Before ‘The Desperado’, This Romantic Comedy Showcases Adam DeVine’s Dramatic Powers

Adam Devine Often starring or scene-stealing supporting roles in rom-coms and comedies that grace our silver screens, it’s been proven time and time again isn’t it romantic (2019) and 2010s pitch perfect The franchise has shown that he is a warm and genuinely interesting talent.In fact, the TV spin-off pitch perfecttitled Pitch Perfect: Bumpers in Berlin Renewed for a second season, he and Sarah Hylandhis one-time love interest on the mega-hit show modern Family.Apparently, he’s comedic appealing enough to launch a spin-off comedy series and even cast him in an upcoming action comedy desperadoes co-star is none other than the former bond Pierce Brosnan, the play will be broadcast on July 7, 2023.However, especially in a romantic comedy, he was able to utilize an oft-overlooked dramatic technique—Netflix’s when we first met.

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Why Adam Devine Shined in ‘When We First Met’

Adam DeVine as Noah and Alexandra Daddario as Avery in When We First Met (2018) , Shelly Hennig as Carrie and Robbie Amell as Ethan
Image via Netflix

exist when we first met, Adam DeVine (Adam DeVine) as the romantic lead, opposite Alexandra Daddario. The premise of the movie is that Noah (Devine) meets Avery (D’Addario) at a party and immediately falls in love with her, a love he’s been cultivating over the years while still being her close friends. However, just the day after their first meeting, Avery ran into Ethan (Robbie Amell), eventually becoming her fiancé. So now, Noah dutifully celebrates Avery and Ethan’s engagement party while suffering a lot.

However, there’s a twist: Noah falls asleep drunk in the photo booth (which played a big part in his and Avery’s first meeting), and Noah discovers that he can go back three years, Travel back to the day they met – and soon afterwards – to the present and witness the aftermath of changing history. This time-traveling rom-com follows Noah time and again, reliving their adorable encounter and trying to win over Avery, the man he thought he was meant to be with.

Adam DeVine plays “When We First Met” time-travel device

Alexandra Daddario and Adam Devine in When We First Met (2018)
Image via Netflix

The photo booth as a classic time-travel contraption isn’t just a fun gimmick, or an easy fix for helping Noah win Avery’s love. Its constant rewriting of history also allowed Adam Devine to explore a variety of archetypal characters, as the roles Noah chose to adopt in each rerun of the night they met led to him becoming exactly who he is today. This ranges from the selfish, callous alpha male type to the financially successful but emotionally ruthless work-driven type. Each iteration brought Noah closer to Avery and provided a dramatic outlet for Devine.

As the alpha male, Devine plays a character who’s confident, arrogant, and even a little comical, as visually exemplified by his bleached hair and outlandish attire, and his composure is convincing. A work-obsessed owner of a mansion and a luxury car, Devine initially plays a complacent, self-satisfied character, full of expectations that his romantic and professional dreams will come true. This allows Devine to gain insight into the infinite possibilities and dangers of what a person can become when he meddles in time.

What was the message behind “When We First Met”?

Adam DeVine as Noah Ashby in When We First Met (2018)
Image via Netflix

The theme of authenticity throughout when we first met Allowing Devine to showcase his dramatic talents and expose a degree of vulnerability. Noah said: “I made a decision, and three years later I wake up and see the consequences.” This sentence is the best summary. Every small action he chooses to take snowballs, and over time they change the trajectory of his life and that of the people he loves. After exploring countless alternative life options, with Devine still often maintaining a good-humored facade, Noah realizes he never meant to be with Avery. All the scenes leading up to a relationship with Avery have her and Ethan agonizing over separation as fate seems to pull them together. In the scene where Noah realizes he’s standing in the way of true love, the utter disappointment of his heartbreak is palpable, as artfully and poignantly shown on Devine’s face. Ultimately, Noah needs to let go of his various appearances and become truly authentic, which is the key to everyone’s true happiness – including himself.

during the period when we first met When Devine’s character lets down his guard, the actor is finally able to dive into the touching scene in question.He has real chemistry with the actor Shelley Hennig of Teen Wolf: The MoviePlay as Carrie, Avery’s best girlfriend. They have more in common than he does with Avery, and he discovers that Avery borrowed a lot of his personal interests from Carrie in the first place, leading him to direct his affections to the wrong people. The moment of connection occurs in his alternate life as Avery’s wealthy fiancé, as he drops the pretense and asks Carrie why Avery doesn’t love him. Devine’s performance is down-to-earth, reflecting his character finally facing reality, and in the process of this emotional breakthrough, he lets his character’s true goodness shine through. The vulnerable and honest moments he shares with Carrie lead to a completely natural and palpable chemistry between the two that ultimately wins the romance.

Why was Adam Devine’s slapstick performance so successful in ‘When We First Met’?

Adam DeVine as Noah Ashby in When We First Met (2018)
Image via Netflix

It wouldn’t be an Adam Devine movie without its fair share of slapstick comedic moments. The scene where he’s in his ridiculously squeaky leather pants and tries to keep up with a friend’s jog in his macho phase is undeniably hilarious. Likewise, when he arrogantly plays the piano for an audience at an engagement party, it turns out to be complete gibberish because his rich alter ego has neglected the enthusiasm for years, and the result is a moment of great physical comedy, with Diva Eun Puzzled played wonderfully. But the film’s key message is that manipulating life events for one’s own gain can have lasting negative effects. It also strongly discourages projecting one’s own romantic ideals onto others, as this does not produce meaningful relationships.

The film’s heartfelt message and fun depiction of time travel are effectively balanced, allowing Adam Devine to dig deep into Noah’s multifaceted character on his life-changing journey. Devine played the Joker, but then prioritized acting over visceral emotion, when we first met Combines rom and com effortlessly.

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