Every Classic ‘Mummy’ Movie, Ranked From Worst to Best

beside dracula, Frankenstein’s monster, and invisible Man used to be mummyAnother classic horror series from Universal Pictures. Like the other three, mummy The first film was released in the early 1930s, followed by numerous sequels over the next few decades.there are six in total mummy The films of this original series, rebooted decades later in the 1990s, starred in Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz.

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to be honest, mummy The series doesn’t quite represent the best of Universal’s monster movies, some of the sequels in the series are of questionable quality, and the overall run of the films isn’t as consistent as it says it is dracula or frankenstein series. Still, there’s definitely some good stuff buried in this series about various archaeologists battling resurrected, cursed, mummified ancient Egyptian priests, and the six original films are ranked below from worst to best.

6 The Curse of the Mummy (1944)

Curse of the Mummy - 1944
Image via Universal Studios

One Thing From the 1999 Reboot mummy What makes it so beloved is the way it blends action, supernatural horror, and plenty of romance into one film.The best thing that can be said about the fifth movie in the original book mummy Series, 1944 Curse of the Mummyyes it sort of tries to do something similar when it comes to balancing types, it just doesn’t perform very well.

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It follows directly from the fourth film, released in 1944, and tells the story of what happens to the mummy Kharis after he is unearthed in an irrigation project, leading him to wreak havoc again and search for his old love Ananka ). It’s a movie that feels cheap overall, drags a bit, and like many other less-than-successful feature-length horror franchises, it just re-uses various scenes, scares, and plot beats that feel all too familiar, making it a bit overall Is boring.

5 The Mummy’s Hand (1940)

Mummy's Hand - 1940
Image via Universal Pictures

First mummy the sequel is mummy hand, while it doesn’t feel like the worst, it does end up being a disappointment compared to the original film. It centers on the mummy Carliss, who is different from the first film, and he also ends up being the main enemy of the next three films. It’s also familiar narratively, telling the story of a pair of archaeologists and their companions who are forced to fight for their lives after waking the mummy into peril.

While it’s not exactly a comedy, it has a lighter tone than the first film, which inevitably makes any potentially creepy scenes feel less impactful. There’s probably nothing really terrible about it, though it does feel a little weak and an overall disappointment. Also, one of the supporting characters’ names is “Baby,” which sounds like every character is trying to attack him when they call him that, which is certainly quite (unintentionally) funny.

4 The Ghost of the Mummy (1944)

Ghost of the Mummy - 1944
Image via Universal Pictures

The fourth film in the series, ghost of mummyindicating that nominally mummy True enough, death doesn’t seem to be able to stop it from continuing to appear in movies.Overall a bit better than the others mummy Released in 1944, the film tells the story of a man and his girlfriend who fight a resurrected mummy because the man’s girlfriend is the reincarnation of the mummy’s long-ago love.

like any other 1944 mummy Movie, this one is only 60 minutes long, which means that even if it’s not particularly good (and it isn’t), at least it doesn’t waste a lot of time. No surprises, but for anyone who likes the series, it half-heartedly delivers the merchandise in a way that’s competent and brief enough to be watched, which more or less makes it more worthless than worthless Well, last day.

3 Tomb of the Mummy (1942)

Tomb of the Mummy - 1942
Image via Universal Pictures

Tomb of the Mummy is the third film in the series, and it has an immediately eye-catching premise because it feels more adventurous and adventurous than the other entries’ plots.The story of a high priest who transports a living mummy to America with the goal of using it to exact violent revenge on all those who desecrated the mummy’s tomb decades earlier, in the 1940s mummy hand.

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That makes it a revenge movie, and the premise is silly and outlandish enough to make Tomb of the Mummy a little fun (like other mummy movie, with a short running time of only 61 minutes).Plus, it’s a sequel mummy hand Means the beloved baby is back, overall this movie is stronger than 1940 mummy The film’s ultimate disappointment is that it spends about a quarter of its runtime directly recalling the events of that film. In an ideal world, the two could easily be combined to make a movie about 100 minutes long.

2 “Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy” (1955)

Albert and Costello meet the mummy - 1955
Picture from Universal International

comedy duo Bud Abbott and Lou Costello Encountered a staggering number of Universal monsters, these films ended up helping define the horror-comedy genre of the future.It was the last film Abbott and Costello worked together on, and their last collaboration with the Universal horror franchise, which was released after they “met” Frankenstein’s monster that invisible Manand Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

In the plot, the pair are awarded a valuable medal after an archaeologist dies mysteriously, leading them to attempt to sell it. All the while, their possession of the Medallion makes them a target, and they find themselves encountering various forces; some supernatural, some human.For a comedy of its time, it worked pretty well and was pretty good overall mummy The movie, while it certainly pales in comparison to Abbott and Costello’s other horror comedies, just feels fresher and more entertaining.

1 The Mummy (1932)

Mummy - 1932
Image via Universal Pictures

the original mummy This movie is the best of the original series, and even then, it’s not as classic as the original dracula, frankensteinor invisible Man films in their respective series.perhaps mummy Destined to never be as good as those classics, but the aforementioned ’90s reboot ended up doing a lot of help mummy Still a well-known property, keeping the character and the series popular in the 21st century.

This 1932 film’s plot is the only one of the first six mummy The film centers on Imhotep, an ancient priest who is unexpectedly resurrected and wreaks havoc when he leaves and searches for a way to also bring his old love back to life.this is the only mummy movie feature Boris Karloff He’s overall pretty good as the titular monster, and the special effects used throughout are impressive for a film of its time.It’s an overall good time for fans of classic horror, and arguably the only original horror flick mummy It can be said to be a must-have movie.

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