Charlie Cale returns with ‘Poker Face’ Season 1 on DVD and Blu-ray

After producing two widely successful long-length detective novels Out of the knife and glass onion, Ryan Johnson Murder Mystery fans treated audiences to a brief feast earlier this year with a brilliant performance poker face.starring Natasha Lyonne As extraordinary lie detector Charlie Cale, the series draws heavily from this week’s case shows such as colombo While still doing its own thing, and continuing Johnson’s usual style of crafting lovable super-sleuths. Now, all of Charlie’s mysteries will be solved, with Season 1 of the series coming to Blu-ray and DVD on September 12th.

poker face Charlie hits the road in her Plymouth Barracuda, traveling the country in an attempt to escape the shadows of her past. At each stop she passes, she encounters a colorful cast of new characters and, inevitably, a murder. She is a fascinating crime solver who uses her innate ability to detect lies to get to the bottom of the bizarre cases she encounters in various locations. After the fateful finale, the mystery remains unsolved as she will be on the road again in season two.

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Lyon joined poker face Made up of a number of rotating guest stars in the murder mystery series, she meets them at each new stop along the way.Among the many critically acclaimed actors who appear throughout the series are benjamin bratt, Kang Chau, Tim Meadows, adrien brody, Judith Wright, Chloe Sevigny, Nick Nolte, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Long Perlman, Tim Blake Nelson, Angel Desai, audrey kosaand Lil Rael Howery.A cast, tons of smart writing, a modern take on the ‘howcatchem’ genre, and a killer creative team with Johnson as writer, director and producer, as well as showrunner Nora Zuckerman and Lila Zukermanthe series has won high praise from all parties with Collider’s own products Maggie Lovett Give it an A in her review.

Natasha Lyonne to Star in 'Poker Face' Episode 9
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what’s next poker face In season two?

Now, all eyes are on how Johnson, Lyon and company continue to poker face‘s second season.First, Johnson has said in the past that he would be happy to work with Star Wars: The Last Jedi alum Kelly Marie Chan As one of the new guest stars for season two. In a previous interview with Collider, showrunners Nora and Lilla Zuckerman also revealed that now that they’re more familiar with how the howcatchem formula works, how they plan to Try it more. Unfortunately, it might be a while before Charlie Carr hits the silver screen.Between the ongoing writers’ strike and the enormous challenge of scheduling numerous guest stars with Johnson, Johnson has another Out of the knife The film is in preparation, and it is unclear when the crew will be able to hit the road again with “Peacock”.

poker face The first season will be available on September 12 as a three-disc DVD and Blu-ray set containing all 10 episodes. The series is also currently available exclusively through Peacock. Check out the trailer below.

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