‘Bird Box’ would be nothing without John Malkovich

As one of the most hyped movies of 2018, Bird box In the end left a lot to be desired, even if there are pretty big names in it Sandra Bullock And John Malkovich. While Bullock gives a quality performance, as expected, it’s not enough to save the futile attempt to scare the audience. It’s not the worst horror movie you’ve ever seen, but it started a media frenzy. The main social group took the world by storm for a few months. Then the movie asked to see. With hype like that, though, it has to deliver at least – and Bird box No.

With an A-lister’s credentials as a top star and a source that’s praised for being terrifying, Bird box was targeted as a major and commercial attack of course. While it got its meaning later, it wasn’t much of a picture. Riveting and lack of success later. Despite this, John Malkovich’s performance as the scornful Douglas serves as a lone bright spot. He’s the character you hate to love, and the guy you can’t bring yourself to admit is always right.

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What is a ‘bird box’?

Sandra Bullock in the Bird Box
Image via Netflix

Malorie Hayes (Sandra Bullock) is pregnant and in the middle of something that is shaking the world. Each time, people are killing themselves in large numbers because of unseen entities. It was as if they were forced to take their own lives once they laid eyes. About the mysterious number. She experienced this herself when her sister Jessica (Sarah Paulson) was suddenly occupied, and their car crashed. Malorie survived, but her sister stepped in front of the truck, ending her own existence. As she tries to get up, a walker named Tom (Trevante Rhodes) help her, and they enter a house full of survivors. While everyone sympathizes with the two additional members of their group, Douglas (John Malkovich) isn’t too pleased, and he’s not shy about expressing his feelings. After all, his wife went to save the couple and pay the price. She was taken by the unit as well, and entered the burning car, probably to her death.

As the film progressed, Douglas began to become increasingly agitated. He shows his hatred towards Charlie (Milton “Lil Rel” Howery Jr.) for opening up that he is working on a novel. He opposes Malorie for “wasting money” on food, even though she needs to eat more because she is pregnant. He strictly refused to let anyone enter the premises, regardless of their condition, as he emphasized when they let another pregnant woman in Olympia (Danielle Macdonald) accommodation in the house.

He disapproves of Greg’s (BD Wong) the concept of viewing the unit through the CCTV system of his house. As Greg dies of thoughts, he repeats that he told them so. However, things go awry when Olympia, perhaps out of sympathy, allows a stranger, Gary (Tom Hollander), into the house. Douglas bullies her mercilessly for being normal but is proven right when they find out that Gary is not a normal human. He is at the mercy of the unit and forces everyone to open all their eyes to the invisible danger. Unfortunately for them, they took Douglas out of the picture when they took him out and locked him in a separate room to intimidate Gary into leaving.

What makes John Malkovich’s ‘Bird Box’ character so great?

John Malkovich as Douglas in Bird Box (2018)
Image via Netflix

In a post-apocalyptic scenario, one might see Douglas as a symbol of doing the right thing, regardless of what it might entail. What is right, in this case, is shown by the practical nature of the truth. If it works, don’t fix it. If you do, bigger problems may arise and eventually destroy the foundation you have built. Take his point into consideration. In a situation like this, the limited resources they have should be reserved for only a few people, and treating their home like an orphanage is the opposite.

Douglas is right to disagree with Greg about trying to see the real thing. He was right in assuming that there was something fishy about Gary surviving outside for so many days. He read his lies, and he listened to his lies. There are many questions and discussions that one can have about ethics and morality, supported by many paradigm cases in different situations. However, the world is cruel, and when survival is important, cruelty may be the best bet in survival.

It’s also an unfair assessment to brand Douglas as a grumpy old man who basically irked everyone in his way to survive. He has a soft side, insisting that he only does what he can to live as long as he can. One particular example is when he talks to Malorie in the kitchen. Here, he reveals a kind of self-awareness, in which he divulges all of his guilt through the experience of his ex-wife. He wasn’t the nicest man alive, but he sure knew it. He is the human spirit of the film, all of which is arguably sucked out when he dies. Douglas wanted to save himself, but the lack of courage of his comrades blew his chance.

Why is John Malkovich’s Douglas the best part of ‘Bird Box’?

John Malkovich and BD Wong in Bird Box (2018)
Image via Netflix

Using all of his fine performances, John Malkovich saves this film from becoming truly irredeemable. bird box, Has been heavily criticized for its lack of excitement compared to the novel, and its weak writing, among others. With a seasoned actor like John Malkovich playing the role he was born to play, it serves as something the audience can take home with them after watching the disappointing feature. He lends that one thing that legitimizes the film, and with its presentation, demands credibility in its narrative.

Make no mistake, Douglas is not Mitch Leary In the line of fireOr it’s not like Cyrus in The Virus Air. However, John manages to muster Malkovich enough to grace a film that is certainly less than stellar.

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