Before the MCU and Star Trek, Robert Downey Jr. and Anton Yelchin were arch-rivals in this movie

forward robert downey jr Suitable iron Man and anton yelchin go to deep space Star Trekthe two merged in 2007 charlie bartlett.exist jon ballIn this directorial debut, Charlie Bartlett (Eugene) is a wealthy student who transfers to public school after being expelled from several private schools. Because of his ambition, he ends up in a power struggle with the principal, Nathan Gardner (Downey Jr.). Rotten Tomatoes scored 58%. charlie bartlett Be flippant about serious topics like suicide attempts and prescription drug abuse. However, Yeltsin’s charisma, Downey Jr.’s edgy humor, and the chemistry between the two actors make the film even better and worth watching again.

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At just 18 years old, Yelchin has already built a solid career, with 10 films in his film credits and several TV guest appearances.he is becoming a sci-fi star Star Trek and terminator redemption on the horizon. Downey Jr. experienced a career renaissance after several drug-related arrests in the mid-2000s. It was the last film before the biggest breakthrough of his career: becoming Tony Stark.although charlie bartlett While far from perfect, it’s still relevant in that it’s a film in which the two combine their acting abilities in a flawed quasi-father-son relationship, just before they hit blockbuster movies.

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In ‘Charlie Bartlett,’ Anton Yelchin’s Charm Meets Robert Downey Jr.’s Wisdom

Anton Yelchin as Charlie Bartlett in
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exist charlie bartlettEugene knows how to portray a charming but mischievous teen who does rebellious things for the thrill of it. It was his escape from having to be an adult at home, and his mother, Marilyn (Hope Davis) has been distraught by drugs as her father is in jail for tax evasion. Although he fills most of the emotional void in the wrong places, he forms a real and honest connection with Susan (Kat Dennings), the principal’s daughter. From the very beginning, we know that Charlie’s intentions are not malicious, he just thinks it’s easy to get into trouble. He could easily be passed off as an older and siblingless Kevin McAllister. Organize a secret fight club and sell footage? No harm was done. Play the role of a psychiatrist and give counseling to your classmates? completely fine. Sales of prescription drugs through Murphy (taylor hilton), the high school bully? No big deal either. But it was Yeltsin who got Charlie to work. His emotional range gives you insight into Charlie’s complexities as a misguided do-gooder who hides his pain with questionable behavior. Plus, Eugene’s smile will make you believe any excuse Charlie makes for his behavior.

Nate Gardner, played by Downey Jr., is a jaded man. He is constantly doing his best to keep the school safe and his daughter safe. Perhaps the emotional compromise of the student body is what makes him so vulnerable. He knows the school wasn’t perfect before Charlie, but one thing’s for sure – he’s wreaking havoc upon his arrival. Despite it all, Nate remains calm and confronts Charlie in a grown-up manner. He even avoided expulsion when a student tried to end his life with a drug that Charlie sold him. Downey Jr. transforms what could be a dull authority figure into something relatable and fresh (watching this movie as an adult changes perspective). He displays characteristic wit when dealing with teenagers and his daughter. It makes you wonder how on earth they didn’t think his directing was worthwhile (and funny!). But since every movie needs a climax, Charlie ends up pushing Nate to his limits until he finally explodes.

The Anton Yelchin and Robert Downey Jr. thing got out of hand

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Mistaking Charlie for dragging Susan into his trading shenanigans, things start to spiral out of control for Nate. Charlie and Nate had a physical conflict, and eventually Charlie was arrested by the police. The students regarded Charlie as a hero and rebelled against the principal. After an explosive riot, Nate was fired. Despite his best efforts, he ended up out of a job, and his daughter hated him to the bone. Downey Jr.’s failure, disappointment, and exhaustion are nothing like the characters he’s come to know now, and it’s a welcome change of pace for a multi-talented actor.

When Charlie is released by the police, he tries to make amends to Nate, with potentially disastrous results. Charlie finds drunk and grumpy Nate with a gun by the pool. An emotional Downey Jr. downs a bottle of whiskey and shoots, adding to the tension of the climax. The fact that he’s so alienated from the people he’s supposed to be mentoring ends up taking its toll on him. Thinking he’s going to hurt himself, Charlie falls into the pool, and Nate jumps in to save him. Despite some issues with the scene, Eugene and Downey Jr. make it work with heartfelt dialogue and an honest interpretation of a child pretending to be one and an adult trying to bond with his daughter.

The performance alone is worth re-watching ‘Charlie Bartlett’

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exist charlie bartlettEugene and Downey Jr. come together in the heartfelt interaction of two people with very different privileges and lives. Both Charlie and Nate have flaws but good souls. The former wants to be known and recognized, the latter just wants to guide and protect.Downey Jr. is at his best when it comes to comedy, and in Charlie Bartlett, He plays a complex role, and even in the most adverse circumstances, he does his best to still find the laughs. Eugene’s natural charisma makes you want to root for him, even in his most troubled times. At one point, Eugene was reportedly on the shortlist to play Spider-Man.Although it was intended for the Amazing Spider-Man reboot, their chemistry charlie bartlett Makes you wonder how great it would be if Tony Stark and Peter Parker were together. Unfortunately, we don’t get as much of Yelchin as we should, as this June marks the seventh anniversary of Yelchin’s death. Even though Yeltsin was a prolific actor, charlie bartlett It’s his only collaboration with Downey Jr., and for that alone it’s worth a re-watch.

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