Fast X’s Global Box Office Total Soars

generic fast x The film landed on PVOD just three weeks after its theatrical debut, moving to digital at an unusually rapid pace (for a film of this size). But that’s just a speed bump in its fight for the box office. Less than 40 days after its release, the 10th film in the feature-length action-adventure franchise has now crossed the $700 million mark at the global box office, in what could be its last major milestone.

While the film grossed just $144 million domestically and couldn’t reach $150 million by the end of its run, it more than made up for it internationally, where it grossed just under $560 million. Dollar. The film currently has a global box office of $703 million.beside jurassic world domination, fast x It has become one of the rare Hollywood movies after the epidemic. Not only can it be released in China, but it has also achieved good results in China. In fact, the movie grossed slightly more in China ($145 million) than it did in the U.S. ($144 million).other major international territories fast x Mexico ($37 million), Brazil ($26 million) and Japan ($25 million).

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fast xDominic Toretto and his “family” face off against a powerful new adversary he plays Jason Momoais currently the third-biggest film of the year at the global box office, after super mario bros movie ($1.33 billion) and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 ($831 million). Domestically, in keeping with the franchise’s downward spiral in recent years, fast x is only the eighth highest-grossing film, behind “The Creed III ($156 million), John Wick: Chapter 4 ($187 million) and Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Fever ($214 million).

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fast x is a middle-of-the-road film in more ways than one

Now it’s clear that the franchise’s glory days are behind it, which is worrying because Universal has more films lined up.although fast x Not quite the fiasco that its soft opening hinted at, it has yet to surpass the global sales of its immediate predecessor, F9: Fast Legendthe company ended its run with $726 million during more volatile times during the pandemic. fast x There are also traces The Fast and the Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw ($760 million) and fast and furious 6 ($789 million a decade ago), it’s now firmly in the middle of the charts as far as those movies go.The franchise’s top-grossing entry remains its second consecutive billion-dollar run fast and furious 7 ($1.5 billion) and fast and furious destiny ($1.2 billion).

Even more worryingly, fast x is the most expensive film in the franchise, reportedly costing Universal $340 million (minus millions in marketing spend). The film’s budget is said to have ballooned due to pandemic-related safety protocols, huge salaries for its cast, and an unexpected crisis for the original director just days into filming. Justin Lin Withdrew due to creative differences. Louis Leterrier Soon after, he was hired as Lin’s successor, who will also direct the 11th (and supposedly final) film in the upcoming mainline franchise.But before that happens, fans will get a surprise new spinoff featuring Dwayne JohnsonLuke Hobbs.You can watch our interview with the cast Michelle Rodriguez Here, stay tuned to Collider for more updates.

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