‘Blue Bloods’: 10 Best Guest Stars, Ranked

For 13 seasons and more, Blue blood follows the Reagan family, a multi-generational family of New York City police officers, with each member of the family working in some form of law enforcement. The show combines their personal and professional lives, especially when the family gathers every Sunday for the weekly dinner. Tom Selleck The star is Frank’s father, and the cast also includes Bridget Moynahan And Donnie Wahlberg.

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As a police force with new criminals, victims, and sometimes even colleagues every week, Blue blood Has made numerous guest appearances over the years, either as a major role in a single episode or in recurring roles throughout the series. Like many other shows and movies set in New York, Blue Bloods has featured a number of Broadway stars, including numerous Tony Award winners, as well as many famous actors who have had successful careers in film and television, many of whom have worked with the actor before.

10 Bobby Cannavale


Erin’s boss, ambitious Manhattan attorney Charles Rosselini, is portrayed by Bobby Cannavale. Cannavale won Emmys for his role in Will & Grace And Boardwalk EmpireAnd he also starred on The third hour.

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Cannavale played Rosselini three times, all in Blue blood‘ Very first season. He flirted with, and eventually kissed, Erin (Bridget Moynahan), but because of his campaign for mayor, they chose to cut their romance short. In the end, Rosselini lost that election and has not been seen since.

9 Tovah Feldshuh

Image via AMC

A longtime Broadway veteran Tovah Feldshuh Appeared in season 5 as Sylvia Hayden, former commissioner of Henry Reagan’s (Len Cariou) New girlfriend. Feldshuh recently appeared in Funny girl As Mrs. Brice and also in many television shows, including The Walking Dead As the leader of Alexandria, Deanna Monroe, and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Rebecca’s difficult mother.

Feldshuh’s character, Sylvia, is revealed to be a fugitive in an operation known for using older men thanks to Erin’s research on her. She is entertaining to watch as more is revealed about her past and she is finally caught.

8 Michael Imperioli


Michael Imperioli Part of the cast in three episodes, first in two episodes in season 7 then in season 11, is the attorney general of New York, Robert Lewis. Imperioli is best known for his role The Sopranos And in Goodfellas.

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Imperioli has played both criminal and police, and in Blue bloodAlthough Robert’s character works in law enforcement, he can be manipulated – and, like many characters played by famous guest stars, butt heads with Frank (Tom Selleck).

7 Luang Phu Lai


Cartel member Louis Delgado, played by Luang Phu LaiFirst appeared in the season 9 premiere of Blue blood and has returned a few times since, including after his apparent death. Phillips is best known for playing musician Ritchie Valens in the biopic La Bamba and also appeared in Longmire And Brooklyn Nine Nine.

Delgado’s plot is full of twists and turns, prompting an excellent performance from Phillips. One of his most notable episodes shows him and Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) learning that both of their wives have been killed by cartel member Jose Rojas, played by another memorable character. Blue blood guest star –Danny Trejo.

6 Danny Trejo

Danny Trejo is one of the most known Hollywood
Image via Abrupt Films

Trejo has gang member Jose Rojas, also known as “The Clam,” the man responsible for killing Delgado’s wife. When investigators believe her death is related to the death of Danny’s wife, too – initially thought to be an accidental helicopter crash – they see it as an opportunity to catch Rojas.

Trejo often – though not always – plays the villain, the villain, and his role Blue blood No exceptions. But as always, Trejo gave a great performance, and even though it was a small role and only one episode, it had a big impact on the series.

5 Ed Asner


Ed Asner Appeared in the Season 10 episode “Vested Interests” as Chuck Kennedy, a friend and teacher of Frank’s who owns a local movie theater and is the victim of a home invasion. Asner died in August 2021 and had a long, rich career in film and television that included everything from classic sitcoms. The Mary Tyler Moore Show Worked as the voice of Carl in Pixar’s animated films Upas well as a record seven Emmy Awards.

In his last appearance on television before his death, Asner gave a memorable performance as Chuck. He is entertaining to watch as he resists Frank’s attempts to get him to spend time outside of his apartment.

4 Keep Williams


The recurring role of Lenny Ross, a retired New York detective who works as Frank’s partner, was played by Keep WilliamsBest known for playing Berger in the musical Hair. He also acted in Everwood And there was a role that happened White collar And Chicago fire. He died suddenly in June 2023 at the age of 71 due to injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident.

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Williams is fun to watch as the troubled but lovable Lenny. He appeared in a total of six episodes Blue blood, and in his last appearance, season 13 of “Irish Exits,” he revealed that he had mesothelioma due to the 9/11 attacks. Although the show’s intentions for his character are unclear, it would make for a fitting ending to his story.

3 Dylan Walsh


Dylan Walsh first appeared in Blue Bloods in season 10 as Peter Chase, the then newly elected mayor. Walsh is best known for playing plastic surgeon Dr. Sean McNamara on Nip/Tuckwhich operated in FX from 2003 until 2010.

Chase’s role has resurfaced since his election. As the mayor, Mr. Chase is Frank’s boss, and the two men sometimes kneel when dealing with the city’s most pressing issues, as well as the sensibilities of public opinion.

2 Victor Garber


Canadian actor Victor Garber Appeared as respected Jewish community leader Donald Stein in Season 5’s “Under the Gun.” Garber is known for his role in The scriptures, Titanic, Legally blondeEmmy-winning Alias And more, as well as numerous roles on Broadway and several guest appearances on television. He also appeared recently The Flash And now is at Family law.

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When three Jewish men are murdered in a drive-by shooting that at first appears to be a hate crime, Garber’s character, Donald, expresses his displeasure with Frank’s handling of the case. In the end, the murders were revealed to be tied to the false case, but Garber’s scenes with Selleck made for some memorable moments in the episode.

1 Whoopi Goldberg


New York City Councilwoman Regina Thomas was represented by Whoopi Goldberg in three episodes over a few years. EGOT winner Goldberg has had a long career in Hollywood. She is best known for her role in Sisters in law and the sequel 2 sistersLike Purple And star trek, and is part of the talk show The View.

Goldberg first played Regina in season 6, then as a new speaker, and returned in seasons 8 and 11, often going head to head with Frank. In the season 11 premiere, Regina and Frank discuss how the department can change the way police work.

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