‘Borderlands’ release date is Summer 2024

One of the most anticipated video game adaptations from the last decade scored a release, a Delivery date Reportedly border will hit the theaters on August 9, 2024. The film will have an impressive cast that includes. Cate Blanchett, Kevin Hart And Jack Black, among many other actors who will bring the best of their talents to the unpredictable lost places of the world where their stories will take place. After many years stuck in development due to the epidemic, border is ready to start its engine, entertaining the world with an unpredictable tale full of action.

The film will follow Blanchett’s character, a treasure hunter with a mysterious past named Lilith. While spending her days retrieving artifacts that could later turn out to be valuable, she stumbles upon complications she never could have predicted. When she returns to her home world of Pandora, Lilith runs into the daughter of the most powerful man in the universe. The fact that such a prominent person in the galaxy is now trapped in a dangerous place that lurks around every corner can become useful for the impossible team.

Lilith will be joined by other characters who will see the missing girl as an opportunity to gain power from her father who will desperately search for her. One of the unlikely heroes is Roland (Kevin Hart), who was once famous as a soldier, only to end up in a complicated search for redemption. Tiny Tina (Ariana Greenblatt), a dangerous child with violent abilities, will also join Lilith’s journey to return the child to her home. and Tannis (Jamie Lee Curtis) will use her scientific knowledge to guide them through any dangerous situations that may appear in them

Image via Telltale Games

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A new collaboration between actors and directors

This won’t be the first time Jack Black and Cate Blanchett star in a project directed by Eli Roth, with both of them starring in A house with a clock in its wall. In the 2018 adaptation of the 1973 novel of the same name, Jonathan (Black) is a warlock who tries to find the titular clock hidden inside a house many years ago. He is joined in his mission of destruction by Florence (Blanchett), a powerful witch who also wishes to uncover the mystery surrounding the elusive device. Together, they must destroy the clock before it’s too late.

You can check out Collider’s interview with Eli Roth below:

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