written by Dani Barker, who also plays the lead role of Jess. Aside from Barker, the film stars Luke Cook (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina), Eliana Jones (hemlock grove), Mark Moses (Platoon), and Cristalla Carter (Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin).


The film has won 20 awards across the film festival circuit, including Best Horror Film at the MidWest WeirdFest, Best Actress at the Albuquerque Film & Music Experience, and the Dark Matters Feature at the Austin Film Festival. The film was also nominated for 30 total awards, including Best Graveyard Shift Film at the Nashville Film Festival and the American Independents Competition at the Cleveland International Film Festival.

follow her details the life of Jess (Barker), a young woman who, while pursuing her passion and a full-time career in writing, has found success secretly filming her interactions with strangers in response to their bizarre online job offers. Jess records strangers without her consent and erases her faces before posting the videos online to gain influence and payment. In one of Jess’s most daring and successful videos, censorship software glitches and she accidentally reveals the person in the video to her large following of followers.

Instead of deleting the video, he leaves it, earning more money and followers. A few days later, Jess accepts a listing asking her to help a writer complete an erotic thriller she is working on, and she joins him at her secluded cottage. From there, things do not go as she expected.

Dani Barker as Jess in Follow Her
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follow her it does a decent job of keeping the audience guessing what’s coming next. While the direction of the plot is a bit obvious, the writing takes a roundabout path to get there, reducing the predictability of things. We all know Jess shouldn’t go to this isolated country house with a strange man for a random job listing, but money makes us all desperate in a capitalist society, so at least the story is believable.

The way the story unfolds isn’t like your typical thriller either, bringing a bit of refreshing life to a genre that tends to replay the same stories over and over again. By the time you get to the reveal of follow her, you’re asking yourself “What just happened?”, instead of saying “I saw it coming.” Kudos to Dani Barker for some exceptionally creative writing.

unpleasant characters

follow her
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A big deviation follow her it has from many other thrillers in the same vein is the fact that none of the characters, including the protagonist, are likable. While, of course, you don’t want anything horrible to happen to Jess, it’s hard from the start to support someone who takes pleasure in financially gaining from the embarrassment of others without her consent.

Jess’s actions can be seen as mean, uncaring, and downright creepy, but so can the actions of those who want to teach Jess a lesson. This is one of those movies where the audience doesn’t really care who loses, as long as someone does, which takes away from the suspenseful aspect by lowering the emotional stakes.

Granted, both Barker and Luke Cook (as Tom Brady… but not that Tom Brady) play their characters extremely well, which is evident from the many nominations and awards both actors have received throughout the festival circuit. They just play characters that the viewer can’t invest in.

a convoluted twist

follow her
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While follow her got off to a great start and terrific pacing for the most part, the final act reveal and twist muddies the outcome quite a bit. The ending is unique to the movie, but it essentially dumps all the intensity. follow her had built over the past hour, especially between the two drivers. It’s one of those moments that not only goes against the social commentary of the film in general but also hurts the possibility of seeing it again.

A great thriller is capable of working on a revelation where the viewer can look back and wonder if they missed something. Unfortunately, following her it falls more into the one-hit-wonder category of the thriller genre. The film is a good one-shot option and a great early feature for both Sylvia Caminer and Dani Barker, but it probably won’t be considered lasting in viewers’ minds. We still recommend giving it a try.

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