Dotty & Soul Review: Preacher Cancel Culture Comedy Sells Out

A super-quirky tech CEO hires a black nursing home worker to run his company after a racist social media post. dotty and soul he delivers his power to the working-class message through a satirical fire hose in the blink of an eye. The film skewers rampant capitalism, economic inequality, and the brothers’ corporate culture in a throwback 1980s comedic style. It’s loaded with humorous quips but lacks substantive exposition and poorly scripted character development. dotty and soul records an 88-minute preaching with credits. There just isn’t enough meat on the bone here.

Ethan Cox (Adam Saunders), rocking a pink zebra-print suit and bedazzled cowboy boots, is on top of the world. Private Car, his automated driving company, is about to be acquired for a staggering 10-figure sum. He delights in flattery while the business world fawns on him. Bob Brannigan (David Koechner), a ruthless venture capitalist who bankrolled Cox, shares in the glory of the gloating riches. They drink champagne in a luxurious club while Cox shows off the beautiful Stef (Alexis Ren), his future “trophy wife.” She gushes while he is inundated with likes on social media.


A driverless classic Rolls-Royce Phantom takes Ethan to a very different place. His ailing mother (OvaJean Siemens) lives at the Creekside Retirement Home in Highland Park, Texas. Dotty Bolden (Leslie Uggams), teases Ethan for being late. The snack cart saleswoman gets even angrier as she waits for the bus home. The stop was removed because the city shut down public transportation for a private car contract.

A puppet CEO

Dotty and Soul movie
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Stef posts a video of Ethan as MC Hammer at a costume party. His parachute pants and his gold chain are sadly accompanied by blackface. Ethan wakes up the next morning to a storm of controversy. A furious Bob calls an emergency board meeting. His deal with Rydze is about to fall apart. They need something to appease the enraged. He orders Ethan to hire a black puppet CEO until the private car sale is complete.

Saunders pulls triple duty as writer, director, and star. She portrays Ethan as a poor Jewish boy whose housekeeper mother changed her English name to give him a better chance of success. His ridiculous outfits, his playboy lifestyle and his peacock strut are a masquerade. She can barely afford to pay for her mother’s care. Her billionaire dream was born out of hard work and innovation, but she evolved into a fraudulent personality.

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Hollywood veteran Uggams throws wicked spikes as the feisty Dotty. Her great business acumen as a token manager predictably helps Private Car. She has struggled her entire life as an independent businesswoman and can’t bear to take public transportation away from poor people. Dotty’s social welfare business tactics are diametrically opposed to Bob’s philosophy of “profit above all else, fuck the little man.”

A megaphone statement

dotty and soul it has heart and merit, but it pours thick enhancement batter. Saunders conveys his intentions as an after-school special. His characters, who laugh a little, have a weak plot and spend the entire movie campaigning for the cause. Saunders makes an unqualified megaphone statement.

Several forgettable subplots with an idiot landlord and Dotty’s daughter add nothing. Those scenes would have been better spent reinforcing the main story. dotty and soul I needed a longer edit with stronger character interactions. The movie is simply too short and obvious.

dotty and soul is a production of Footprint Features. It will have a VOD and digital release on May 19 from Quiver Distribution.

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