Discover the magic of ‘Barbie’ land in a new 20-minute behind-the-scenes video

Yes Barbie The fever is running high, everything is pink and the world is not complaining. Margot Robbie And Ryan GoslingThe film-led will soon take fans by storm and under the direction of Greta Gerwig is set to make a statement. From the production value, costumes to the theme, the movie is all about Barbie, from creating a massive pink shortage to creating a world where Barbie is having an existential crisis, the upcoming feature will be a pleasant surprise.

“We had to create a world of Barbies and Kens that matched the incredible diversity that Mattel has created in their children’s line and their Kens. So it was an easy call, in terms of wanting it to show,” said Gerwig of the movie’s cast in a behind-the-scenes video. She added, “These guys are just incredibly talented and they’re so funny and so brilliant and it feels like creating a fantasy world of things that are… I don’t want to say perfect because the Kens don’t have enough power and Alan doesn’t have enough power but sort of. of its idol in terms of the group of people who gathered to make it.”

Barbie world

And the diversity of the cast isn’t the only thing the toy company is inspired by. “Our foundation in building is the Mattel line and so when it comes to costumes the idea is that you get Barbie in a package and you get all the accessories and all the pieces of the outfit that go together or in some cases can be changed from day to night. We took that idea and ran with it,” said Robbie who is also a producer of the film.

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While Barbie enjoys her perfect world, things change when she feels an existential crisis that moves her to the real world. Will Ferrell, who plays CEO Mattel in the film explained, “I am the head of this big company that even though we make toys, but there is a bad feeling about it and we meet my character and our team when we find out that there is a conflict between. Barbie Land and the real world.” And to connect the dots for the audience Helen Mirren will be narrating the story, “Instead of David Attenborough doing the narration of nature films,” she quips. “I’m smart and knowledgeable and removed and an objective voice telling Barbie’s story.”

See John Cena’s Kenmaid

While Gerwig teased that in the world of Barbie, Ken has no power, Gosling is not willing to give anything away. “You got Ken Scott, Ken Kingsley, Ken Simu with Alan. How is the crane? They are just Ken-ning everywhere.” He said, “They are all Ken-ing. They are Ken-ing so hard that they are going to Ken themselves blind. If they don’t stop Ken-ing.” however, Simu Liu shed some light, “Ken Simu is best described as Ryan’s rival.”

And then we have Cena’s Kenmaid, with blonde locks, seashells around her neck and a blue tail. His performance was a surprise and fans were eager to see him in the film. “I think it will be a movie that every audience will like, a movie that creates excitement, discussion. And I think it’s going to be beautifully attractive.” Without revealing much about his character, “the audience will walk away with mixed opinions which I think is the best form of entertainment.”

The director added, explaining the topic of Barbie“I suppose I know a lot for girls and women that every time we make progress, we’re still clinging to another unattainable ideal that’s different from ‘We’re just moving the bar.'” Gerwig felt something important to her. Gloria played by America Ferrara articulates is “there is no way to do it right”, adding,

“I feel like for a lot of girls and boys, feeling like you have to be special all the time and it’s almost like you’ve earned your right to be somewhere, and I feel like I want people to feel like, ‘You’re okay and you’re valuable just like you are. It’s not something you earn or want to achieve.'”

Barbie released on July 21. You can check out the new featurette below:

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