“Dawn of the Dead’s unofficial sequel is one of the bloodiest movies ever made

everybody knows George A Romeroof dead series basically created the zombie subgenre as we know it today, but you know what dawn of the dead Especially with an unofficial Italian sequel that went on to create its own mega-franchise?That’s right, an Italian filmmaker Lucio Fulci yes big fan dawn He created his own follow-up, titled simply Zombie 2 (Simply putting things in perspective, more on that later). Fulci’s film itself was such a hit that it got its own official sequel…and then another, and another, then a slew of unofficial sequels, and so on.yes that zombie The series is pretty much the weirdest of all horror films. It’s also one of the boldest, dirtiest, dirtiest places you’ll find. These movies absolutely rock, so if you love George A. Romero movies and want to ditch the satire and elevate the violence to the level of a torture chamber, then these movies are for you.

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George A Romero dead The phenomenon began in 1968 with the smash hit night of the living dead and started an entire subgenre of cinema. With that, a ton of flesh-eating gore began hitting theaters.In the years following his original icy film, Romero would take his time making a comedy, a psychological drama, and then back to the horror scene madman and Martin.Ten years after his debut, Romero returns to the world of undead dawn of the dead. Not only does the film ramp up the violence, it turns the satire knob all the way up to 100, attacking primarily American consumer and mall culture. Like its predecessor, dawn It has aroused great repercussions in countries all over the world, including Italy.

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How was Zombies 2 made?

Oretta Gay in Zombie 2 (1979)
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For its Italian version, dawn of the dead To be re-edited by renowned genre filmmaker Dario Argentosoundtracked by the cult classic progressive rock band goblinand post it with the title zombie. Remember the last note, it’s very important. The film was a hit in the Italian market, although it was very different from what Romero originally intended to make.Having said that, Lucio Fulci was one of those who saw this new chopped and screwed version dawn, he wrote his own sequel, which aims to be more laid-back and fantastical than its North American predecessor, with horror everywhere. Once things got going, they could never stop, and according to the results, Fulci succeeded.the film will be titled Zombie 2When it’s done, Fulci believes he’s just made a horror classic. For the big guys, because of that, you made it.

How does Zombies 2 fit into the zombie movie genre?

Olga Karatos in Zombie 2 (1979)
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Zombie 2 Published in 1979, a year later dawn of the dead, is a very simple film, especially compared to its predecessor. The film takes place on a cursed Caribbean island where these rotting undead beasts begin to rise from their graves and eat the inhabitants.If you watch this movie expecting a real follow up dawnNo. Zombie 2 Essentially a sequel in name only, it was influenced by more subgenres than what Romero was producing at the time.It incorporates some of the old school zombie story types found in classic voodoo-based zombie coolers white zombie and i walk with zombies, but certainly without their subtlety or elegance. No, instead, Fulci took the magical treatment of the undead in those films and injected them with the sensibilities of modern ’70s filmmaking. This is a Grindhouse movie if ever there was one.

Zombie 2 One of the bloodiest and most brutal zombie movies ever made.Fulci must have seen Romero and the makeup legend Tom Savigny’s Work on dawn, get someone to hold a beer, and start making the dirtiest movie ever made. Throats are bitten off and rivers of blood flow, rotting corpses go further than any in Romero’s previous two films, eyeballs are stabbed with sharp wood splinters, and zombies fight sharks. Yes, this movie is the real deal.first two dead Movies push the boundaries of what the world is willing to accept as popular, box-office-breaking flicks, but even they don’t have any content Zombie 2. The film took the boundaries of what people were willing to accept, shot them straight through the brains, buried them in the dirt, and watched audiences everywhere come back from the dead with more zombie fans than ever before. Romero’s films may have created the images of zombies we think of today, and their fusion with the satirical elements many seek, but Fulci’s first film made them as violent as possible.

safe to say zombie 2 There is no greatest story on earth. This is one of the easiest films in the history of the genre, but what it lacks in character development and themes it makes up for in technical aspects. Even though it’s one of the bloodiest movies ever made, it also happens to be a beautifully shot movie. The 35mm film that Fulci used to shoot the film has rich colors, unbelievably sharp, beautiful colors. Not only that, but the tropical setting that takes up most of the film makes for an interesting change of pace compared to the North American setting that many zombie movies take place.The film’s composite score was composed by Fabio Frizzi and george tucci Sharp, quivering, and utterly eerie, mixing a touch of the exotic with what Goblin brings to the table. dawn.

What makes the title of the “Zombie” series seem unusual?

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Zombie 2 It was a huge success upon release and paved the way for a plethora of sequels, but it didn’t make it easy for audiences to follow.For one, its release title has undergone numerous changes, including island of the dead, zombie meat eater in the UK, and zombie In the U.S.yes, so that means dawn of the dead Issued in Italy zombieand spawned its own unofficial sequel, titled Zombie 2followed by release in most markets zombie. not only, Zombie 2aka Dawn of the Dead 2aka zombiewill continue to have a sequel called Zombie 3which I guess is technically dawn of the dead 3but published as Zombie 2 in the United States, and known as Zombie Meat Eater 2 in England!

Not only that, but there will also be a Zombie Meat Eaters 3 It’s not even made in Italy, eventually adding its own small production in the UK. The same goes for other places after 1979 Zombie 2 was released. Fulci’s films were released in many markets, but those markets ended up making their own sequels to his films, as he did with Romero’s, and then muddied the numbers for all the titles.Tons of ridiculous movies to follow Zombie 2 those are called Zombie 3, Zombie 4just bland zombie Again, and so on. This tragedy.This also fails to note that Romero will actually return to dead In 1985, he made his own official sequel dawn of the deadis severely underestimated day of the dead. What a confusing, totally unnecessary, yet avoidable mess – but a fun, puzzling one to try and explain!

Zombie 2 Without a doubt one of the funniest zombie movies ever made. If you’ve seen Romero’s original series and wanted to expand some content into new, bloodier territory, look no further than Falch’s unofficial bloody side quests. But be careful, because once you step into these dark waters, you’re bound to want to explore more, leading you to an endless sea of ​​official and unofficial sequels, spinoffs, bootlegs. like the dead themselves, Zombie 2aka Dawn of the Dead 2aka zombie, has been put into a wringer and turned back into a bloated, rotting version. No matter how you look at it, Fulci’s foray into the undead world is one of the greatest zombie movies of all time.

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