David Harbor Takes You On The Road In ‘Gran Turismo’ Featurette (Exclusive)

Sony has been fully invested in adapting its video games of late. The company has gone balls to the wall in many different areas to bring its most iconic PlayStation intellectual properties to life on the big and small screens over the past two years, just like last year. There is no schedule with Tom Holland And Mark Wahlberg, Like new Twisted metal The Peacock series and its two most popular games, God of war And Horizon Zero Dawn Next in line for switching to live action. Next for Sony, however, is Gran Turismo, And Collider is excited to partner with Sony Pictures to give you an exclusive look at the film before it opens in theaters next month.

Yes Gran Turismo The series doesn’t necessarily seem primed for a movie adaptation, as the game itself is a straight-up racing simulator, known for its stunning graphics and vast array of vehicles and realistic locations. However, the series is the best-selling franchise of the company with more than 90 million units sold worldwide, which means that it is suitable for bringing to the masses, and therefore Sony Pictures has chosen to combine the world of online racing with the real story of teenagers. Gran Turismo The player’s name is Jann Mardenborough.

Mardenborough has an outstanding opportunity that comes through a competition called the GT Academy. By driving away his fellow racers, he gets a chance to show off his gaming skills on a real racetrack as a Nissan team driver. This allowed him to compete in events around the world and turn his passion into a career. In the movie, Archie Madekwe will show Mardenborough as he goes through the Academy, achieves his dreams, and faces challenges in his personal and romantic life outside of racing. He also has to deal with the high risks associated with each race, where even the smallest mistake can end a life in a heartbeat.

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Who is the star in Gran Turismo?

Madekwe is joined in the movie by some big names that will help steer him in the right direction. Port will show his trainer, while Orlando Bloom Take on the role of a Nissan marketing executive who is responsible for guiding him through the GT Academy to the race track. Djimon Hounsou, Daniel Puig and ginger spice itself, Geri HalliwellShows his family anxiously waiting to return home.

The initial response to the film has been positive, and if you want to see the film, it opens on August 11 in theaters. Check out the exclusive features below.

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