Brad Pitt’s Formula 1 movie tops charts with official title

brad pittUntitled Formula 1 movie finally has a name, top notch. The long-running Apple TV project has drawn the attention of actors and sports fans alike.The director of this movie is just right Top Gun: Maverick Helmer Joseph Kosinski, he boldly tries high-speed sequences in each new work. Now ESPN has revealed the title of the new film, which will be filmed at the British Grand Prix.

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this ESPN F1 Twitter The handle announced, “Brad Pitt has his own garage at Silverstone this weekend. Filming of his new F1 film ‘Apex’ will take place at the British Grand Prix for the first time.” The character’s name, Sonny Hayes, because we see an image of a young Pete dressed as a driver in the background.

What is Brad Pitt’s ‘Apex’ about?

In the movie, Pete will play an aging retired race car driver who is brought back to the track for a final go-around to help novice drivers succeed on the track.this snowfall Celebrities Damson Idris After being set to play a young race car driver, Pete’s character will be training.Given that Sony is about to launch GT racing There are already Horizons with a similar premise, and it will be interesting to see how fans react to these sports dramas.

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For the racing part, top notch A lot of practical effects have been added to the settings.back maverick Kosinski’s growing love of practical stunts and capturing images with a camera is a given, and rightfully so. The director previously revealed, “I find it interesting to see how obsessed people are with real photography. Young people haven’t seen a lot of real photography. They’re too used to CGI (computer-generated imagery) as a tool.” When it comes to something, it feels like a big movie with a lot of creativity. ’ added, “That’s exactly the ‘Formula 1’ approach…to shoot real races and real cars and capture that.” It’s going to be a big challenge, but an exciting one for me. “

The feature film is produced by Kosinski and Jerry Bruckheimer and Chad Ammann Jerry Bruckheimer Films makes it a bit like maverick Reunited after the camera.In addition, the seven-time Formula One champion sir lewis hamilton There will also be production through his Dawn Apollo banner and Plan B, while Copper CEO Penny To will serve as executive producer.Kosinski will direct from the script Ellen Kruger (Top Gun: Maverick, Dumbo).

No release date yet top notchthough it will be released in theaters first before arriving exclusively on Apple TV+.

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