Book Club: Next Chapter Review – The Page-Turning Foursome Heads to Italy, and It’s Not So Great

titles that start with the Book Club: The Next Chapter From the great novelist Paulo Coelho: “At some point in our lives we lose control of what happens to us and our lives become ruled by fate. That is the biggest lie in the world.” Here’s our elixir in the follow-up to 2017’s box office surprise book club, which Starring Jane Fonda, Candace Bergen, Diane Keaton and Mary Steenburgen as four women over 65 who feel something after reading this mega-bestselling romance novel sexual awakening fifty shades of grey. Like that book, the discussions in book club Frankly, the movie grossed over $100 million.And, like fifty shades of gray Movie, Book Club: The Next Chapter Just limp.

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Ms. Fonda, Ms. Bergen, Ms. Keaton and Ms. Steenburgen: With all due respect – we love you and you deserve better. But alas, let’s not blame everything on screenwriters Bill Haldeman (who also directs here) and Erin Sims. Bergen and Steenburgen reportedly came up with the idea for the sequel before the buzz around the first movie died down, so well, why not set it up? next chapter exist – May all go well with you! – Italy. this is a good idea.it worked better with diane lane In the Tuscan sun. Here, not so much. But all is not lost. While the filmmakers seem to be throwing creative spaghetti at the proverbial wall to try and see which one will stick, somehow the country of Italy keeps this outing from being too tepid.

Adiamo, can we?

one of the biggest problems Book Club: The Next Chapter, It’s the movie that never quite gets into second gear. It’s a pleasure. That’s great. However, unlike the first outing, it doesn’t offer viewers anything particularly new and refreshing. Sure, there’s scenic Italy, but even that seems like a ploy to compel enjoyment rather than fully breathing and coming to life in all its glory like full-bodied Italian wines.

The story is reintroduced to the ladies during the pandemic. There are Zoom and wine sessions where they flip through stacks of books and chat. When the women finally reconnect in person, hotel mogul Vivian (Fonda) reveals that she’s engaged to a charismatic man named Arthur (Don Johnson).For viewers, this might feel a bit of deja vu, especially if they’re already addicted to grace and frankie even enjoy 80 for Brady, Another four-player play in which Fonda’s character seems eerily familiar, not unlike the last time she played it. Then again, maybe not her fault.

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The movie also keeps us updated on how everyone is doing. Diane (Keaton), recently widowed the last time we see her, has a new boyfriend (Andy Garcia). Sharon (Bergen) has retired from federal judgeship. Carol (Steenburgen) frets about her husband’s (Craig T. Nelson) health. While it’s nice to see these phenomenal actresses on screen together again, the material doesn’t allow them to really invest in their vibrant creativity. Somehow, Italy is considered the place to visit for bachelorettes. Better to see where the idea came from, how it nearly failed, and why it was executed entirely on your own, but thank goodness, because, well, come on – Italy!

cheers to what might happen

Book Club Next Chapter
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To be sure, Italy became one of the protagonists Book Club: The Next Chapter. Movies set in Italy often click, right? The cinematography here is lush, and the country’s landscapes are wonderful to look at. The lady’s first stop was Rome, where they devoured food and culture, commenting on men’s penises – statues, statues! – and began to increase the philosophical, bringing up destiny, “signs” and destiny. It goes back to Paulo Coelho’s exact words at the beginning of the film, but the writers never make it clear that our quartet really does really use the author as a spiritual guide here.

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In fact, one of the film’s most glaring flaws is the absence of a central book to anchor the story.Granted, girls have read and talked about Coelho’s deep and compelling book during the pandemic, but if this book club had decided to read it, it would be a very different film, and one with a more general purpose Alchemist On the plane – it’s not a very long book by any means – and Then Call it a life changing/changing/metamorphosis/whatever experience. All of these are lost in this translation.

The movie really picks things up in the second half and should satisfy audiences who want to see Fonda et al. Playing around and arguing with each other. There are plenty of comedy tropes to sift through to keep the audience engaged, but they manage to do just that. The girls have some misadventures en route to Venice and then to lush Tuscany, and the film’s ending is satisfying, if not predictable. As for Garcia, Nelson and Johnson, they didn’t get much playing time. However, Giovanni Esposito’s wedding coordinator was a badass, and Vincent Riotta’s head chef, Gianni, was sweet. The Italian police chief played by Giancarlo Giannini is definitely on the move in Italy, but he’s here for comedic effect and does a great job around Bergen.

It’s hard to completely dismiss this movie. Fonda, Bergen, Keaton and Steenburgen are some of the greatest actresses in television and film. In that regard, it’s also hard to believe that the writers couldn’t give it all the power they really deserve. But we’re in Italy, folks.If you pour a glass of wine and you don’t like It, chances are, you’ll still be drinking it. There is enough taste in there. Fonda, Bergen, Keaton and Steenburgen will satisfy most tastes. cheers.

Book Club: The Next Chapter, From Focus Features, in theaters nationwide May 12.

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