First ‘Jawan’ Trailer: Shah Rukh Khan Returns to the Big Screen in Epic Action-Thriller

After scoring the biggest hit of his storied career with the spy drama Patan Earlier this year, Indian superstar Shah Rukh Khan Hopes to cement his action hero status with upcoming thriller Jawan. The first trailer for the mysterious new film was released today, revealing multiple looks for SRK and teasing a host of supporting characters. The film is described as “a high-octane action thriller that charts the emotional journey of a man determined to right society’s wrongs.”

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JawanAt least at first glance, it appears to combine the bombastic visuals of South Indian cinema with the signature glamor that SRK has brought to its Bollywood blockbusters for more than three decades. However, very little has been revealed about the plot. The trailer begins with an ominous voiceover, with SRK’s enigmatic character saying in Hindi: “Who am I? What am I? I don’t know… a promise to my mother, or an unfulfilled purpose. Am I good or bad? Yes A blessing, or a curse? Ask yourself. Because I am who you are, for better or worse.” The visuals unfolding in the voiceover reveal that SRK’s character, Jawan, was born in prison, served in the police and military, and then appears to turn rogue and become a A vigilante.We also see a group of people running around a subway station, wearing masks similar to those Jawan later showed, which seems to suggest that the film may have borrowed (at least in part) Todd Phillipsclown.

“Jawan,” the Hindi word for a soldier, is seen in at least three of the exaggerated attires.The first seems to have been inspired by the villainous Safin in the James Bond films no time to die; the second basically looks like a mummy wielding some kind of spear (or, more accurately, Moon Knight); the third may actually be the most surprising of the bunch. It was SRK, with a light cap on his head and a beard on his face.In between, we see the supporting cast, which includes Nayantara, Vijay Setupatiand Deepika Padukone With “special appearance”. The trailer also teases that Jawan is waging some kind of moral warfare, accompanied by a group of female soldiers.It should be noted that all of this is in a song by Anirud Ravichand Blast in the background.

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yes Jawan Bollywood movie?

directed by AtleyFamous for his Tamil film work, Jawan Seems like a fusion of culture and aesthetics. India has multiple local language film industries which mostly operate independently of each other. SRK is a Bollywood star working primarily in the Hindi film industry in the coastal city of Mumbai. Atli works in the mainstream Tamil industry, which is located in the southern state of Tamil Nadu.Last year’s blockbuster movies deposit reserve ratioFor example, a Telugu movie. Jawan It could easily be defined as “pan-Indian cinema”, a label used for films that cross state lines. to this end, Jawan It will be released simultaneously in India in multiple languages.

SRK took a nearly five-year hiatus after 2018’s film zero Failed critically and commercially, but returned in grand fashion this year Patan. Jawan It was recently pushed back to September 7th from its original June release date. SRK has another release plan this year — hit-maker Rajkumar Hiranicomedy dun basewhich is expected to be released during the Christmas period.

you can watch Jawan “prevue” here, stay tuned to Collider for more updates.

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