‘Enter the Dragon’ coming to 4K Ultra HD this summer

Bruce Lee Starred in several action films that propelled his fame to new heights and earned him a reputation as a martial arts master. With a number of critically acclaimed films, enter the dragon Still one of cinema’s greatest action films to this day.and celebrate enter the dragonThe 1973 film will debut in 4K on its 50th anniversary, with Blu-ray and digital releases on Aug. 8.

4K UHD Disc enter the dragon Comes with special features, including the theatrical and special editions of the film, with an additional 3-minute footage.Blu-ray version enter the dragon with commentary from the film’s co-producers Paul Heller and writer michael aylingScreenwriter of the critically acclaimed action film. In addition to its physical release, the martial arts film is also available digitally on various streaming platforms, including AppleTV, Amazon Prime Video, and Google Play, among others.

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This generation has seen Hollywood portray Asians in a more positive light, and many actors and actresses have achieved fame in the entertainment industry; however, things have changed over the past few decades. Despite stereotypes of Asian characters as weak, nerdy and inept, Lee rose to fame with his acting prowess and martial arts prowess. The late actor starred in several critically acclaimed films and arguably paved the way for the more successful martial arts-themed films of his time since.

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celebrate enter the dragon50th anniversary

enter the dragon The drama, which will celebrate its 50th birthday on July 26, tells the story of martial arts expert Lee as he sets out to avenge his sister who was killed by a gang led by a drug dealer. However, his journey was not easy as he struggled to find the dealer’s headquarters. As a result, Lee enters a kung fu tournament on a remote island to gather information on the whereabouts of his sister’s killer. Rated R for martial arts violence, enter the dragonThe cast also includes john saxon, jim kelly, Young Polo, john saxon, Ana Capri, Shi Jianand Chuck Norris.

You can watch the trailer and read the film’s full synopsis below ahead of its Aug. 8 4K release.

Lee plays a martial arts expert determined to take down the ruthless gang leader Han, who is responsible for the death of his sister. He is recruited by the intelligence agency, posing as a student, to participate in a tournament on a remote island fortress. His goal was to gather evidence that Han was involved in drug trafficking and prostitution. One focused on crime, the other on vengeance, and the two engaged in a now classic mortal struggle. They all enter a mirror maze and fight to the death, only one can get out. “

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