‘Dragon Prince’ season 5 cast and character introduction

After a hiatus following its third weather season back in 2019, Dragon prince finally returns to our screens with Season 4 in November 2022. This latest season of the hugely popular fantasy animated series begins the second era of the show titled ‘Mystery of Aaravos’, which introduces many new storylines and settings. Fortunately, we will not have to wait any longer to visit Xadia again because Dragon prince Season 5 just had a surprise early release.

Dragon prince Season 5 was released on Netflix on July 22, 2023, originally scheduled to debut on July 27. The season is titled “Ocean”, continuing the trend with previous seasons also being narrated after the magical primordial source found in Xadia. In case you haven’t had a chance to catch up on Season 5, it’s worth refreshing your memory with where we left off with our last group of adventurers and villains, and who voices them! Continue reading below for a handy cast and character guide for the show’s fifth season.

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Jack DeSena as Callum (plus Bait and Zym)

Callum-Dragon Prince-Season 4
Image via Netflix

Callum is the prince of the Kingdom of Katolis and Ezran’s half brother. Passionate about deep magic, he became the first human in Xadia to wield primal magic from the sky and moon. Callum, Ezran, and Rayla (whom Callum recently started dating) are key figures in ending the conflict between humans and dragons. They helped protect Zym, the famous dragon prince, from enemy forces after he was born. In season 4, thanks to his magical abilities, Callum officially became the elder of Katolis. He then embarks on a journey with Ezran and Rayla to meet Rex Igneous, the Earth Archdragon, and learn where the mysterious Startouch Elf Aaravos is being held.

In the world of animation, Callum’s voice, Jack DeSenaBest known as the voice of Sokka in the iconic series, Avatar: The Last Airbender. In live production, he acted in a web series Dormitory life (where he also served as a writer) and Nickelodeon’s 100 things to do before high school. DeSena also provides the voices for two non-speaking characters, Bait and Zym. Bait is Callum and Ezran’s pet Glow Toad who accompanies them on their adventures across Xadia. He can change color depending on his mood. Also, as mentioned, Zym (AKA Prince Azymondias) is a young sky dragon who aims to become the next dragon king.

Paula Burrows as Rayla

Rayla-Dragon Prince-Season 4
Image via Netflix

Rayla is a Moonshadow Elf, who was trained to become an assassin from a young age. Despite her deadly skills, she is a caring soul who finally changes her ways after meeting Callum and Ezran, helping them protect Zym as they bring him home. She has great chemistry with Callum, but their relationship hits a rough patch at the beginning of Season 4. Rayla has been off the grid for two years looking for evidence of Viren’s death, a terrifying solo mission that kills her closest friends. During season 4, we saw the trio solve their problems and deepen their bond, making Rayla and Callum officially a couple.

Rayla show is Paula Burrows‘ first major role, but she has received guest roles in other shows such as Good doctor, Resident AlienAnd charming.

Sasha Rojen as Ezran

Sasha Rojen as King Ezran in The Dragon Prince
Image via Netflix

Ezran is the half-brother of Callum, who became King Katolis after the death of his father, King Harrow. Despite his young age, Ezran proved himself to be a very influential leader during his short time on the throne. Thanks to his participation in the protection of Zym, his actions made the relationship between humans and the supernatural citizens of Xadia. In addition to his official mission, Ezran also has a telepathic ability that allows him to talk to and understand animals. During season 4, Ezran continues to fight for peace among all in Xadia as he joins Callum and Rayla to find the prison of Aaravos and prevent a new conflict in his recent kingdom.

Ezran show is Sasha RojenFirst major television role. Recently, she appeared in the TV movie, Highway to Heavenand guest starred in the episode Nancy Drew.

Erik Todd Dellums as Aaravos

Aaravos, voiced by Erik Dellums, in The Dragon Prince
Image via Netflix

Aaravos is an ancient Startouch Elf who has mastered all kinds of primal and dark magic in Xadia. Three centuries before the beginning of the series, he was imprisoned by Archdragons and Elves for intentionally creating a major conflict between humans and magical creatures. He will be forgotten in time until Viren discovers a strange mirror that allows him to talk to Aaravos. Although unsure of his true identity and history, Viren misunderstands his advice, eventually becoming the guise of Aaravos to start a new massive war in Xadia. In season 4, Aaravos is still imprisoned, however, he knows that all our main heroes and villains are trying to find him.

