‘Dead Reckoning Part 1’ brings us Mission: Impossible’s funniest moments

Editor’s note: The following contains Mission Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One spoilers.

When thinking about a long-term franchise Mission impossible, the funny moments are unlikely to cross your mind. The franchise has many funny moments, especially when Ethan’s (Tom Cruise) sleight-of-hand magic tricks come into play. In fact they never look old, and they are done through the whole series and especially spread in the new movie Mission: Impossible – Partial Death Rethink. But that’s not nearly the funniest part of the movie. And not having fun with masks and other equipment, however, the situation is funny. Part of the calculation is dead There is one of the funniest sequences of the franchise so far in the Rome car chase sequence.

Why ‘Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part 1’s Car Chase Work?

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reason Mission: Impossible – Partial Death RethinkRome’s car chase sequence works so well thanks to Tom Cruise and Hayley Atwell Chemistry. Hayley Atwell is the new leading lady of the franchise, probably most recognizable as Peggy Carter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Her introduction was met with a bit of controversy at the release of the film due to its handling, but despite the awkward start, Atwell spent her time on screen impressively, giving one of her best performances as the pickpocket Grace in this film. She and Cruise work perfectly as scene partners, especially as Grace is constantly trying to get away from Ethan.

The scene after the two people meet in a tight spot. Ethan had a clever idea to tie their hands together, so she couldn’t slip out. Something she has proven she is very capable of in some scenes before. This, of course, became a source of conflict between the two, and soon the joke was that Grace was placed in a position to drive, but did not want to. So, when Ethan is forced to drive by her, his left hand is in the way as it is cuffed to Grace’s right in the passenger seat.

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What car did Ethan & Grace drive in ‘Mission: Impossible – Die in Part’?

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Chase the police, other agents, and Pom Klementieff‘s Paris fun and ruthless, Ethan and Grace find themselves having to ditch their original car during the chase sequence. As their car is too recognizable, especially with the broken door, Ethan searches for an IMF “safe car” that they can use to slip away. With a small bait and switch, the film teases a sleek sports car before only revealing a small bright yellow Fiat 500 sitting next to it, completely hidden from view from other cars. This scene is a good start to the comedy, then when you see them climbing into the small space of the car, the limbs are tense. Ethan even has a few funny and embarrassing moments as he struggles, and fails, to start the car, accidentally turning on the windshield wipers. Atwell talked about it, the rest of the sequence, and her role in a recent interview.

Immediately, the Fiat 500 proves its uncertainty, as it jerks violently and accelerates across the road while Ethan tries to control it while only steering with one hand. Director Christopher McQuarrie Even going so far as to call it “possession” in the background for the filming of the running sequence. It’s quite an incredible sequence to watch. It maintains the dramatic look it needs but still doesn’t pull with the small cars that are zooming around the streets of Rome. In one part, the car was forced down a large stone staircase. Ethan and Grace can’t do anything but run around as this happens, and the car flips over, flipping them out of their seats, only to be pushed right back into the opposite seat. Grace, now in the driver’s seat, is nervous about driving but is forced to because Paris is constantly trying to get to them. In probably the most hilarious part of the whole run, Grace tries to drive away. Instead, the car started burning rubber and spinning out of control around the yard. In the end, with Ethan’s help, they were able to escape from the pursuit.

The ‘Mission: Impossible’ sequence says it’s okay to be a liar

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If anything, this sequence proves that comedy has a place in these epic action movies when used correctly. It serves as a welcome break from an otherwise serious movie, but it doesn’t take away from the movie. The comedy is about the situation here, not the characters making jokes for the audience. The car itself becomes a chaotic and funny character within the film, making the fun of the situation easy to understand and not feel forced. And of course, the scene is heightened by Tom Cruise and Hayley Atwell playing with each other. They are the reason this scene works, and why it has a good reaction in the drama. Watch this with the crowd.

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