‘Bridesmaids’ isn’t the best R-rated comedy, it’s

Rating a movie sends something to the audience. For a comedy, that usually means exhaustive expletives, nudity, and perhaps sickening scenes of slapstick violence. In general, using this kind of content can almost be a crutch to prop up a tepid movie that doesn’t have much to offer other than a few stars and a cookie-cutter plot. It’s a way to draw people into the theater. Edgar Wrightof 2007 movie Hot Cop Take the opposite approach.wright and his usual stars simon pegg and Nick Frost, Take advantage of the freedom the ratings give them to make a genuinely entertaining movie, a satirical action movie that’s also an incredible action movie in its own right. Wright is a fan of the “Thief” movies, and instead of elevating the genre, he treats it with the respect it deserves, while making a great movie.

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Edgar Wright made his mark on genre films

In Hot Cop, Simon Pegg as Nicholas Angel, Nick Frost as Danny Bateman, Jim Broadbent as Frank Bateman, Olivia Colman as Douglas Liz Thatcher
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Wright’s style of filmmaking owes much to his own love of cinema, especially “genre” films. Horror, noir, any kind of filmmaking that people consider less serious.It was once thrown into the dustbin of movie history, but has made a comeback in recent years, with filmmakers like Makoto Suzuki and Sam Raimi Get the credit they deserve.Although Wright once wrote a love letter to zombie movies dead seanand the Giallo film last night in soho, Hot Cop Specific to police action films, improvisations touchstones of the genre such as Catherine Bigelowof point breakthrough. What movies of any genre have in common is that they are usually made cheaply, with simple plots, and with minimal cost to maximize profit. These tropes are repeated so often in each movie that you end up with a lot of very forgettable movies. However, when a group of passionate crews commit to them, the results can be incredible. Wright is acutely aware of this and goes into the film with love and admiration for the material he uses.

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The R rating is very important to the films Wright makes. Any great cop action movie is full of violence. Bloody squibs, explosions, brutal fight scenes and foul-mouthed detectives all make for the genre. However, there is a bit of an impasse. These movies are usually very serious. How do you make this fun? Hot Cop It’s a comedy after all, and Wright is undeniably a comedy filmmaker. It is in this seriousness that Wright finds the film’s humor. Simon Pegg is brilliant as Nick Angel, London’s top cop who is sent to rural England for doing too well at his job. When he arrived at Sanford, he felt complete culture shock. It’s a town with almost no crime, other than the standard underage drinking etc.The police force is full of apathetic officers, highlighted by Paddy Constant and Olivia Colman, they became the big stars they are now a few years ago.This is underscored in a particularly funny scene where we see Peggy book some kids for underage drinking, shot with pomp and intensity like Michael Mann Penalty shootout.

But the rest of the film is defined by Peggy’s relationship with his most common partner, Nick Frost, who plays Danny Bateman, the boy of Angels’ new boss. Frost plays an action movie fanatic who constantly asks Peggy about things he’s done at work, or if he’s been seen. bad boy 2. Peggy and Frost are as good as ever, and Peggy’s understated straight man allows Frost to work to the usual standard of comedy seen in his other collaborations with Wright. His physical comedy is especially notable, and he manages to flip the switch into action mode.See how the two of them compare on this dead sean In particular, Peggy’s acting skills are showcased, and he manages to play a super cop without looking blunt at all.Combine that with his aforementioned deep cast, including Timothy Dalton Being an evil supermarket tycoon, and some great parts Bill Nye and martin freeman As a London cop, you’re set for a good comedy.

‘Hot Blood’ not just your average comedy

Hot Cop

However, Hot Cop Not just a comedy. It’s one thing to make a film that conveys a popular genre, which is common in filmmaking and has been for a long time. Wright certainly pokes fun at the conventions of the genre, but the film does much more than standard comedy. For one, Wright is very good at visual comedy. The way the camera moves, the set design, the blocking, even the editing will make you laugh. Unlike most comedies, Hot Cop Has such a unique style that it stands out and takes the comedy beyond the acting and dialogue. Other than that, it’s an incredible action movie. The film’s final scene features some of the most memorable action sequences in 2000s cinema, let alone comedy. The action is beautifully shot, with memorable fights, each location and scene has its own unique feel, making the action feel even more dynamic, and that near-kill scene at the end is one of the bloodiest, creepiest scenes in a comedy movie .

Hot Cop It stands out among R-rated comedies because it does something that no other movie does. Most comedies stick to the standard explicit content, but it goes in a good direction, blending action and comedy so that both genres can shine without undercutting the other. Advantage. It’s a great example of crafting an R-rated comedy with depth, with solid structure, an emotional beat, and enough raw humor and bloody violence to actually earn an R rating. Wright blends genres seamlessly, and his love for the films he pays homage to permeates every moment of the film. It’s a great action movie, it’s a great comedy movie, and it makes the most of everything it has. In a world where great comedy movies are getting harder to find, Hot Cop is a hilarious movie that you should watch ASAP,

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