Erik Todd Dellums Recently lent his voice to several characters in video games Star Wars: The Old Republic and the expansion of its follow-up story. He also worked in the past Fallout 3 And The sign of meaning.

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Jason Simpson as Viren

Viren-Dragon Prince- Season 5
Image via Netflix

Viren was the advisor and closest friend of the King of Harrow, as well as the High Steward of Katolis before Callum. Influenced by dark magic, he seeks a way for humans to rule all over Xadia. This evil path results in him being manipulated by the mysteriously imprisoned Elf Aaravos, who leads Viren to start a war against the magical creatures. During the climactic battle at the end of season 3, Viren was killed in the end Rayla as his forces were defeated. However, in season 4, he was temporarily resurrected by his daughter Claudia, who still practices dark magic. Her spell only lasted thirty days, leaving Viren to desperately search for Aaravos, who he believed could make his resurrection permanent.

Jason Simpson Recently played a role in a television series charming. He also received guest appearances in shows such as Lucifer, MagiciansAnd DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

Racquel Belmonte as Claudia

Claudia, voiced by Racquel Belmonte, in The Dragon Prince
Image via Netflix

Claudia is Viren’s daughter who has the ability to use dark magic. Despite her father’s actions, Claudia remains loyal to him. This caused a huge rift between her and her close friends in Katolis such as Callum and Ezran, and with her older brother, Soren, as they fought on opposite sides in the war for Xadia. In Season 4, Claudia begins dating an Earthblood Elf named Terry who is willing to help her find Aaravos’ prison along with her resurrected father.

Also Dragon prince, Racquel Belmonte Now let her voice to the animal series Monster loves Maniacs. She has also voiced characters in TV shows such as Lego Chima And Lego Elves.

Jesse Inocalla as Soren

Soren-The Dragon Prince

Soren is Viren’s eldest child and Claudia’s older brother. He is a member of the Katolian Crownguard and at first stands by his father as he prepares to take over the kingdom and go to war against the magical creatures. However, seeing how despicable his father was, Soren abandoned them and pledged his loyalty to King Ezran. Under Ezran’s rule, Soren became the new head of the Crown Guard and served in the Katolian Senate. During season 4, Soren traveled through Xadia with Ezran, Callum, and Rayla to help them find the Aaravos prison before Viren and Claudia.

Jesse Inocalla Recently worked on many English dubs of Japanese anime TV shows and video games such as: Tobot Galaxy Detective, The effect of GenshinAnd Eternal Return: Black Survival.

General Amaya

General Amaya in The Dragon Prince
Image via Netflix

Amaya is Callum and Ezran’s maternal aunt. She is the commander of the standing brigade, the Katolian army that protects the border between the human and magical kingdoms in Xadia. Being deaf, Amaya communicates in sign language with her troops, which is eventually translated by her close friend and lieutenant Gren. In Season 3, as Ezran encourages peace among all the people of Xadia, Amaya forms an alliance with the Sunfire Elves, so they can fight Viren’s forces. This leads to meeting Janai, Queen of the Sunfire Elves, who she later becomes engaged to in Season 4. They now work together at a refugee camp for Sunfire Elves who lost their homes in the war.

Rena Anakwe is Queen Janai

Janai, voiced by Rena Anakwe, in The Dragon Prince
Image via Netflix

Rena Anakwe The voice of Queen Janai, which is her serial role. First introduced in season 3, Janai is a Sunfire Elf warrior. Like Amaya, she leads a group of soldiers to defend the border between the human kingdom and the magical kingdom of Xadia. During the battle against Viren’s army, her sister Khessa was killed by Aaravos, making her Queen of the Sunfire Elves. This painful event encouraged Janai to create a truce with the humans along the border, in particular, Amaya, whom she would fight alongside and become close to quickly. In Season 4, she became involved with Amaya while working with her at the Sunfire Elf Refugee Camp.

In addition to these actors, other cast members appeared in Dragon prince Season 5 includes Omari Newton as Corvus, Adrian Petriw As Commander Gren, Benjamin Collins as Terry, and Nicole Oliver as Queen Zubeia. The season is now streaming on Netflix.

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