Extraction 2 Review: An Epic, Action-Packed Sequel


Former movie stunt actors turned filmmakers are currently taking the action movie genre by storm. Well of course they are. Who knows how to shoot, direct and choreograph the action better than the men and women who put their bodies and lives on the line to bring audiences the best possible action movie experiences? Chad Stahelski has delivered one of the best, if not the best action movie franchise of all time with john wick, and Jesse V. Johnson has been delivering jaw-dropping martial arts epics for years starring martial arts legend Scott Adkins.

Sam Hargrave, who previously worked as Chris Evans’ stunt double for all of his MCU appearances, has more than proven himself as one of the best stuntmen-turned-directors around, with his Netflix original action movie blockbuster, Extraction. Hargrave’s directorial debut was an action movie tour de force. It’s packed with amazing action, a badass lead, and beautiful cinematography. The film made waves on Netflix and through pop culture, for its impressive 10-minute “oneer” in which the camera panned through cars, bullets, and buildings as Chris Hemsworth’s Tyler Rake racks up a mighty count. deaths.


Now, Extraction 2 It picks up right where the previous movie left off. Tyler Rake is recovering from his death-defying injuries, but is soon tasked with saving the imprisoned family from a ruthless gangster, who is later revealed to have a shocking connection to the mercenary. Hargrave manages to deliver everything we loved about the first movie and so much more. The action is bigger, bolder and in some ways better than its predecessor, the characters are much more engaging and Extraction 2 actually has a plot. Well, at least something close to one.

With Extraction 2, Sam Hargrave has now fully established himself as one of the best action movie directors of our time.

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awesome action

2023 has knocked it out of the park with its action movies thus far, and Extraction 2 he is certainly in the running for the best the year had to offer. This is, of course, mainly attributed to Hargrave’s perfection. eye for action. The movie offers a much bigger spectacle than the first and a much higher kill count. Extraction 2 is the sequel that fans of the universe are dying to see.

Extraction 2 features another “oner” that ups the ante and runs for a staggering 20 minutes, maybe even longer. The scene opens in a prison where Tyler brutally confronts armies of prisoners and guards with his guns, knives, a shield, and yes, a dumbbell. Continuing the “oner,” Hargrave immediately takes us into a thrilling car chase filled with brilliant motorized stunts, all before putting our characters on a train for an extra five minutes of brutal action, where Tyler single-handedly takes on two helicopters. amazing things

This sequence is clearly the main course of the film, and it will more than fill audiences with the creative, brutal, well-shot, and well-paced action we loved so much from the first. Fortunately, the action doesn’t stop there, as Hargrave continues to demonstrate his mastery of directing and filming the action. Sure, the other moments of action may not be as riveting as the 20-minute “first,” however, every scene is just as brutal and expertly shot.

Once Extraction 2 He opens the cages and launches his first action scene, he just doesn’t give up. Although audiences may be exhausted and some may criticize the film for not focusing on the plot, we’re all here for the action. The film’s non-stop, relentless action allows the two-hour running time to fly by.

Chris Hemsworth isTyler Rake

Chris Hemsworth Extraction 2

There are countless badass action movie heroes, from Rambo, John Wick, Sarah Connors, Ellen Ripley, and John McClane, just to name a few. Now we can add extraction Tyler Rake to that list of seemingly impossible to kill leading men. Rake is an incredibly deadly and likeable character, who we loved in the first Extraction movie. However, with more depth, more moments to showcase his impressive combat skills, and a much higher kill count, Tyler Rake should now be considered one of the best.

Chris Hemsworth is fantastic as said hero. His large physique and super-fast reflexes give way to an incredibly fast-paced and brutal physicality, which Extraction 2 don’t get scared During one scene, Tyler Rake rips the hands of one of his enemies in two with his own hands, a feat only a few action stars can accomplish. Likewise, Chris Hemsworth dives into the character’s tragic backstory and brings a high degree of emotion and depth, making Tyler Rake more than just an unkillable badass.

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brilliant cast

Extraction 2 - Nik and Tyler

As good as Chris Hemsworth was, it’s the supporting cast that really stole the show. Golshifteh Farahani was one of the prominent figures in the film, excelling in the action and displaying her impressive physique. Tyler Rake should watch her back as Golshifteh Farahani’s character Nik Kahn could soon become the best character in the series.

adding to Extraction 2 A roster of phenomenal cast members include the likes of Idris Elba, Daniel Bernhardt and Olga Kurylenko, who make charming appearances, expanding the world and characters of the film. Extraction universe. Idris Elba was undoubtedly the biggest and best surprise, who, as the final minutes of the film suggest, will play an integral role in the future of the franchise. However, martial arts legend Daniel Bernhardt was criminally underused like most of his roles in Hollywood. Bernhardt never got a chance to display his phenomenal set of martial arts skills.

The Franchise Netflix Has Been Waiting For

Chris Hemsworth in Extraction 2

For years, Netflix has wanted to create its own franchise as successful as franchises like the MCU and Harry Potter. Netflix crossed their fingers with people like shiny death note and project powerHowever, the streaming service failed to make these movies into franchises. Thankfully Netflix’s wish is finally coming true as the action is packed Extraction movies is the franchise that the colossal streaming service has been waiting for.

As Extraction 2 The ending suggests that we definitely have a sequel or two on the way, and we can’t wait. Will this franchise be as big as john wick? We highly doubt it, but as long as Hargrave continues to deliver stellar action sequences with compelling characters, we’ll be happy to continue seeing as many Extraction Netflix movies pumped.

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