Colleen Hoover Knows You’re Angry They Made ‘With Us’ Cast Old

During the annual Book Festival in Grapevine, Texas, Colleen Hoover defensive casting blake lively and Justin Baldonibecause they were deemed “too old” to play Lily Bloom and Lyle Kincaid in the upcoming film adaptation of the author’s best-selling 2016 romance novel it all ends with us.

it all ends with usThe novel revolves around the blossoming relationship between 23-year-old Lily and 30-year-old Ryle, who meet during an unlikely rooftop encounter. Now that the bestselling book is about to be made into a movie by Sony, many fans aren’t as “very happy” as Hoover is with the cast, especially given their age.To clear up the misunderstanding once and for all, Hoover assured fans in an interview with TODAY jenna bush hager Despite some changes, the upcoming film adaptation will still live up to expectations, saying:

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“I’ve seen the footage they’ve shot so far. I’m not a crybaby. I know I write emotional books, but I’m not an emotional person. And I cried a lot on set,” she continued . “You guys will be happy. I’m very happy and now my expectations have gone up and I’m going to keep them there.”

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Film adaptation fixes mistakes of novel

Lively, 35, will play Lily, a florist who grew up in an abusive home.Although her presence in gossip Girl, age of adaline, a simple favorand shoal While her acting skills have solidified, some have criticized casting a 35-year-old woman as a 23-year-old fresh graduate. Similarly, virgin janeBaldoni, 39, will play Kyle, a 30-year-old surgeon with similar abusive features to Lily. When Hoover wrote the best-selling novel, she didn’t realize that becoming a neurosurgeon required years of study, so the age of the characters has always been a glaring error in the novel. The author went on to explain that she was glad the mistake was corrected:

“When I wrote We Ended Together, the new adult (genre) was very popular. You wrote college-age characters. That’s what my contract was for. I made Lily very young. I don’t know This “neurosurgeons have been schooled for 50 years. Not a single 20-something neurosurgeon. When I started making the movie, I thought, we need to age them because I screwed up,” she said. “So it’s my fault. “

Although Hoover has been criticized for glorifying abusive relationships in his work, it all ends with us took the world by storm, so much so that it received the big-screen treatment just seven years after its initial release. In addition to playing Kyle in the film adaptation, Baldoni also serves as the film’s director, Christy Hall as the screenwriter of this film.the rest of the cast includes Brandon Sklenall as Atlas Corrigan Jenny Slater as alyssa, and Hassan Minhaj Just like Marshall.

No release date has been set for the movie, but it’s likely to premiere sometime in 2024. In the meantime, you can watch our exclusive interview with Lively below.

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