Every Pixar Sequel, Prequel, and Spin-Off rated by Rotten Tomatoes

Pixar Animation Studios has produced many great films with outstanding storytelling and animation. In recent years, Pixar has not only attracted audiences with original films such as Toy Story And UpBut they still delight audiences with incredible sequels, sequels, and prequels.

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From sequels like Toys Story 2 with prequels like Monsters University, these beloved tracks will be rated on Rotten Tomatoes. These movie legends have made an impression on the audience, especially those who loved the original movie.

9 ‘Cars 2’ (2011)

Lightning McQueen looks happy while Mator is not interested as the two look through the museum. Cars in 'Cars 2'.
Image via Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 40%

Car 2 Is the sequel to CarAnd it follows Lightning McQueen ((Owen Wilson) and Mater ((Larry the Cable Guy) Into an international espionage plan during the World Grand Prix.

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While the film introduces new characters to provide exciting twists, it still features stunning visuals, and imaginative car designs just like the first film. However, it lacks the emotional and narrative depth of the first Car The movie has.

8 ‘Cars 3’ (2017)

Bill in the car 3

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 68%

Although Car The movie should have stopped in one movie, the franchise ended up in three movies. Again it revolves around Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson), as he faces the possibility of retirement after a new generation of fast racers and high technology appears.

Unlike the previous generation, Car 2, Car 3delved into the territory of deep emotions, providing a more emotional narrative. However, some felt that the storyline was predictable and lacked innovation compared to the first Car Movie.

7 ‘Light of the Year’ (2022)

Buzz Lightyear talks to people off camera in Lightyear.

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 74%

Although Light of the year is a spin-off of Toy Story franchise, it does not take place in the same universe. Instead, it is presented as a movie that the characters from Toy Story have seen. The spin-off revolves around this movie within a movie where Buzz Lightyear is the main character.

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Light of the year became a way to show the audience the film that inspired Andy (from the original Toy Story movie) to buy a Buzz Lightyear toy. Although it is entertaining, it does not fully measure up Toy Story.

6 ‘Monsters University’ (2013)

Sully in Monster's University
Image via Walt Disney Pictures

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 80%

prequel to Monsters, Inc. Monsters University It’s a movie that can ease people back to school. It follows Mike Wazowski (Billy Crystal and James P. Sullivan (John Goodman) During their college years.

overall, Monsters University It’s a light-hearted film that retains the smart and lively humor of its previous films. While some believe it lacks originality and emotional depth Monsters, Inc.prequel to maintain its spirit and charm.

5 ‘Incredibles 2’ (2018)

Violet uses her powers to protect her family
Image via Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 93%

Incredibles 2Is the sequel to The Incredibles, and it picks up where the first movie left off. It follows the Parr family trying to balance their everyday lives with their superhero identities.

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The film excels in the exciting action sequences and witty humor that the first film had. Incredibles 2 Even added a lot of exciting plot twists to give The Incredibles Fans are satisfied with the performance after waiting for a long time.

4 ‘Finding Dory’ (2016)

Dory and her parents in Finding Dory
Image via Disney

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 94%

One of the best Pixar Movie sidekicks get their own movie in Finding Dory. sequel to Finding Nemo, The story follows Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) As she travels to find her long-lost family.

Although now it focuses on Dory, rather than Marlin and Nemo, Finding Dory Is able to try to be a meaningful and fun sequel. In addition, the film could explore more amazing underwater images and introduce new characters along the way.

3 ‘Toy Story 4’ (2019)

Woody and Buzz are looking for a party in 'Toy Story 4' (2019) (1)
Image via Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 97%

The fourth film of the beloved Toy Story The franchise revolves around Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and their other toy friends who embark on new adventures with Bonnie, their new owner. They also meet new friends, Forky and Gabby Gabby along the way.

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Long time fans of Toy Story The franchise found this film bittersweet, especially since it explores themes of identity, purpose, and the importance of letting go. Despite the introduction of new characters, it still brings back long-time fans.

2 ‘Toy Story 3’ (2010)

Woody and his toy friends fall out of the box and smile in Toy-Story-3
Image via Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 98%

Considered one of the best third films in the franchise, Toy Story 3 Follow all the toys that face bitter difficulties when Andy, their owner, leaves for college. From being left in a daycare center, to escaping from a new enemy, the film Bringing depth to the audience.

Not only does the film have the flawless animation that the franchise is known for, it has plenty of heartwarming moments that conclude the trilogy on a satisfying note. It’s one of those Pixar movies that brings both laughter and tears.

1 ‘Toy Story 2’ (1999)

Woody, Buzz Lightyear and friends in the poster for 'Toy Story 2'

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 100%

The first sequel in Toy Story franchise, the toys embark on an exciting adventure to save Woody ((Tom Hanks) From the greedy toy collector. Woody then faces the dilemma of deciding where he really belongs.

Toy Story 2 is able to go beyond the scope of the traditional anime sequel. While the film builds on the nostalgia from the first film, the audience is captivated by the emotional bond, storyline, and memorable characters that make them fall in love with it all. Toy Story Franchise.

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