Daisy Ridley’s new ‘Star Wars’ movie: Cast, director, development details, and everything we know so far

Of the three feature films announced at Star Wars Celebration 2023, the biggest surprise is undoubtedly the sequel trilogy star daisy radley will return star wars Franchise Jedi Master Rey.once the points roll in Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker (2019), many star wars Fans thought the end of The Skywalker Saga marked the end of the main series.Having said that, no one really expected the series to be without a story to tell, a show like this mandalorian (2019-), bad batch (2021-), boba fetter book (2021), more content has become the future of the series.Disney+ has all the good stuff, but craves more dramatic, long-form content star wars The story lives on, and Lucasfilm hasn’t ignored that desire.

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Lucasfilm President to Attend Star Wars Celebration 2023 katherine kennedy Take the stage to discuss the future star wars The movie looks like three new feature films have been announced, each from a very different era star wars timeline.one from the beginning star wars Timeline, focusing on what the director calls “Dawn of the Force” James Mangold take the helm.The premiere of a long-running live-action movie is also in the works star wars tv creator Dave Feloniwhose projects aim to combine aspects of mandalorianNew Republic Era.Finally, the director announced that there is one more project in development Shamian Obaid-Chinoy, she and the rest of the directorial team invited a special guest to debut the project.Fans in attendance saw a surprise appearance by Rey herself, Daisy Ridley, as she confirmed a third star wars The movie in the works will be a continuation of Rey’s story, which takes place in rise of skywalker.

The news is certainly exciting, but it’s also sometimes hard to really get hyped when a new one hits the ground running. star wars Movies are out these days.As of now, Lucasfilm has canceled far more films than it has produced, such as Patty JenkinsRogue Squadron and Ryan JohnsonThe planned trilogy appears to have been shelved. However, the return of the hero for the sequel trilogy appears to have been and is making some serious progress, enough to indicate that Lucasfilm is taking the project seriously.To learn more about the film’s cast, director, development status, and more, here’s everything we know so far about the new Daisy Ridley remake star wars Movie.

Editor’s note: This article was updated on June 24, 2023.

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When and Where Does the Daisy Ridley Star Wars Movie Come Out?

Star Wars - Rey - Daisy - Ridley - Stormtrooper

Disney recently announced that it has three different release dates for the next three films star wars Film release dates: May 22, 2026, December 18, 2026 and December 17, 2027. Given that pre-production on the film appears to be farther along than Mangold and Feloni’s anticipated film, it’s likely that it will hit theaters in May 2026.

We’re not sure, but considering we haven’t gotten a Disney+ exclusive star wars movie and longing for another drama star wars Experience seems clear, and a theatrical release does seem likely.Either way, the movie will almost certainly be in star wars Hits on Disney+ at some point.

Is there a trailer for the new Daisy Ridley Star Wars movie?

Since the project is still so early in development that it doesn’t even have an official title, you can guess that it’s going to be a long time before we see a trailer for the new Rey movie. We’ll talk more about the project’s development in a moment, but if you want to see what’s going on when the Rey movie and other projects are announced, you can check out the Star Wars Celebration 2023 showcase recap here:

What’s the latest development on the Rise of Skywalker sequel?

The Last Jedi Daisy Ridley Adam Driver
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With the film having a director and star on board, it’s expected that early pre-production on the project is on track.We first heard about Obaid-Chinoy’s involvement in the project in 2022, shortly after the revelation warder (2019) creator Damon Lindelof writing a top secret star wars The project is set to rise of skywalker.Unfortunately for Lindelof fans, he and his co-author Justin Britt Gibson (correspond) has since left the project.They have since been replaced by bloody gangsters (2013-2022) Writer steven knight.

Shortly after the project was officially announced, Kathleen Kennedy also gave a promising update to Knight’s script, saying the first draft should only take about six weeks to complete.

June 2023, jeff snyderof Hot Mic PodcastSaid that the project plans to start filming in April 2024.

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What’s the plot of the new Daisy Ridley Star Wars movie?

Daisy Ridley as Rey with a yellow lightsaber at the end of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker
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The film was confirmed for release after the incident Episode Nineeffectively functioning as a follow-up rise of skywalker.Kathleen Kennedy confirms the film will usher in a whole new era star wars The timeline, officially titled “The New Jedi Order.” As such, the film expects Rey to play her role as her grandfather, Emperor Palpatine (Ian McDiarmid) and the sinister First Order have been defeated. If successful, Rey could well inspire a new generation of heroes and truly earn her nickname “Skywalker.”

Who’s Making The Rise of Skywalker Sequel?

Steven Knight Spencer interview on social media

Directing the Jedi Master Rey movie is Shamian Obaid-Chinoy, the two-time Academy Award-winning filmmaker known for her documentary work, though she did make her debut with Disney, directing Two episodes of Jedi Master Rey. Ms. Marvel (2022).with patty jenkins Rogue Squadron The project is now on hold, meaning Obed-Chinoy could become the first female director in film history. star wars feature film.

bloody gangsters Screenwriter Steven Knight is also hard at work on the screenplay following the departure of Damon Lindelof and Justin Britt Gibson. Kathleen Kennedy is also expected to join the project as an executive producer.

Who else is in the cast of the new Daisy Ridley Star Wars movie?

Daisy Ridley as Rey in The Rise of Skywalker
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So far, the only confirmed cast member for the new film is Daisy Ridley, who will reprise her role in the film that brings it to life. The Force Awakens (2015), last jedi (2017), and rise of skywalker.That’s not to say there hasn’t been extensive speculation about who else might return, namely John Boyega as finn and Oscar Isaac Just like Poe Dameron. Both actors have been vocal about their displeasure with certain elements of the movies they star in, with Boyega somewhat dissatisfied with the marginalization of his character, and Isaac saying he’s burned out on the series (although He later expressed his willingness to return).

We can also see other minor characters in the sequel, such as Rose Tico (Kelly Marie Chan) and Maz Kanata (Lupita Nyong’o) also returns.Not to mention there are many fans mandalorian Speculating that a movie about the New Jedi Order might be the perfect way to introduce a teenage version of Grogu.

Could The Jedi Master Rey Movie Be The Start Of A New Trilogy?

Daisy Ridley as Rey in The Force Awakens
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Star Wars Celebration didn’t reveal a sequel to the upcoming Rey movie, but considering it’s going to kick off a whole new era star wars, we may see more projects in it. We’ll likely learn more about the direction of the series once the script is complete.

Will Rey’s previous adventures be available on Disney+?

Daisy Ridley Ray Star Wars The Last Jedi
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Do wookies need to add two coats of conditioner? Yes. We believe that. The answer is yes.Rey stars in every adventure in the sequel trilogy, including The Force Awakens, last jedi, rise of skywalkerand more are available to stream on Disney+, making streaming your one-stop shop star wars content.here is your link star wars Disney+ Hub:

Watch on Disney+

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