Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight’ villains hit SDCC with a new McFarlane figure

McFarlane Toys made a huge Bat-splash earlier this year when they released their wave Black ass Trilogy figures to the delight of many DC fans. Now ahead of the San Diego Comic Con, McFarlane revealed that The Dark Knight The love affair will continue with three new SDCC figures featuring two of the franchise’s biggest villains.

First of all, the new seven-inch gold badge number includes two different versions Heath Ledgerof the Joker. One figure has the Clown Prince of Crime in his heist outfit from the icon’s opening The Dark Knight While other Joker figures have villains as he appears in Batman’s sonar vision. The translucent blue plastic makes the last version of the Joker pop while bringing back memories Black assThe last brilliant showdown at the building. However, the bank heist Joker also comes with an alternate head sculpt of his character’s inspired mask West Adam Batman set.

The final figures in this SDCC wave are of Tom Hardy‘s Bane who is the main villain The Dark Knight got up. Bane is a figure creation for the original wave of Dark Knight figures included Christian Bell‘s Batman in him Black ass suit, Aaron Eckharttwo pages of Cillian MurphyScarecrow’s, and the Joker in his main purple suit. However, this new Bane gold badge figure is the only way to look dangerous in his signature jacket.

The Dark Knight Rises, Tom Hardy
Image via Warner Bros.

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The Dark KnightA memorable villain

While there are many reasons why The Dark Knight trilogy has become one of the most beloved film series in history, the villain is a big reason for its continued relevance in pop culture. Not to mention Ledger’s Joker at this point? It is simply one of the greatest shows the world has ever seen. whether it is a symbolic line, Christopher NolanHow the real world is scary, or Ledger’s unique character, Black assJoker’s became the most recognizable version of the villain to date. There is a reason why the transformation of the Joker won Ledger an Oscar postmortem. The Dark Knight All are still indicators that the comic book genre has to live up to 15 years later and The Joker is a tough act to follow, but Hardy’s Bane more than holds his own in the fight for the elite villain of the series. While Bane’s voice may sound a little strange to that point Harley QuinnThe animated series is going to be hilarious, with Hardy’s insanely hulking physique and weighty presence making up for his vocal prowess. Both the Joker and Bane are two of the best villains of the 21st century. These new McFarlane figures are a great reminder of that.

When is SDCC?

SDCC is being held at the San Diego Convention Center from Thursday, July 20 to July 23, 2023. All three Black ass Villain numbers will be available at DC Booth #4645. The figure will also be available for purchase on McFarlane’s website sometime in the near future. While DC fans anxiously wait for SDCC to arrive, you can watch the new trailer below:

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