Charlie Hunnam and Sofia Boutella Embark on Epic Adventure in New ‘Rebel Moon’ Pictures

zack snyder The upcoming film will start a rebellion rebel moon. The director is known for his expansive world-building, brilliant production design, iconic cinematography, and love of slow plots that span films.His upcoming new film is billed as his star warsfans will embark on a journey to explore different parts of the galaxy with the protagonist Korra (Sofia Boutella) on her mission to recruit warriors from across the galaxy to defend her home planet from an evil empire.

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Empire magazine has released new images from an upcoming feature, and they’re a visual treat.first picture see putra and Charlie HunnamKai talking in the spaceship. The ship’s design is reminiscent of old space movies. Another image showed a spacecraft hovering over land, with two massive explosions in the background. The images paint a good picture of what to expect without giving away any plot points.

rebel moon Can stretch more than two parts

In this movie, Korra will gather a group of galactic heroes to help her homeland, the peaceful moon of Welt, against the demands of the evil Empire, especially Ed SkreinAdmiral Atticus Nobel. The film is reportedly currently working on a sequel, with more parts to come, “If we whittled it down to one movie, we pretty much knew how things would go. By page 15, we were on our way. For a Conscript Movies, trust me, I know,” Snyder said with a laugh, acknowledging his previous experience with films about conscripted heroes.

Rebel Moon 7
Image via Netflix

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“I feel like this movie is a culmination of everything he’s done so far,” says producer Deborah Snyder added. Further teasing, “It’s a lot of content, and a lot of thought in terms of production design, language, and characters.” For producers, the audience will feel the difference between the three-hour edit and the two-part production method, as Schneider As noted, “There were no surprises in that (single) movie. Four hours is a whole different pot of fish.” With a cast and a political plot, there’s plenty of story to explore, and the film is certainly more than just a great addition to a multi-part series. Provides a good background and also for many possible derivative works.

While the first film focused on getting the band together, the next one will be more explosive, with the director joking that it’s “a war movie, like a Normandy invasion movie, but with the first hour in France”. Of course, his France is outer space. Even though it’s a sci-fi setting, the emotional stakes are higher. “A lot of this movie is about, ‘What would you sacrifice yourself for?’” Snyder said. “Everyone kind of broke down, but there was real catharsis during the trip.”

rebel moon Coming to Netflix on December 22nd. You can check out the new images below.

Charlie Hunnam and Sofia Boutella in 'Rebel Moon'
Image via Netflix/Empire

rebel moon
Image via Netflix/Empire

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