“Blackened” characters, ranked by popularity

A cabin in the woods where college friends retreat is not a unique concept in the horror movie genre, but what is the setting turn black The difference is that the entire cast is black. turn black Adding a twist to a long-running horror movie joke: Black actors always die first, as these old friends try to stay one step ahead of a vengeful killer during their Juneteenth weekend getaway.

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turn black It received mixed reviews, with some seeing it as a stereotype.In contrast, others praised the all-star cast, including comedians Jay Pharaoh as sean and X-Mayo as Shanika and the cast Antoinette Robinson of rich and poor and dear white people Notorious for the main character, Lisa. Each protagonist brings something to the table, but they need more than successful personalities to survive. Let’s see where the favorability of the main actors ranks.

The following article contains spoilers for Blackened.

9 clifton

Jermaine Fowler as Clifton in
Image via Lionsgate

Clifton (jermaine fuller) was the least likable of the group. Despite his turbulent past, including a DUI conviction, Clifton has cleaned up and achieved good results. However, this did little to lessen Clifton’s hostility toward his friends, who were suspicious of his blackness and made him stand outside and watch.

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At first glance, one can’t help but feel Clifton’s Steve Urkel vibe. Exaggerated expressions and oversized glasses don’t do away with the comparison. To provoke a reaction from the group, Clifton admitted to voting for Donald Trump, which didn’t turn out well. Having an Android phone and being exposed as the mastermind behind a murder trap doesn’t do him any favors either.

8 morgan

Yvonne Orji as Morgan in
Image via Lionsgate

Known for playing Molly on the HBO TV series Insecurity, Yvonne Augie as morgan turn black. Although Morgan doesn’t have much screen time in the film, she’s an integral part of the story, leading to a cat-and-mouse game between her friend and the killer.

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Morgan and Sean are the first to arrive at the cabin with their boyfriend Sean (Jay Farrow), where they discover the board game “Blackening,” which tests their knowledge of black history. After Sean is killed, Morgan is captured – but not before she loses her wig in the escape, which gives her some comic relief.

7 sean

Jay Pharaoh plays Sean in
Image via Lionsgate

Comedian Jay Pharaoh is known for his impressions. Fans of the stand-up comedian will remember his six years as a regular as Morgan’s sidekick Sean. saturday night live.

Sean’s time is at turn black Life was short and he was the first victim of the murderer. Sean’s inability to portray a black character who survived a horror movie was the nail in his coffin.

6 king

Melvin Gregg plays the King in
Image via Lionsgate

snowfallof Melvin Gregg star in turn black As Kim, a street-smart ex-gangster, his comedic timing is spot on.best friend Sinqua Wall‘ Nnambi, King wants to turn over a new page in life and say goodbye to the gangsters of the past.

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As college friends do their best to stay alive, King immediately explains why he shouldn’t be on the killer’s blacklist. King married a white woman as a reason why he should live. But Kim’s desire to change her ways is what audiences love the most.

5 Shanika

Comedian X-Mayo plays Shanika in
Image via Lionsgate

Shanika (X-Mayo) yes Blackened Funny and cliché relief. Shanika plays what many consider a stereotypical role for a black woman in the film, and her scene is one of the most memorable in the film.

Shanika is loud, rude, and never accepts any bullying in order to survive. She first encounters Clifton at a shop on the way to the cabin, where she gets a bad impression of the clerk, who turns out to be spending money. It was clear that Shanika was the life of the party. We’ve all had that friend who’s a little extra but fun to party with.

4 Dwayne

Dwayne Perkins plays Dwayne in
Image via Lionsgate

Dwayne Perkins, who is openly gay – co-author turn black — as Lisa’s best friend, Dwayne, who is also gay. Dwayne is a good friend, and he doesn’t want to see his best friend Lisa get hurt again, which makes him likable.

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Overtly queer characters in horror movies are almost non-existent — and black queer characters are even less present.This makes Dwayne’s presence turn black Both representative and refreshing. His anger at Lisa and Ennabi rekindling their relationship is understandable.

3 ennambi

Left to right: Antoinette Robinson as Lisa and Sinqua Walls as Nnambi in Blackened

Ennabi is a lecherous playboy who reunites with his ex-girlfriend Lisa at the lodge. Led by his best friend Kim, the chemistry between Ennabi and Lisa is palpable as the ex-lovers can’t leave.

Nnambi for a touch of smoothness turn black, viewers can easily see why Lisa continues to be drawn to her former lover. Although he cheated on Lisa many times, it is understandable that the audience supported the couple’s redemption.

2 Allison

Grace Byers as Alison in
Image via Lionsgate

empire actor Grace Byers played naive biracial alison in the film turn black. Even in this satirical horror film, the group’s dismissive attitude towards Alison is hard to see. While Alison isn’t as outspoken as Shanika, she’s not stupid; she’s smart. Viewers noticed this early on.

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After friends criticized her breakup proposal, Alison stood up to them and let them know that although she was biracial, she was a black woman. It’s one of those rare and authentic moments in the film that puts the ball squarely in the corner of Alison in the film and the audience.

1 lisa

Antoinette Robertson as Lisa in
Image via Lionsgate

Lisa is fierce and strong from the moment she appears on screen. The heroine, Lisa, doesn’t let her womanhood stop her from taking control. Lisa has no intention of being the killer’s next victim.

A mistake writers sometimes make is to limit the scope of characters – especially when they’re women. Although Lisa is undoubtedly a strong woman, her inability to resist Ennabi’s charm highlights her vulnerable side. Any woman — anyone, for that matter — can have mixed emotions. But that doesn’t stop Lisa from her mission to live.

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