Bird Box Barcelona review: A deeply haunting and engrossing sequel

The end of the world is an extremely scary concept. The fact that our way of life could end in the blink of an eye is simply haunting. Many of us would be in trouble if there were drastic changes in our lifestyle. Living without electricity and having to provide for ourselves with food and water are things we never dreamed about and we were only afraid to be part of. Also, and perhaps most importantly, life would be hell in a society without laws to maintain social order.just look to clear Movie. The start of this review is decidedly bleak, but it’s hard to maintain a lighthearted tone when discussing the end of the world.

For decades, Hollywood has been exploring the concept of the end of the world and how it will affect the world, society, and the people who unfortunately survive it. Whether it’s a viral outbreak, alien invasion, robot uprising, or natural disaster, we’ve all seen countless movies depicting the end of the world. Some work well, others not so much.Sadly, Netflix’s 2018 horror/thriller has been a bit underwhelming bird box. Sure, it was a huge success, but that doesn’t make it a great movie. The concept is charming and brutal, and the cast is terrific. However, the post-apocalyptic movie didn’t really come together the way we’d hoped it would, and it’s received mixed reviews. bird box show.

To our (and probably everyone’s) surprise, Netflix is ​​releasing a second installment of the series. bird box franchise, Bird Box: Barcelona, July 14. You’d be easily forgiven if you weren’t expecting the aforementioned spinoffs, especially less than five years after the franchise’s first film. However, Bird Box: Barcelona Provides a more intense and in-depth look at the post-apocalyptic world bird box. The spinoff delves into aspects of the cinematic universe, focusing on cults and expanding on the still-mysterious creatures that tear the world apart. On top of that, the film has a fantastic cast and stunning photography, with some pretty creepy images.

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scary post apocalyptic world

viewers are immediately thrown into the violence and bleakness bird box The story follows Sebastian (Mario Casas) and his daughter Ana (Alejandra Howard) as they try to survive in a world filled with creatures who can manipulate the poor of victims committed suicide. how? we do not know.but it’s a scary concept Bird Box: Barcelona Didn’t flinch.

Death is brutal, yet very creative, with one unfortunate soul pressing their face against a spinning tire. What really elevates the spinoff, however, is the film’s creepy imagery. As the characters trudged through the dystopian world blindfolded, viewers witnessed a world where rotting corpses lay in the background of many shots. Most were hanged, and some had their heads smashed through car windows, but there were two particularly gruesome and disturbing deaths, one involving rat poison and the other drowning in a bathtub. We never see these deaths on screen, but the tension builds sharply as our protagonist looks for supplies as these bodies lie in the background.The images are dark, disturbing, and very bleak, which in turn enhances the horror world bird box.

Amazing focus on religion and belief

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Perhaps one of the more surprising and refreshing aspects of Bird Box: Barcelona Its focus is on religious beliefs and how individuals can be vulnerable to manipulation by certain ideologies. Bird Box: Barcelona’s The main plot device is that there are more frightening things than living things — specifically, and unsurprisingly, humans (this was always George A. Romero’s point, after all). These human adversaries working as cults essentially serve these beings, believing that by luring poor souls to their deaths and forcing them to look upon these beings, they are freeing these souls from their dystopian world. This may be bullshit.

In turn, almost like the biblical rapture, many live in bird box It is believed that these creatures are actually angels sent by God himself to purify those still living in a post-apocalyptic world. It was an idea started by a die-hard religious person, like the origin of every cult. They believe what they’re doing is for the “greater good,” when in reality they’re just murdering other survivors.

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creature bird box The universe is still shrouded in mystery; any descriptions of the aforementioned creatures are theories, rumors, and twisted beliefs. At one important moment in the movie, our characters discuss what these creatures look like. Diego Calva’s character begins a monologue speculating that the creatures have changed and adapted over time, mentioning that they now take on an individual-based form. Use their fear, sadness and pain against them.

Georgina Campbell’s character then asks, “Some people see aliens and others see demons?” The truth is bird box It’s fascinating that the creature remains a mystery, keeping this post-apocalyptic world alive and making audiences want to come back for more. Bird box: barcelona The descriptions and theories of said creatures are refreshingly fresh, and run throughout the film’s religious themes.

excellent cast

still from barcelona bird box

2018 Cast bird box marvelous.Sandra Bullock, Sarah Paulson, John Malkovich, Lil Rel Howery, and of course Machine Gun Kelly and more were stars in 2018 bird box More attractive. However, some of the performances were a bit of a let down. Fortunately, Bird Box: Barcelona Its cast and stellar performances once again eclipse its predecessor. Mario Casas delivers a riveting and powerful performance as a grieving father who struggles with his beliefs and morals.

Likewise, Georgina Campbell and Diego Calva are at the top of their game. Campbell’s character is confident, caring, and always puts others first even in the end of the world. She’s a shining beacon of hope for humanity, but she’s also a badass, played brilliantly by Georgina Campbell. Diego Calva is terrific, and although it’s a smaller role, Calva’s acting definitely makes his character stand out.

Although you can’t see the monster bird boxyou can and absolutely should see Bird Box: Barcelona Netflix airs July 14.

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